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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 19, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

You can be proud of your LL. She has skills!

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Oh Lucy it's been a while since I've read your blog and I'm SO glad I came back. You are SUCH an inspiration. And I'm SO happy for you that your little lady has picked up a hook, must be magical watching her. I just felt your glee while you wrote and watched your little lady. :) Much love and hugs from Tasmania!


Hats off to your daughter, she puts me to shame, I am struggling with the basic granny square! after you tube tutes and a friend showing me, I have not yet grasped it, I will keep trying though. I'll get it in the end.


Love this post! My daughter has been knitting from age 9 and designing from age 11. It's so lovely having a yarny companion available all the time - not to mention someone who can get me out of all manner of knitting scrapes. :) Really glad you've got that companionship too. We also have a caravan, so love to cosy up with out knitting there too - makes for a very relaxing holiday!


Oh my! Your spot looks like something right out of "The Hobbit"! How lovely! I can just imagine sitting on a rock and dipping my toes in the water....


Congrats to little lady on her hooky masterpiece, it's amazing for a first attempt. The proud mum moments go on forever, my little lady is now 22 and a mummy herself and I get all tears eyed and filled with glee when she does things still.


Hi Lucy, Loving your blogs, check in everyday to take a 'look inside' you multi colour life! Cheers me up after a day at work! I love your new beach shelter. I would love one to put in the car to take on picnics. Can you tell me if it is tall enough for adults to sit inside it to shelter from the rain? Some I have looked at look to be only for 'little people'. If so do you know who it is made by or where I could get one from? Thanks, loving your daughter is 'hooking' with you. My Grandma taught me when I was a little girl - good memories... x


Lucy, I just wanted to write and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog.

I love all the color you surround yourself with. I love your enthusiasm for life and the passion with which you attack even the seemingly ordinary parts of life that so many of us forget to find the pleasure/beauty in...enjoying the view while doing your daily school run, choosing flowers at the market, and even attacking your "bookshelves run a-muck" chore. Your blogs never fails to bring a smile to my day and lighten my spirit...which is good since I live in the Pacific NW of the U.S. and, like you, our weather tends toward the grey.

I love, love the photo you took of your picnic spot above. It made me want to crawl thru the monitor and plant myself at the water's edge. I could hear the breeze blowing, the birds singing and the water trickling. Heaven!

I don't very often post on blogs I read but I just wanted to let you know how much your work is appreciated.

Thank you.

Naomi @ redeemcreations.co.uk

oh Lucy - my heart is aching! This is the exact spot we used to camp as a family with my dear Dad - washing in the river and enjoying camp fires - we even cooked a roast dinner once......sigh....I am going to pine all week for the rivers of Yorkshire - Southern rivers are not quite the same! It looks like you had an idyllic time. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little glimpse of heaven again. xxxx


what a wonderful weekend and monday. such a thrill to have a hooky mate in your daughter. my daughter and i share patchwork and crafts and even a business for a few years. it is a special joy. and what about that picnic spot, such splendor and beauty. id love to find it on my next visit to uk. maybe this time next year. thanks for sharing the joy. blessings, trills, :-)


What a joyful post Lucy, you always cheer me up. I like the idea of the picnic tent and you have inspited me to buy one from Halfords. Going to have a practice run in the garden before a day out with shelter, so thanks for a great idea.
Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx


Your little Lady is very talented!
It's something in the genes... I presume....


Hi Lucy! I have been reading all your posts now from when you first started and up until now, and I am so totally in love with this blog! It's been great following your life through your posts and your lovely Little Ones. I have no children yet, but when the time comes I hope I can be as good a Mum as you are, Lucy. And hey, you have also inspired me to start my own blog. And I'll be continuing to follow your blog :)
Congrats on L.L's new skill!


What a clever girl she is. I so wish My daughter was interested in crafting. Her friend however is,and It is feels great to pass on my skills to her.


Little Lady is a gem - really talented - if I think about my first granny which was awquard. Her is definitely so neat that it will be centerpiece of some future granny blanket for Conievan maybe???!!!
I love all your posts, they are so full of love and joy.


I'm not surprised that you are so proud of your little lady! She did an excellent job for her first time. I remember when my girls were younger and wanted to learn how to crochet..... what funny shapes we got. I sewed them all together to make a very strange shaped blanket and they loved it. In fact they still talk about it many years later. :D Enjoy this time with your daughter.


As a professional seamstress, and a knitter and crochet-er, I'm very aware that these skills are no longer taught to the younger generation. I learnt to sew from my mother and grandmother and it has given me a career and a life long love of these crafts, and it gives my heart a warm glow to see your daughter taking to these skills.

you have given her something that will last a lifetime, happy memories of childhood and the sheer joy of being able to say" I made That" .

She's done so well, very impressive . do tell her how impressed we all are, and I'm sure she will be an as inspirational, as you are. I've been inspired to make many of the things you feature on your blog and look forward to your daughter inspiring us too!!


Lucy, this is a lovely post. I could really feel how much love you have in your house towards each other. God bless your family and you are surely a great Mom!:)))


How many times did i said that YOU ARE THE MOST FANTASTIC MUM EVER!!? How many times? MANY! I read You, I crochet with Your tips, I love Your style and life approach- Can You move to my street please?


Angy Braine

How blessed this little Poppit is to have such a talented AND patient AND enthusiastic mummy :-) I can remember my Grandmother teaching me to crochet ... but I was silly and did not pay enough attention... now I'm having to relearn and as a grown up it's not that easy! Perhaps I can join the two of you on the couch? :-) xx


What a wonderful weekend filled with so many warm and fuzzy moments. I don't want to wish the time away but I am so looking forward to sharing my love of all things yarn related with my daughter. She is only three but loves making things already. We had our own warm, fuzzy moment at the weekend making a bead necklace. I was amazed by her concentration and dexterity.

Loving the blog, it has changed my life!


looks like an amazing place to enjoy the day....or week!

Jen Y

What sweet happy times with your children! I read an article today that said more parents are unhappy than people who aren't parents - that children make people unhappy!!!! I certainly don't feel that way at all. How could we be unhappy with all the joy that children give. Granted, they aren't any more perfect than we are & there are hard days but a day like you shared here fills me with heart-bursting soaring joy & happiness.

I'm very happy for you that you had such a great weekend.


Awesome! Hope you are always as happy and proud, enjoying your wonderful family and home!

Loved the knitting yarn!! What is it - please? :D

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