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July 30, 2012


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idiosyncratic eye

You had absolutely gorgeous weather for it! :)


How lovely - lucky you with that sunshine! We're off to Dorset on thursday but I think we're in for greyness and gloominess - shall have to think of alternative activities, even thought I would love to sit in the sun staring at the sea all day.


Lovely post Lucy. I like your photos of the evening beach trip the best, you really captured the moment there. So nice to feel hot, hot sun on your skin. xx


I love those grills!! I've never seen them before, maybe we just don't have them in the states but we should! Too handy. Also my husband requested that I thank "that english lady" for her curry recipe as well as the frittata recipe- he is super picky and the whole family loved them, they are keepers! So thank you, very much!

Sonia Petitpoint

Thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures !

Pom Pom

Pop over and see my seashore photos. I was on a beach on the other side of the world and the rocks look the same! Lovely post, Lucy!


Oh Lucy what a magicla post! Abbotsbury was always our refuge when the heat got too much in Dorset. It only ever rained twice in 5 years of fortnight long trips.

Just idyllic and your pictures have absolutely cpaptured. Love the fire and how lucky to see the shoal!

Thanks for sharing your amazing day.
Lots of love


Wonder if that wish was similar to the one I made for you ( and me) when I did my pebble throwing at Charmouth the other week? Perfect Abbotsbury weather!So glad you were down there for the best week of weather so far this Summer.


The close-up photographs of the stones and the one of the leaf are wonderful pictures to look at. Looking forward to reading more about your trip to Dorset.


What a lovely holiday! Such beautiful pictures! I do love pebbly beaches like that - and a campfire! Heaven! Thanks for sharing!

Ali x


I love your Dorset vacations! Some of the tropical plants you showed, you can find here in India.
:)Loving your sea side camping. Absolutely amazing! Glad you had so great time with the family. God bless!
P.S. Cheers! ;)

Sue from Cyprus

Oh Lucy, I just love your blog. It makes me so happy just visiting you. Can't wait for next week when i fly over for a week or so. Our place is in West Yorkshire.... just dreaming when I can get my feet on that green grass! Too hot and humid here in Cyprus... still would've loved to meet up with you and make tsatsiki with a nice crisp greek salad.... I made this everyday with our main meal.
HUGS, Sue from Cyprus x x x


God has blessed you in so many ways and you know it if only more people looked at their life as you do. I loved your pictures and narrative of your trip. Love that you keep the pictures of your children in shadows or not at all what a great mum you are Lucy. Love to you all. Thank you for the lovely visit to your home on this planet.

Cockney Blonde

More fabby photos and a brill recounting of your day. Love your blog, thanks for sharing your hols with us, x

Sonja Mizen

Nothing beats a sunny English day. I do miss it!
In South Africa we take it for granted and do not make the most of it!

Lorena Sonido Retro!

Oh! It looks amazing!
Lucky, lucky you all!


All looks perfect Lucy, why would anyone want to go abroad, when you can get all that here? Xxx


Lucy, so lovely. Thank you for sharing...By the way, we drink that beer in Texas, too.


Such bliss! thanks for sharing,, beautiful photos and lovely descriptions....it was a treat,
JoZarty x

Clare J

We seem to have been in Dorset at the same time, after reading an old post of yours we decided to venture to the South coast to Bowleaze Cove for our annual holiday instead of the Welsh coast. I booked it a couple of months ago and what spectacular weather, a bit of a change to the rainy Lancashire weather we've been having. I have to say we loved it and will be going back again next year.

Looking at these photos makes me feel all happy, bringing back memories of the waves licking the shore, the children running around on the beach and the smell of suncream.
So thank you Lucy :) x


Seaside holidays as a family are great at providing sunny childhood memories; my brother and I still talk about the south coast fortnights we enjoyed every summer when we were children.


Ah no wonder you had such a huge bump to reality when you came home!
Looks and sounds quite perfect!
thanks for sharing


I love Abbotsbury Garden - it is beautiful whatever time of year you visit (Easter was fun with their egg hunt for example) . I did think of you down there when that landslip happened at Burton Bradstock last week.
Beautiful photos - wish I was there this year, but have to look at your photos instead!

Ali Dufty

Well, you certainly managed to choose the right week for weather !! You sound suitably refreshed and invigorated . Lovely, happy , sunshiney family days - the stuff memories are made of. ha, I always think of Hydrangeas in 'old folks' gardens !! not rational at all !!!
Happy homecoming :)


Oh my, you get me every time. I am blinking back the tears to type!!! That patch of heaven holds a dear place in my heart. So happy you had a wonderful time. I thought of you last week with the blissful weather and knew it would be the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing. X

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