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June 11, 2012


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Felt like I was along with you on your little adventure....makes me want to have a Connievan too!!


So lovely Lucy. Glad you had a nice time. We too love our caravan holidays. Our caravan lives in our second driveway( we have two entrances) so it is right there to clean, pack and unpack. I am loving your caravan revamp posts and holidays as I am also in the process of re doing my curtains for my caravan. My favorite holidays have been the ones we have spent as a family in our caravan. There is something cozy and special about it and I think a wonderful way to spend time together as a family. Even the weekends we had to spend snuggled inside as it rained non stop-playing board games and drinking hot chocolate...bliss! I am sure your kids will look back with absolute fondness!! :)


Great holiday for you all Lucy. Brings back memories of 30 years ago when Blackpool was my daughter's favourite place to go with our'van. We are off to Blackpool South CC site on Thursday en route to Bridport tostay at a CL on a farm. We will certainly try your CL next time as it looks lovely.
PS try to visit St Annes and Lytham next time you are there are they are both flat for scootering and have some nice coffee shops etc and a fabulous fish and chip shop!


Thanks Lucy. Your post reminded me soooo much of childhood hols in a caravan! Glad to know that caravaning is still going strong!!! Keep well. xxx

Kate Dengra

I love your life!


The one thing Blackpool has always done, is entertain families. I lived a few miles up the coast for the first twenty years of my life, spent the first five working years of my life in Blackpool, rode the trams to and from work, and Loved them. I loved Blackpool, at its heyday some of us say, in the 60s when I was there. It went through a very tacky patch, but I hear it is getting back on track now. Hope so, in many ways it is unique and so many people have happy memories of the place. Including me. Great to see your photos, thanks for sharing. And like you, I love aerial photography so shall certainly follow the link.


Thanks for lovely photos I used to go to Blackpool in the 1960's And my Dad used to take my brother and i on the little dipper in the pleasure beach. My memory of Blackpool as a child was leaving Blackpool and looking out of the car window to keep seeing Blackpool Tower until it went out of view. I am sure your children will have special memories depite the weather

Joyce Stewart

Well all I can say is that your were brave souls to venture out of Connievan last Thursday as over here it just poured all day....an awful day and Blackpool gets much the same weather as us.
Can't get over the expense of those places for a family....but as someone said it will be something the children will never forget..also, you are saving on your eats of course, that is a good way to go, especially when there are 5......and so with you on the CL's....we also hated big parks and always went for quiet ones. Guess you'll have to start shopping in Tesco and benefit from the offers.


I`m sure the little people will have very fond memories of their family holidays in the caravan. My parents still have a caravan and have done so since I was 4 yrs old! In those days we had a 14 foot caravan and had a toilet tent just outside the door! Oh how they have changed!! But I have such fond memories of holidays away in the caravan then weekends away.
There is nothing more cosy than sitting in the caravan with a nice cuppa or snuggled up in your sleeping bag and hearing the rain on the roof.
I love reading your blog, I`m addicted and am disappointed when there is not a new one to read!!


Your caravan adventure looked like so much fun. Love your jam jar posy. *whispers* peep at p62 of Country Living! Haven't drawn giveaway yet - the pliers are rather busy!


you have a lovely blog and a lovely holiday!!

Linda J

Oh, Lucy, thank you for sharing your little holiday with us. I almost feel like I was there! I do admire the way you and your family are able to have fun in trying circumstances. :-)


I really enjoyed this post reminded me of family caravan holidays when I was little on the south coast. In fact it's been really nice reading everyone's comments about their own experiences.
I also agree that summer doesn't begin until the 20 something of June so don't worry its not mid-summer yet- there's still a chance to have some fun in the sun -fingers crossed!!!!
The only slightly negative thing is that I don't think I'd want all my things smelling of fried onion! If I had a caravan it would have to be pasta all week long, or food that didn't smell.... :-)
I've wanted to visit Blackpool for a while you've whetted my appetite again, it sounds exactly like I imagine it would; but I think it has to be done. Xx


I don't know Blackpool from a bar of soap but it looks so ENGLISH!


aaaah, lovely post! I love the Connievan Chronicles!


I really love your caravan posts, such simple pleasures, listening to the rain battering down on the roof whilst eating buttered crumpets and drinking hot tea. It is my idea of perfection. My parents have a static caravan in Norfolk which I love going to - we have two quite fabulous holidays planned (in Spain and France) this year but I'm really hankering after a good old-fashioned caravan break. You can't beat them.

Nicki xx


Oh lovely pics. happy memories.


Connievan is looking really bright and lovely - I want one now! I haven't been to Blackpool at all but your trip to the zoo looks great and may have to add that to list of things to visit. Glad you all had a good time. Sam xx


After every get-away with our three children, we would do an 'evaluation'. Everyone could mention something he or she liked the most, and an activity he or she disliked the most. And you know what, not once did they complain about the wheather or places we didn't visit, but all the most like items had to do with mom and dad taking part in it. Once we had a vacation in Italy where we had 11 days of rain out of 14, and they loved the games we did all together inside the tent....
So just be happy you could share this time with your family and don't bother about the weather...they won't either!


I just love your outlook on everything, despite the strange "summer" weather. Always cheers me to read one of your posts. Sounds like the best getaway & the pics are lovely, connievan looks sweet & cozy & that big gorilla is to die for (I love gorillas)
Karen x


Now that our children are grown, our camping days together are some of their fondest memories and are talked about at every family gathering. Hubby and I just went out in our little camper last weekend. It was COLD. 39 degrees F to be exact. And rain! Oh my, it rained. It's supposed to be our summer here too, but I think the weather is a bit confused.


Hi Lucy,

The structures are really awesome. I somehow could not take my eyes of those pics of the bench and disco ball. Thanks for sharing :-)



What a wonderful post!!! I loved all the pictures. Felt like I was right there with you. Just wish I could have had a bite of those delicious looking crumpets!!!!!!



Oh, Lucy, what a fabulous holiday! Your Connievan is like a darling little cottage on wheels. I'm most envious. I've planted the seed for a little van in my DH's noggin. I'm 55 now, maybe by the time I'm 60? One can hope! In the meantime I shall enjoy the glimpses into your holidays. :)

Lynda M O

What a great trip and yes, I think their memories will overflow all their lives with these lovely trips you take and this idyllic Connievan, Lucy. Thank you for sharing.

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