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July 30, 2012


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I think you are leading my life! I love Bridport and all the places you have in the post so much, that I have bought and house there and I'm moving in 6 weeks!


Now how's this for coincidence, I start my love affair with crochet, discover your wonderful blog and have a holiday in dorset! All in the space of a month (holiday booked before the blog discovery!) Just back from a blissful fortnight in puncknowle in time to read about your trip! Took a walk to st Catherine's chapel, loved burton beach and the abbotsbury farm and botanical gardens- chilled in lyme Regis and abhorred the swannery!!!! Spooky much xx

sharon from sharon stanley writes

oh my. no words.


Looks lovely! So many pretty pictures of the sea!

Your comment about the hydrangeas are so funny. We have 2 huge blue hydrangeas in front yard and I love then and an constantly putting them in vases inside the house while they're in bloom. However, I've also planted several Dahlias in front and they're blooming gloriously right now in vivid reds, yellows and purples. So I guess I'm a hydrangea AND Dahlia girl. :)


Love your pics Must go there myself sometime


We've just got back from this part of the world too! I've decided I would quite like to live in Abottsbury. The coast is so beautiful, we had to go to Eype as we need puppy friendly beaches...that road is soooo narrow!!!! Note to self stop neglecting my blog and write about our adventures!!

bernard sylvie

un petit coucou de bretagne, votre blog est magnifique

Angela-Southern U.S.A.

So,so lovely,all of it.Makes me want to travel there.Glad it was sunny for you.Love the wishing on the star,I miss that with my Girls.


Isn't that a funny thing about flowers? I don't think of hydrangeas as refined at all, quite the opposite, but I do love them. I love that you cut one, pop it in a jug and you have a perfect arrangement. We have a lovely white one in our garden that is a bit more refined than average I suppose. They seem kind of cheap and cheerful to me!


Lucy, your holiday looks AMAZING! Even just the first 2 days! I'd love to visit Dorset, trying to persuade my family to go there!

Your camera always seems to take brilliant photos, could you tell me what make and model it is at all, please?

Looking forward so much to the next instalment!

Thomasina Tittlemouse

Wonderful pics Lucy! So, so atmospheric. You definitely picked the best week weather-wise for sure - today seriously cold on the beach despite my son's protestations to the contrary so it's been back to making art out of flotsam!
E xx

Helen in Switzerland

It sounds absolutely fantastic - utterly idyllic! How wonderful to have such a perfect week in the middle of such a horrid summer - and all in the UK!


You are so good, every shot it's like a dream...


Fab pics of a lovely holiday, Lucy - even those of the hydrangeas you dislike! (We won't be seeing a pattern for crocheted ones then?!)
I don't like heathers - all spikey & evil :(
I do like the look of your Greek Salad tho'!!

Jill Chapman

Oh my goodness, that looks like absolute heaven to me. I'm staring out the window at rain and waiting for a plumber. I'm more than a little bit jealous!

Have a lovely holiday x


I think you are a happy family. These are the best times of your life.


Hi Lucy,My daughter's blog LookbookUnlimited is began broadcasting...I hope, you do support her:)))Have a nice day:))


Ahh! Its the little things in life that makes it so wonderful! What a perfectly happy family holiday in good old England, who needs to go abroad when you can have a beautiful time here! :) Glad you had fun, I love a good beach BBQ!

Jerra xx


lovely. i had a giggle though when i saw your mexican beer, love sol! (it's in every market here).

Kathy Heaton-Brown

Wonderful, happy times


hahaha "scorchingly hot" is 90 degrees? come over to Memphis! Our forecast high is 100 tomorrow, with heat index of 110. Been like that for over a month. =DDD Seriously though, glad you had a fabulous vacation. Everyone deserves to have that beautiful, relaxed, down time =)


i'm team dahlia myself. i knew i liked you.


Beautiful. Thanks for taking me along with you via your photos.

Lisa Ruff

I love the pics!! What beautiful weather in a beautiful place! I hope to someday visit your country!! Thanks for sharing!
Hugz Blondie


Fabulous pictures as always. I'm glad you had fun! What a lovely beach to sit at and eat dinner and just enjoy the waves!

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