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July 12, 2012


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Hi Lucy, re roses; we were recommended David Austen Roses, they have fab old fashioned scent and gorgeous full blooms, so much better than anything impulse bought from the garden centre. http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/Advanced.asp you can order bare root roses now to plant in November so they get established in time for the following summer we have Gertrude Jeckell it is fab, my daugter makes perfume from the petals http://www.davidaustinroses.com/english/showrose.asp?showr=4254 honestly they are the best roses, they have thorns but they are worth it.

Pm me for a link to photos of my garden and the roses. I knew nothing about gardening a few years ago but with the help of the roses my garden looks great, you don't notice the weeds when there are fabulous roses ......



A few years ago i made Elderflower champagne and just like SOL said a few bottles did explode - but if you used plastic bottles you would be fine. tasted delish by the way - was alcoholic :)


I too love the fla our of elderflower. Our local Aldi store sells elderflower and apple juice in 1 litre cartons for just over 60p, my cupboards stocked up to last me through till the end of summer.....at the rate we're gng with the rain that might be November! Yours looks deliciousness

Just wanted to mention I saw some HUGE crochetdermy lions recently, have blogged a post showing pics of the stunning creation. Thought you might like to see.


Kathryn Holmes

When you run out and can't make any more because the flowers have gone, IKEA do one that isn't badly priced and tastes ok!

Vikki Cook

Scrumptious elderflowery cordial ... Yum! I love your blog, Lucy ... I look forward to checking it every weekend ... It's so beautifully written and illustrated ....such a joy.....Thank you! I live in the north of England too ... Near Blackpool! ... Autumn is definitely a good time to plant roses ... try David Austen roses ... They're always superb and they deliver by post! Vikki :-)

Karen Sillemann

What a good thing you did not Wash the elderflowers! Here in Denmark, we say that you Wash all the good things and tastes out. It is enough to let the animals crawl/be shaken out. By the way, you can use the remains, I mean the flowers and citrus fruits to make a kind of jam. Just boil it with some more sugar, maybe add a little water and let boil very slowly for almost half an hour. Then put it in a ( mixer)
of some kind, and then you have a kind of spread which tastes delicious!
Your blog is SO inspiring!


Cucumber spiders are beautiful, we have one that lives on our patio. She's called Mavis and we are anxious for the baby spiders to hatch. In German they are called "Kürbisspinne" (pumpkin spider). Weird, isn't it?
I am a bit miffed for I didn't do elderflower cordial this year and now it's all gone! I meant to, but apparently my procrastination gene is even stronger than yours, Lucy. BUT I am making lemon balm cordial at the moment, which is just as yummy. Well done you, anyway!


I make it more concentrated than that, less citrus, no citric acid. Then I freeze it in ice cube trays. 3/4 cubes in a glass, top up with fizzy water!

Lace hearts

We made this a couple of weeks back (here: http://lacehearts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/what-were-we-making.html). My pictures, as always, were nowhere near as fabulous as yours. Collecting and making was fun, and the smell was fabulous. But I just cannot put my hand up and say I enjoy the taste. I think it's one of those acquired tastes, and so I doubt we'll make again. I love your post about it here.

Christine Tratt

I do so enjoy reading your blog!! Our cordial recipe doesn't involve heating the flowers etc, we usually try to make enough to last all year! - but haven't got around to it this year yet. Container grown roses can be planted at any time, and the advantage of planting them - or at least getting them when they are in flower is that you can check its exactly the right perfumey one you want.

Sharonlee Holder

I've just recently stumbled across your blog by means of finding it referred to in a post made by Little Cotton Rabbits.

May I just say how very much I adore the way you phrase and describe things. There's this undeniable happy, fizzy (to borrow a word from you) quality to each post that just delights and captivates me.

No matter the weather, you always manage to add a little ray of sunshine to my day.

Much love from South Africa.


It looks delish!!


I wonder if you could use a dried elderflower? and once made could you freeze a stronger version of the flavor to be diluted later (like in ice cube trays)?


Forgot to add that I bought 3 climbing roses last year from Poundland (of all places!) and I am not much of a gardener but this year I have dozens of gorgeous tumbling roses all over my back wall and fences-£3 spent in total! xx


Ooh I've always wanted to have a go at making elderflower cordial-the nicest ones cost about £3-£4 and it's a luxury I can't afford anymore! I'm not a country girl though and I'm always scared I'll pick something else that looks like elderflower-lol. I can't wait to see the finishd ripple. I've just learnt how to ripple from your fantastic tutorial and I'm ADDICTED!!!!! xx

Lisa Ruff

That looks really good! I've never had it, may just have to give it a try!!

Hugz Lisa

Sonia Petitpoint

I have also wanted to make it for a long time, but it's too late now. I must do it next year !


Elderflower champagne next year; though I'm told that sometimes it goes 'pfft', sometimes it is perfect and sometimes it explodes. Yikes.
I have the recipe if you are brave.
Jamie Oliver piled a plate with red berries and poured a little elderflower cordial over them all as a sweet dressing. I'm going to try that very soon.


I like hearty old roses. I planted "coral dawn" climbing rose a few years ago and it has totally obiterated my ugly garden shed. It is full of blossoms and birds. Our weather in Chilliwack, BC is very like the British Isles. My Queen Elizabeth roses are as old as me (almost 50) and grow 8-10 feet high. There are lots of new fancy hybrids, but I am happy with mine.

Susan Matuszewska

Hello Lucy, I made elderflower cordial last week and put 60, yes 60 flower heads in the bucket.
(a big orange one from B&Q 99p!!) with 50 gms citric acid 2 lemons, 3lb sugar, 3 litres boiling water. Leave for 48 hours strain into plastic bottles. Freeze them and defrost as needed.Utterly delicious with tonic water. Anyone who can't go to France with Lucy, Maybe we could meet up at the KNITTING & STITCHING show at Alexandra Palace on Saturday 13th October. Just a thought. XXXXXX

idiosyncratic eye

I've always wanted to make this! :)


Your cordial looked divine. I'm sure it tasted good. Makes me want to make the cordial recipe I have. Love your blog as always.

Emily Kelly

I have never used the elderberry flowers but I do gather the berries every year and make a juice/honey mixture for immune boosters. I think I would like to try the cordial.

Lucy, may I ask a request of you? Would you mind sometime doing a post on yarn. I am fairly new to crocheting and I am overwhelmed by yarn! There are so many choices and frankly, expense!! I made your flower blooming pillow with acrylic and it is a frizzy mess. Do you have favorites - brands, content, sizes? Do you have suggestions on how to make crocheting affordable?

Emily, Pacific Northwest, USA


Glad you caught the spider! It's such a pretty color.

Susan Eaton

This isn't about Elderflower Cordial...which does look lovely!...but about a Japanese artist I read about in WWD (Women's Wear Daily) today. She's all about polka dots (among other things) and an interesting collaboration with Louis Vuitton. With your love of color...and polka dotties...thought you might like to "google" Yayoi Kusama and the Louis Vuitton collaboration. It's not cutsey crochet...but very interesting! Susan from NY and CT

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