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June 11, 2012


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Marlene  marl on the move blogspot

I love reading about the caravan holidays as we have also caravan-ed a lot when I was younger and my children were small. I could not see that you had a side tent attached to your van. Do you have one? I found the tent bit fast and easy to slip onto the side of the van, having a ground sheet to keep all the rain and wind out from the sides and it is quite a cosy bit to keep all the wet clothing and other stuff that you might have (chairs and tables, toys etc)out of the 'living' space. It will be worth investing in one seeing that you'll be using that van a lot, if I am reading your blogs correctly! Another thing, invest in a small sewing machine. That's another 100% worthy item to spend money on (and then check out the blog 'MADE', you will love it!).


Ah Blackpool! Being a Lancashire girl myself I remember many a childhood day out there. It's funny - when you're a kid Blackpool is fun, colourful & happy. Then you grow up and it's dark and cold and a bit run down. I much prefer Scarborough for a bit of the seaside these days.


What a wonderful adventure. Your caravan looks blissful. I bet you have made it a fab, fab oasis. Here's to lots of warmth and sunshine for lots of days out. x


Well, balance is very important. I have 8 year old boy and in few days we moving to village from the city. He loved fresh air, space, new friends, lots of animals, fresh milk just straight from the cow. But also ... his PSP :)
And your house on wheels it's so yours! You should be proud of yourself!


What a wonderful time you all have had and thankyou for sharing. It is great to get away with a van, we do it quite a bit, but our kids are all adults now so just us.


I enjoy your blog so much, I have a surprise for you. Check out the June 12 post over on my blog, sssinthesun.blogspot.com.


what an awsome break you had in spite of the weather. takes me back over 30yrs to when our family were young and we holidayedtin our first housebus. jolly times by rivers and the sea. the pics are great. love the zoo and crumpets look scrummy. must get some for our ndxt trip. blessings. trills in nz.:-)

Rosanne - California USA

Just a delight to read!! I took a gander at the aerial photos of Blackpool - In one shot of the theme park, I noticed that there seems to be a housing development awfully close - must be truly noisy during the busy season. Anyway, your pictures are beautiful, as always.


I love your post! You have such a great outlook on life,and your holiday sounds wonderful. I love that your family can have a great time and yet be mindful of the budget. In my experience, children (and adults)can create wonderful memories without spending a lot of $$$$.


You picked a lovely site and it looks like you had lots of fun and created some good memories. But Lucy, you have an electric kettle, you NEED a whistle kettle, it's caravan law! You can get different colour ones in the Cotswold camping shop :) Have fun planning your next trip xxxx

Pam Smith

I love Blackpool, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it there too. We must have passed you as we travelled from Lancashire to Yorkshire with our caravan last week! Yours looks far more homey then ours though, I'm envious.

Great pictures and it's lovely to see one of my own favourite places reflected in someone else's photos. Glad you had a good time :)


sooooooooooooo jealous those crumpets look amazing and even though it was dreary weather it looks like you had fun x


It appears you had fun in Blackpool even with the rain. I like your sweet little campground as well. I don't know if the U.S. has such memberships as to only be in a group of 5 or so caravans. It would be nice. Excellent pictures as always!


simple times spent with family, enjoying whatever comes your way- those are the very best of memories!


Still looks wonderful even with all the rain.


Greetings from Blackpool. Sorry about the rain - it's been glorious here the last couple of days. Your pictures bring another's perspective to the place where I live.
Love from Mum


I so much enjoy your nattering on about your days, whether on holiday or at home. So many bloggers feel they can only post when they have something "interesting" to say. But it's precisely this nattering that people want. Keep it up. Thanks.

Clare J

Did you venture over to Longridge? Or Clitheroe which has lovely shops?

Jan McCann

Who could be sad on that lovely, colourful van? Well done for just getting on with it, despite the weather!


I share negative views on Blackpool, & I grew up next door in St Annes but yes the zoo is worth a visit. We took my now almost 14yr old there 2 or 3 yrs ago & we all loved it. Done Sealife too but it was maybe 10 yrs ago & I didn't rate it very much then. I've never been up the tower either, though one day I will. I've just spent today in St Annes actually & the weather has been lovely!


Lovely post. Looks like you had a lovely time. My boys both love Blackpool, particularly the beach and the zoo. Thanks for sharing.


Lovely post! I'm so glad you had a nice trip. It sounds like you had a great time despite the less-than-ideal weather.


I want a Connievan!!!! Hubby is not at all keen on the idea but everytime I see posts like this or I talk to my friends I yearn for one. I just like the idea of deciding last minute lets go away for the weekend, never mind the weather, lets wrap up and yomp over some country side. Our LO are 9 and 6 and I think it would be perfect but I need to do some more work on him. Maybe you'll see me at a campsite sometime in the future.......


Wowzers that mirror ball is amazing! The little peeps will have fond memories I'm sure. I had very similar holidays as a child, many of them in terrible rain. But I loved them all :-)


When I saw you had been to Blackpool I did wonder if you had lost the plot- I too find Blackpool a bit much. BUT the beach is fabulous-though paddling in the freezing sea does make your legs drop off with cold- the trams are great and the front is just perfect for scootering. SeaLife centres are always good for those days when the rain and cold outside are just too much to bear: we were discussing family holidays in grim weather this morning,how vital a windbreak is and how you just have to accept that rain happens- though I do recall walking along a breakwater in Norfolk with snow falling one Whit holiday in my youth, fortunately my Mother had packed our winter clothes, my cousin wasn't so lucky, she was in shorts. I can still see her marbled blue legs!

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