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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 23, 2012


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Congrats, I love love love your site. You have helped me so much. Your colors are fantastic.

Carolyn Jackson

Loved reading all about you Lucy, I was disappointed to see NZ was left out of the list but I am sure it will come here, I collected my Issue 14 this week from my Village Bookshop, loved reading your page, and hope to see the one off mag. soon. So pleased for you, you deserve the lovely things happening and do hope you write a book one day! Thanks you I now have a lovely new hobby, Caro NZ.

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Heather Roberts

Good for you!!! I am sending a friend in the UK out to buy this one for me! Which store in the Windsor area would sell it do you think? I live in Canada so I am not familiar whether its a Waterstones or the local shops.

Thanks! Heather


Just came across this post and it's lovely to see so many of your crochet projects. Do you have a pattern/tutorial for your hand warmers?



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Edna W.

I love the flower motif shawl. Would it be possible to get a copy of the pattern?


Hi, my friend just taught me how to crotchet and told me about your blog - you are amazing, can't wait to make all the cool things you made - thank you for the inspiration. X


Lucy, hey from Russia) you are my hero since I've found your blog!
Exciting post!
I've even forgotten about my duties=)



Angela Sykes

Wow!! Congratulations! I've only just met you on your attic blog. I am a virgin hooker (sounds dodgy but not sure if that's what you call someone new to crochet????) and my friend gave me the link to attic24! I'm so impressed by your work, creativity and passion! Your interview read beautifully and has filled me with much enthusiasm!! Well done! Angie74 x x


Great! I loved to read it!


What a wonderful interview! It only would have better if we could have heard your real voice answering the questions. Being from the US, my daughter and I enjoyed some of your unfamiliar to us but delightful expressions. Please work on writing that book. My 13 year old is already begging for a copy!


I am so bummed- I was a slacker and just now went to order the magazine and it looks like I can't now =( I kept forgetting to calculate the cost (I am in the US) and finally did, went to order on the link and its gone. I even tried looking on ebay. I never saw it for sale here in the US. =( I'm glad I have your awesome hooky blog to satisfy my need for grannies lol.


Crochet magazines are valuable because they keep me up-to-date about new products, yarns and techniques. They display new ways to use older patterns. This week I was lucky enough to find three current crochet magazines for fifty cents each at the public library book store. Thrifty. Hope that you get to write a crochet book and I'm happy that you are getting involved with tours and magazine articles. Your blog about the colorful and innovative ways to crochet are very much appreciated by me.


I bought this in Gatwick airport as we were about to fly off to Jamaica. Really good read.


You have a wonderful feast for the eyes here. Not only the beautiful pictures on other days' postings, but your crocheted pieces and items are fantastic! I wondered, though, what the graduated 'stack' of crochet was in one of the pics from 23 June (the magazine article). Is it one item or many nested together?
I have bookmarked your blog. It is the only one I have so marked. I just love feasting my eyes on the colours and creativity. :-)


It's very nice crochet...


I'm just now catching up on my favorite blogs after surgery. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so very excited for you. I must admit, I check your blog daily. I really do enjoy the little glimpse of your colorful world and the wonderful hooky creations you make. I do hope there will be a book in the future. You can be certain, I'll pre-order it and share it will all of my friends here across the pond!
Happy Hooking!


I went out as soon as I read your post and bought the magazine. So deserving you are to be in it. I adore your blog, have been inspired to more and more color connecting in my crochet.


congratulations Lucy !!very much inspiring.
you really deserves this recognition.Very well done.we really love all your work and even do the same.


What an honor to be in the magazine and how kind of you to share it all with us! Happy Crocheting!!


Well done Lucy. I've been following your blog for a couple of years now and always find something to inspire me. I saw the flower scarf picture on this entry and would be really grateful if you could direct me to the pattern for it? Many thanks and happy hooking. Kate x


I looooove your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Danibriani from Nova Prata - Brazil


Aa always you are an absolute inspiration and make me want to go running for my hook ; )

I would definitely buy any hooky book you publish. Go for it!

I have just taught my little girl how to knit, left-handed too! I swear my heart is fit to burst just watching her!

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