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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 15, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

I loved to read about Connievan's adventures in Blackpool! Awesome indeed!
And now that pile of fabric...it's great! I am sure you will tame them in no time.

Rita Miller

Greetings Lucy! I have to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog and taking in the wonderful imagery you provide. This comes all the way from the east coast of the USA- North Carolina!


I adore that fabric! And it looks so familiar. I thought it was Tradewinds by Moda, but no... and it's not an Alexander Henry that I can spot... I would love to buy some over here in the U.S. :-)

Sue Rawlinson

love your blog - just nominated you for a "lovely blog award"
Sue x


Those muffins look absolutely scrumptious!!! Where can I find the recipe?? I love the cupcake liners they are in too, so cute!.
I finally got caught up on your blog again. Congrats on being in print! I love visiting the Attic & seeing your latest creations. Hope you are feeling more energized.


Getting up at 5am will assuredly create the necessity of a 9pm bedtime..LOL. I was wondering though, might you be low on iron?

Balance is so important. It is fun to have fun and let things slide to a point. But order and method are a constant and a comfort -- and needful if we want to have the most fulfillment out of life. Without balance we are lopsided and that can cause us to spin out of control--definitely not desirable.


I love reading your posts Lucy. I also absolutely love all your crocheting projects. I have completely stopped cross stitching at the moment (which i have NEVER done) and have become obsessed with crocheting. It is so interesting to hear you all talking about life getting so hectic that things start to slip. I'm in the grip of winter here and have just had a foot operation and so I'm confined to the couch which is nice as I can continue my crocheting obsession BUT unfortunately everything else here is slipping. Oh well, small steps!


You mean to tell me that the Cleaning Good Fairy doesn't exist, and I've been waiting amidst this dust and clutter for nothing?

Fleur Cotton

Hi Lucy, it's me again!

Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for 'the sunshine' award. Full details can be found on my post here:


I understand that if you have already received many of these types of awards you may not wish to join in, but I hope that the link on my blog brings in lots of new visitors to your beautiful blog. I chose your blog as it always makes me feel 'happy' and 'sunny' when I visit to see your colourful crafty projects.

Best Wishes
Fleur xx


Oh my goodness. If you didn't speak my heart today. I have been feeling that same feeling...just crazy schedule and not being able to keep things tidy. I know that I shouldn't let it bother me...but when I see mess it just depresses me. Thanks for showing us your pretties. I love those bright colors...I have to be truthful I am smitten with the red polka dotted one!


Dear Lucy
Oh yes your fabric is so pretty indeed. Isn't it a wonder how they keep coming up with such wonderful fabric, our eye candy. Have fun sewing.


Hello dear Lucy,how are you now? Finally I'm identify with you... as I to told you before,I'm tired after maternity. I'm a brazilian sad girl, rsrsrs, not so sad as I said,but I'm frustated with what happen after my litlle boy. When he sick, I'm feel appallingly sorry, because I want help him and I cannot, it's so bad to live like this, I'm immature for to be mom. He is everything to me and my house,sometimes turn a mess. The worst is my hair,my nails, my depilation, never I can care my body like before, because I have no one to help me,no one, with who I'll leave my baby?only my husband, but he works all the time. So I'm feel ugly and completly alone, my joy is the crochet and read you,are my relief. Thank you for exist, my distant friend,but you makes part of a cozy dream that I dream to me. Thanks


hope you finally get to read CL too, there's a lovely article about silverpebble and her shed x


I am going through this too. feeling run down and over used, not enough time for the things i truely enjoy(crocheting, laying in the hammock, cooking quietly and alone, napping,gardening, etc)
Its been all about taking care of the kids, listening to the husband complain, driving EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, graduations, holidays, slacking on the housework(as soon as i clean it, they mess it up), eating too much junk and just feeling really tired.

idiosyncratic eye

I need these reminders too, thank you. :)


Ah, I can relate....my piles keep getting bigger. Though I made a little headway last week and cleaned the kitchen table. Now to other things, like the dishes and such..but that darn crochet keeps calling me...I love your fabric! I been thinking about doing something fabricy myself. And rebalancing? I feel like I'm in constant rebalance! Thanks for your wonderful post!

Sally Anderson

Hi Lucy, I'm trying to subscribe to you wonderful, colorful blog but when I click on the links (both of them) to subscribe I get a page full of HTML code! I hope you can fix this because I really want to subscribe. Love all your yarny goodness! Thanks!

Donna Edwinson

..stumbled across this blog and found a new friend? Lucy, how fun and inspirational you are! Looking forward to spending the next 1/2 hour (coughhourcough)browsing your archive blogs!
Enjoy this day!
From NH

Only Best For Baby

Beautiful fresh flowers from your garden. Your home is always so colourful. Rebalancing is so important, taking the time out to do this is the hard part! Best of luck. x


Dear Lucy,
I couldn't find a contact me area, so I thought I'd leave a comment on the first post :)
Your blog is very inspiring, it's full of cheery colours and really homey and I love it to bits. It inspires me to make my own home homey myself rather than trying really hard (and failing) to save up for unrealistically priced homewares and accessories. I'm very guilty of lusting after things I don't need and can't afford. It's not healthy.

And besides, your house looks way better, more comfy and inviting and has none of the sterility and the 'be-careful-take-off-your-shoes' type atmosphere you see in catalogues and even in the houses of people who can afford that stuff.

So instead of saving up for a new table and chairs, we are going to ditch the broken chairs, keep the table and get 2nd hand mismatches and make them ours. I'm back into knitty and hooky projects and plan on making lots of yours. So thank you for brightening up my mind and helping to motivate me to help brighten up our little family space in a healthier way.

Love, Angela in Australia :) xxx


Hi, Lucy! May be I have missed this info in some other posts that you wake up at 5 am!!! You are a heroine!
The main thing is not to forget about yourself in daily routine. I hope you are feeling better now and full of fresh energy for a long week ahead! Loved the colors of your house, thanks for sharing it all :)


Yes, get your iron checked, I felt the same a few years back, falling asleep all over the placee, and it turned out I was terribly anemic and had to take iron pills and eventually get a uterine ablation surgery.
Also, if you have been eating a lot of sugar lately, that will put you into a brain fog and leave you feeling lethargic.
I am going through a major re-balancing as well. Love your blog, it always uplifts me.


Can you elaborate on Beth's comment?
Have you become famous without telling us?! ;)


What's this about simply crochet magazine Beth (above comments) has mentioned?
Come on .....spill.....


Hi Lucy
You should get your thyroid checked.
1 quick simple blood test.

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