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July 12, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

Sounds exotic for someone, who lives in Finland. But I'm sure it's good.

Christine Brooks

Hi Lucy, Your spider is Araniella Cucurbitina aka the Green Orb Spider, sometimes called the Cucumber Green Orb Spider. They are a common native species here in the UK and that green colour gives them excellent camouflage in spring/summer hedgerows. I have lots of Alchemilla Mollis in my garden and love how the leaves hold water droplets after rain.

Winwick Mum

You can plant pot-grown roses any time of the year (although not when it's frosty or too damp), or you can buy bare rooted plants (which are cheaper) from November to April and plant them then (again, when it's not too frosty or wet). We love elderflower cordial, I make it every year. It freezes very well but you need to freeze it in plastic bottles. We drink ours with fizzy spring water. It's so much nicer than the shop-bought cordial and smells wonderful. A proper summer drink! xx


I am going to make it this weekend. Love to try this.

Joanne from Colorado

Ooh. I hope my elderflowers are in bloom when I get home next month. I want to try this recipe! P.s. I LOVE the cup!!!


This is very much on my todo list for this year now I have seen this. I just need to find some Elder flower bushes now :)


Hi, I am a cordial maker as well. The citric acid acts as a preservative in this case, I believe. I make tons of elderflower cordial and freeze it in plastic bottles so that we can have it throughout the year.




I just saw these wee pants on etsy and thought you might LOVE them!!!


i love reading your post.


The last couple of weeks of term have been so ridiculously busy that I haven't been able to keep up with all the blogs I read - I tell you I've really missed it! Anyway, I have a few quiet moments and I'm catching up with my faves ;o) Funny I posted about elderflower cordial this week too!! Great minds!! I've never used oranges before, although I can't say that the way I make it is an exact science, I use whatever is in the fruit bowl!! Will have to try oranges next year ...
Have a lovely hol xxx


I have my pot of cordial on the go inside my caravan at the moment and followed your recipe. If you hadnt posted this, I would have walked past that bush this morning without a second thought. Couldnt get the tartaric acid in asda but we stopped off at a farm on way home to buy the BEST scottish strawberries and they were selling it in the farm shop. Must have been meant to be!!! Just hope they are elderflowers and not wild garlic!!!

Have a great weekend. Jet stream on the move, rain, rain, go away.


It was funny that you mentioned how easy it was to buy citric acid online - you HAVE to, as so many shops refuse to stock/sell it ! Boots and Superdrug just don't sell it, Sainsburys and Waitrose said they were 'out' of it and didn't knwo when they'd be getting it in again (hmm) but finally Tescos came through and I managed to make three bottles of the stuff.
BTW, am still following up your card catalogue, I haven't forgotten about you !


Hi Lucy, love your blog, one of the first things I check when I turn my laptop on!! Was on a site called Red Heart this morning, looking through their patterns came across a Granny Tree Skirt to go around a Christmas Tree! thought it might be the kind of thing you like. Am hopeless at linking but you might like to have a look. Victoria


Every year I promise myself that I'll make this cordial and I never get around to it. I love it too! Perhaps next year I'll get myself in order!


I made some last month too, absolutely amazing! I've also made blackberry and elderflower vodka http://theanamumdiary.co.uk/2012/06/18/elderflower-recipes-2/ it's soooo darn good!


Ohh! I really really want to make some too! Am off on hunt for elderflowers unbashed by torrential rain and citric acid on the way back to school this afternoon! Am very in need of some summer infusion in this weather and the poor old apple tree whose fruit we usually crush for our years supply of apple juice is looking a bit bare of fruit this year due to weird weather! Thanks for the elderflower cordial 'happy thought' which will sustain me! (ps our tkmax had those lovely kilner bottles with the bros bottle tops in last week, so wish id bought them now, better swing by there too!!) x


Hi Lucy

Even easier: pour boiling water onto the sugar and bring back to boil (sugar dissolves immediately, then pour the syrup onto the elderflowers/lemons etc and leave for however long you want to. I shaved the zest off the lemons with a potato peeler and then sliced the fruit I'd never made cordial before but there have been so many elderflowers this year and they have gone on much later than usual that I made masses and froze quite a lot of it. Tried several recipes but Sarah Raven's is the best.


I have planted my roses in August when I moved to my appartment - they grow gortiously and flower all spring, flower and autumn. If you water them every day they will grow at any time you plant it. it is still enough nice and warm weather so they can develop roots and survive the winter with no problem.


Wow that looks yummy, you clever thing making it! Hop to my blog...my crochet throw is growing well...thanks for your inspiration! x


Just wanted to say thanks so much for the inspiration and the beautiful way you write and illustrate your blog with amazing photos...it's a complete pleasure to read and I pop back regularly. Another ripple blanket being started shortly as they are just so relaxing and such fun to make! Forgot I could crochet until a friend mentioned you and your blog....opened up a lovely colourful world!! Thank you xx


Love your blog and read regularly, introduced it to my daughter who has made some lovely crochet blankets from your instructions. Just wish I had more time (or probably more to the point was more organised) to try all the things you write about.


Hi Lucy, I live in the middle of Germany and we have very cold winters here as well as rainy summers. We have a garden but I'm a terribly inexperienced gardener. Five years ago I ordered English roses (actually bought them online) and planted them in the only sunny spot of our garden. It was a crazy idea, but they weren't that expensive and they are surprisingly sturdy. David Austin's Gertrude Jekyll (climbing variety) has got so huge that I have problems trimming the top (I don't own a ladder), it has lovely bright pink flowers, a lot of them (a bit like in your picture), blooms twice a year and smells heavenly. You can even cut the flowers for a vase. I stuck the plant into the earth in early November, loosely following the instructions. I don't feed it, I don't have green fingers. It has continued to thrive in spite of frost, snow, and lack of attention.
I wouldn't recommend it if hadn't been such a success... Sorry, I don't want to sound crazy and too enthusiastic, but I saw your picture and read your words and thought "now, here's sommething that might work for her too". Good luck :-)


meiveilleux jardin trés belle fleurs
aussi beau que le blog


Wow, great recipe. I heard this was quite sticky to make and makes a huge mess but you obviously didn't have this problem! Haha.

Emma Roberts

What a gorgeous summery post! I have a confession..I have always wanted to make Elderflower cordial, but I don't know what the bush looks lie & would probably end up picking Cow parsley! Oops!

I am absolutely bursting to know what you are knitting. I spy squares & crochet flowers..hmm?
Also wondering what yarn you are using.
I've recently discovered LionBrands Bonbons - teeny balls of coloured yarn - right up your street!
Now I reeeeeally want some Elderflower cordial.

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