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June 06, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

Awesome curtains!


I was bought up on caravan holidays - my sister and I are determined to buy one eventually! Half the fun is making it your own. Connie your caravan is a delight - put together with such care and crotchety delight! Claire x


I like your blog! I am roumain.


Can u share about the hooks you use? They appear longer and I desperately want a longer hook, bit shorter than an afghan hook. Do tell please!


Îmi place ffff mult blogul tău, mai ales pozele! Eştio artistă!

Only Best For Baby

Lovely curtains! Have a fantastic holiday and enjoy the sea.


Lovely pretty curtains, perfect for Connievan :)
Karen x


They look amazing! Well done you, the hard work certainly paid off! Andrea

Eszter Nagy

I love your blog! You make beautiful things. Congratulations!
I do not speak English, Google's translator to help me. I love your blog. Every day look. I love England, I thank the many beautiful picture! Your country is beautiful!
Welcome to my little country, Hungary! Esther

Sandra Licher

They are absolutely darling curtains! I wish I could go to the sea this weekend in Connievan. What fun with your hubby and the little ones. You'll have that van looking scrumptious in no time! Have a fun weekend!


Everything looks wonderful! Congratulations on all your hard work.


Have a great time! I am sure you are having it now :))) Waiting for pictures of your trip! Your caravan is so bright :)


Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures of Connivan. They bring back such wonderful childhood memories of all the days I spent camping with my family.


So bright and cheerful. Enjoy your first trip in Connievan this year. Can't wait to see the pictures when you return. Have a great time.


te envio este enlace por si te gusta ,veo que tienes muchas teteras,besos


Sonia Petitpoint

It looks cheerful and pretty ! Have fun during your vacation by the sea.


Oké, it is a lot of work, but it's getting more beautifull every time you finish a other curtain.
This the first time I looked a round here,and I really love it.
Hope you and your family have a nice weekend with Connyvan (i think).


She is coming along beautifully! You should be so proud of yourself. Have a lovely time away xxxx

Lynne Gill

Loving the refurb, Lucy. As Kate (above) says, why do the manufacturers make them look so AWFUL in the first place? Have a great time in Lancashire (Hurrah for the Red Rose!) but I do hope this bloomin' awful weather improves for you!


Have you seen these tea spoons? They would match your curtains perfectly!



Your van looks cozy. I need to make some curtains for ours which are still trapped in the seventies.


We're soooo sad chez eskimo*rose - we always have a big camping weekend with friends on the last weekend of summer halfterm ... this year all was booked in Dorset, but the forecast for gale force winds and torrential rain called for a group meeting ... we all decided it best to cancel :o(
I hope your hol in Connievan van has been more successful x


Your caravan looks so welcoming. With all the handmade touches you've added it's a world away from the usual beige coldness of so many caravans.

Lavender Attic

Hi Lucy
I was told about your caravan renovations of Connievan by another blogger, as I've been tweaking and tarting up our new (11 year old) caravan. www.lavenderattic.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/caravan-trip.html
I think there must be a place for us caravanners with crochet blankets and bunting! Happy holidays - hope it goes well.
I'll follow your progress with your pelmets!
X Sally


Great job on the curtains, I bet they really brighten Connievan up when the weather turns. I would never have thought of attaching them to the old, thicker curtains - what a fantastic idea. Caravanning can be so chilly at times. Hope thou had fun by the sea. xx

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