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July 21, 2012


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Zoe Scented Sweetpeas

oh yes I do know that lady and have been in her lovely shed and own some of her lovely items :-) She only lives down the road. Love the bag you created - just stunning. PS have you thought of giving your woolen ends that you cut off to the birdies for nests? Just think how fab their nests would look :-)

Loraine (Dizzymum)

I'm new to reading blogs and I absolutely love yours. The posts are really interesting and the photos are amazing. What a fab idea to swap crafts. I crochet and I wonder what a crochet hook and ball of wool would look like made in silver as a necklace ?? Many thanks for your blog and I hope you have a great time in Dorset xxx


Love your bag ! The colors are like a cool breeze when it's hot. Bravo !


oh, oh, oh my goodness! BOTH sides of this swap make me happy!!! How lovely for you! That bag you made was lovely!


WoW! That is an extremely beautiful necklace, off to investigate her blog & store :-)


Oh wow, both the bag and the necklace are absolutely beautiful they made my heart flutter, you both are truly talented and should be very proud of both items!!
Hhmmmm how my heart aches that I can't actually crochet, I really really really would love to do a ripple blanket for costing up in my caravan but I'm afraid to say I've failed, I've tried you tube for tutorials and also booked a class near my home to which was so disappointing..... Within the first 10 minutes of arriving the tutor asked if anyone was left handed, I put my hand up ( there was only me!) to which get reaction was rolling of eyes and telling me I'll gave to try to muddle along as she as no good at teaching 'lefties'!!!! (she ought to have said before I parted with my well earned cash, the tight Yorkshire woman I am) anyway after a morning of everyone following and some lovely granny squares made there was poor me still not even got any kind of resemblance to anything to be honest! I was made to feel i shouldnr be asking for help & when i did it wasnt too forthcoming.
I felt such a failure as soon as we broke for lunch I packed my wool and headed for home....... I was heartbroken that I can turn my hand to any craft but by jeeees crochet seems so hard for me.
Anyway I'm still hoping one day I'll learn the trick and away I'll go, if you are any good with left handers and feel you need a challenge I'd love to be taught!! I'd drive up there like a shot. I could be you failure to success story, lol.
Keep up the blog, it keeps my hooky faith that one day I'll be able to do it myself.
Have a lovely holiday.


Absolutely lovely! You are both so talented :) I am glad to see that craft trading is still alive and well (I need to find some crafty friends I think). Enjoy your vacation!

Leslie B

Hi Lucy! I wondered if you would post how you made the lining to the bag you gave to Emma. I am working on my first bag and didn't follow directions when you said to use a smaller hook. Needless to say, my bag is holey and needs a lining! I don't think I could figure that out on my own. Thank you from Leslie! Sending love from Hampton, Virginia

Leslie B

Hi Lucy! I wondered if you could post how you made the lining for the lovely bag you gave Emma. I am on round 21 of my first bag, using bright rainbowish colors and cos I didn't follow your directions to use a smaller hook, my bag is a bit holey! I just don't think I am creative enough to make my own lining without some guidance. Thanks for your wonderful blog! I follow you frequently cos your pics are so beautiful and I love your crochet ideas! Sending your love from Hampton, Virginia


Your bag and the necklace are both absolutely gorgeous! I'm an ocean girl too and I love those colors! My husband gets a little exasperated by my continual draw to aquas and teals in our home decor. :)


Oh my goodness, how wonderful! Both bag and bauble are so lovely. That's a win for both of you, right there. And, as always, I'm inspired, too. :)


J'adore le sac au crochet !!!! et tout le reste aussi bien sûr....


What a lovely story. The bag you made is gorgeous. I love the colours. If you manage to find the time and inclination, I would love to see a tutorial on how to do the lining. As always, I just adore you and your blog. Thank you.

Laura (Italy)

Hi Lucy,
I made a Japanese Flowers scarf inspired by your beautiful one!
I've crocheted it at work during lunch time and waiting during my kid's karate lessons!
If you would like to see a few pictures write me.
Thank you so much!


I've been enjoying your blog for a long time but not often leave a comment. This post is just toooooooo sweet, too lovely that I would just want you to know how much I love it. You had an amazing swap! Your bag is so beautiful as much as Emma's necklace! You both are awesome!!!


Such lovely colors! Ah the coast! Have fun in Dorset! Looking forward to photos and stories!

Janice Howe

Just Lovely... Was a delight to read and made me miss the ocean. Have a wonderful time away! :)


Both the bag and the necklace turned out beautiful!


Hi Lucy, I love sheds too. I have a hardback book called ShedChic and it has lots of lovely ideas for sheds of all shapes and sizes. You just need lots of garden space. I seem to remember a few years ago (I think it was in Country Living) there was a chap who had around 7 sheds, each one for different tasks, wouldn't that be great!! Just think of all the different things you could do with them. I love the idea of the crafty swaps too. Hope you are all enjoying the sun. Val x


Hi Lucy,

I Love my Lucy bag. I actually made the one bag, thought it was too big, then made another one and lined it. I carry it every day. I'll do a post on it sometime. And I Love your new necklace. Gorgeous. Seaglass is a favorite of mine too.
I wanted to let you know at Groovy Girl Yarn shop there is a group of us making ripple blankets. I've posted our progress on my blog. You might enjoy seeing them. Have a great trip.

Cindy Bee


Such a lovely swap. Gorgeous necklace and earrings and a beautiful bag - love the colours. I think I'm going to have to look at Emma's site! Best wishes, Pj x


Lucy, you write so beautifully about beautiful things :) A lovely story with two great outcomes - the bag and ne lace are both amazing. What a fabulous swap!

Crafty Mummy

What a fabulous idea!

I love the colours in the bag you made - somehow I always get inspired when I pop over here!

Sonia Petitpoint

Wonderful story and wonderful photos !


That bag is absolutely gorgeous and the necklace is beautiful on you :)

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