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June 11, 2012


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Such gorgeous feet you have! Perfect toes, beautiful textured skin. Love when you post pictures showing your pretty feet and toes!


Great photos! I wonder how's the storage look like. Does it fit all your things?


I can't believe it! You even been able to turn that simple caravan in a colorful and welcoming place for your family ... those lovely curtains and the inevitable flowers immersed in that wonderful recycled vase! You are fantastic and full of resources. Pure inspiration to another mother of three children like me. Nice to meet you.


If the children liked the dinosaurs there you really should visit Chester Zoo their dinos move and everything they are amazing!


Loved reading your blog.
Wish people wouldn't put Blackpool down all the time though. The Sealife Centre would have cost the same wherever in the country you had visit it and Zoos are not cheap wherever you go. You comment about there being miles of concrete, what other surface could they have used to cover such a vast area? At least Blackpool are still trying and aren't crumbling and dying like numerous other seaside resorts.


Love your blog...am rippling my own blanket in your honour. For a pier with a difference head a little further down the coast to southport. The pier is more for strolling on (avoid the expensive pier tram) and at the end is an arcade with all sorts of old machines from Victorian times through to the 1950's. You change your pound coins for ten old pennies and have a great time. So unlike the trashier modern stuff you find elsewhere. I dislike Blackpool for exactly the same reasons as you said but this one is lovely. You can see blackpool tower in the distance from southport pier...just the right distance!


I love your post but not other peoples negative comments about Blackpool :-( It's my hometown and it gets knocked so much. Every town has bad points but also the good. I love being able to walk 15 minutes from my house and be on the beach. So free and open. The summer holidays are wonderful and we've had many an impromptu beach picnic with sandy sandwiches!. Alot of money has been spent on the front and it really is much nicer than it was when I moved here from Cheshire. Onwards and upwards I say!

Glad you had a good time. I remember holidaying here as a child and have some magical memories of the place as I'm sure your little people will. :-)

Sue from Vermont, USA

Dearest Lucy, I'm relatively new to your blog, but it hasn't taken me long to become so attached to your writing, your lovely attitude, and your beautiful colors. I want to thank you for blogging. You've opened up an entire rainbow of things I may never have seen. You make me so happy! Thank you.


I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for a blanket pattern. i love to stop by time to time to check out your Wanderings. I lived in the UK for three years and just recently moved back to America and the desert. Oh how i miss the gardens and the green. Thank you for posting all those wonderful pictures it helps me to remember how wonderfully colourful the countryside was. :)

Kat Ezat

What a lovely English holiday. I miss those!

I hereby award you the Versatile Blogger Award!

Details here:



Where is your email listed on your blog??


There is so much to love about the Fylde if you know where to look! Blackpool loves baking and yarnbombing as much as any of the overtly jaunty towns in the land!

And you were oh-so-close to the quiet fun (and gorgeous beach) in Lytham St Annes. We may be small but we're pretty close to perfectly formed!

Sew Create It - Jane

It all looks so idyllic! I must admit we've been thinking about buying a caravan...but I'm not entirely convinced...though your post does make it look appealing! :o)


I am inspired! Caravan holiday booked. :) Very excited. We re going to New Quay for my birthday and our first anniversary! :)



***Melissa, your first granny square might be a bit off-shape in the middle because your tension is too tight. As you relaxed a bit, and got into a regular rhythm, it relaxed. Sometimes after having been away from knitting or crocheting, I have to do some practice rows/rounds to loosen up.

Lucy, I'd love to hear more particulars about your Connievan. Make? Year? Model? I see you tow with a fairly light family car, so it might be lighter than many US brand caravans. Also, the windows are bigger and better placed for good interior light. I love that! Do you do any of the hauling? Is it hard to learn? I'm 63, single lady, and very intrigued by the thought of a light trailer (we call them) to get to lovely spots like those you frequent. Maybe J could guest blog about the Connievan Particulars if you don't have time? Thanks so much for sharing your family trips with us, so delightful to read!

Lisa Ruff

Lucy I love your blog and have nominated you for the versatile blog award!
Please go to my blog to see the entry!

Thank you!
Hugz Lisa


Love the picture of the cows. So charming!


dear Lucy i dont know if you actually like this kind of stuff but i was asked to give this award to my top favorite blogs and your's is truly one of them!!!
come pick it up if you like...

Jo Williams

Aw that sounds a delightful holiday, full of the important things in life! :) I'm currently sitting in a caravan in West Wales listening to the rain pitter patter ferociously on the roof, but happily exhausted after a full day discovering the hidden gems of this beautiful area :)You can't beat a caravan holiday whatever the weather throws at you!


Aw, sorry the weather wasn't great for your trip to Lancashire. I live near Blackpool and it's unfortunate that it has a bad reputation as there are nice parts, honest.
There is a lovely park near the zoo, Stanley Park with a great Art Deco cafe and a model villiage.
It's a shame you aren't able to stay this weekend as it's Sand Sea and Spray which is an art festival. Artists are painting Blackpool at 7 different locations around the town, just google it and you will se some of the art from last year. Also, it's Singleton Gala Day on Sunday.
Anyone else coming to the area might like to go to Lytham (if they don't like Blackpool), which is really lovely.
Great to hear about your travels, where next?


We used to stay in Bispham, a few miles up the coast from Blackpool, when I was child and my favourite thing was to walk along the rocks that edged that promenade. We'd walk for miles both ways and on really stormy days the waves would crash over the prom and splash us and we' be absolutely delighted! Thanks for the memories. :)

Emily Carter

Hi Lucy,
I'm new to blogging and absolutely love your blog. Your blankets have inspired me to get my hooks out and start crocheting again, after 30 years I might add. I now want a caravan too!

Thanks for sharing your life


Wow what a post! Thanks so much for the lovely insight into your happy holiday. I really have enjoyed this post, so much warmth xxx


Lucy, have you seen the tiny caravan for sale at Rockett St George? I thought of you when I saw it - don't think you'd all fit in though!

Pom Pom

How perfect! You and your husband work hard to make fun adventures for your children. They WILL remember!
We headed to the mountains, but not in a caravan. Yours looks so cozy, Lucy!

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