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July 21, 2012


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Hello Lucy, It's amazing you looklike as my friend Nathalie, you are the really the same, but she has not your talent with the crochet. Please ! Excuse-me for my bad english !
I love all what you do !


Hi Lucy,

I hope this finds you well ☺️✨

I know this blog post was a while ago now, but I found it so inspiring and wanted to say that! 😄

Also, I have a query - how did you line your bag? As I am trying to line my Jolly Chunky Bag and am getting in a little bit of a pickle 😔 I would really love a very brief guide as to how on earth you managed to get the tricky little blighter to sit properly?

I realise you are a very busy lady, and have masses to do - so Im figuring you probably won't manage to reply bless you - but I've truly tried doing this myself and ive also searched the net, tis making my head spin a bit now,lol! 😱 if you are able to reply, I would be so chuffed and it would mean a great deal to me as I am making this bag for my Mum 💕💐

Very much enjoyed your recent blog entry regarding wreaths - Absolutely amazingly inspirational ☺️💕


I found your blog through another link from Pinterest and have thoroughly enjoyed looking through your projects. Such color and craftsmanship, and the simple ordinary way you have posted your thoughts.....I love it. Thank you for generously sharing inspiration. As an avid crocheter, I may have to give that colorful ripple blanket a try for myself. Many blessings from Texas!!


Hello Lucy
I discovered your blog a few months ago, and love it!
LOVE the bag tutorial - I have made a multicolour stash bag for myself and am in the middle of a bag for my niece. The current bag I am doing is being done with 8 ply and a 3mm hook, mostly in a summery yellow with the odd navy and white stripe (yellow being my niece's favourite colour), to look a bit beachy. You have inspired me!
*Would it be possible for you to post your method of lining the bag you did for Emma?* Yours looks so gorgeous.
I am also intrigued by some of the yarns you have in the UK. Here in Aust it is harder to get 10 ply (aran) wool and almost impossible to get 10 ply cottons, particularly in the lovely brights you use - but we heaps of 8 ply available (what you might call DK or double knit?).
Keep loving life.

Fez Jacobs

Your obviously very talented! I would love to have someone like you to design something for our home ware collection we're building at Rainbow Trunk

recruitment consultant

Very nice collection and an eye catching. I love the details of it. Really fantastic and gorgeous. I'm gonna try doing this one.


Those necklaces that Emma has are beautiful. I love Country Living magazine magazine too.


Very adorable stuff. Moms will love this for their kids for sure and kids will also love this as well. Aside from its very cool color the design also attracts the eye of such kid.

Lynne Dawson

I love your website it is so much fun:)

Lynne dawson

Tami H.

I love the bag you made for your friend. Do you have a pattern for this bag that you are willing to share ? I am brand new to crochet so I have no idea how to make the bottom circle part of the bag. Thanks, Tami

kathleen Solomi

Love your blog Lucy . I'm a patchwork / quilter but have been doing more crochet since reading your blog
Any chance of a tutorial to do a decently round circle like the bottom of your bag


Gorgeous bag, and necklace. I am now making the crochet bag. Please would you tell us how you line it?
Missing you .
:( x


Have just made my lovely lucy bag ( second one first was big and loose..lol )
Like a few of the ladies i would be interested in a tut for the lining. I will however have a go doing it my own way and hope for the best!!

Thank you for sharing


I would love to know the brand of yarn that you used for Emma's bag. The colors are just beautiful!!! I love reading your blog : )

Mariela Lawrence

Just amazing! What a gorgeous bag (and necklace). So inspiring that I have decided to crochet a bag for myself. Your pattern is very easy to read, but I would love to have more detail on how you created and attached the lining on Emma's bag. Could/would that possibly be in a future post?


Thanks for a lovely post. Lucy can you advise how I can subscribe to your blog? Is there an RSS feed button on your site (that will allow me to link to Google Reader). I really enjoy your blog and would love to be notified when new updates are available. Many thanks. Sue (Perth, Western Australia)


Fanmyflame and I visited Emma today for her Open Studios,heard about your swap we saw your lovely bag, and now I've come over to see the necklace. What a wonderful crafty trade, you both seem delighted!
Gill x


Lucy, I can't stop thinking about the bag you made!! What pattern did you use? Do you think you could send me a copy of the pattern: cmcdermitt1 at hotmail dot com. I love that beautiful necklace too-I will have to check out the etsy site. I just love this post!!!


I like your blog. It´s full of inspiration!
The bag is beautiful :)


Hi Lucy
The bag is AMAZING i love it
You've got great taste
Have a fab weekend
Ella xxx


Thank you so much for your very inspirational blog! I love perusing it when I have the time :-)



This is totally off topic...just wanted to say the Opening Ceremony was great!!!! It's 12:07a.m. here and I just finished watching. Well done!!!

Jeanine (in Michigan)


This post was one of those I read with a smile from start to finish.


Oh I love the bag! Lucky lady. The necklace is sooo beautiful! I love and hate making things for other people, it's stressful because of the pressure you put on yourself to be perfect. I love the polka dot ribbon trim-fantastic. xx


Wow, what a lovely necklace! And your bag is bright and beautiful as always :)

Do you block your stylecraft crochet? I've got a stylecraft DK blanket thats slightly crooked on one side, which probably can be fixed by blocking it. However, since it's a rainbow pattern I don't know if the colors will merge when wetted...

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