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June 09, 2012


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It looks beautiful Lucy! Please don't stop caravan posts ... I have serious caravan envy, and this helps a bit! Would love one (even without wheels would do!) just propped up in my garden for me to titillate and have a cup of tea in! Have a lovely Sunday, Claire xxx


Beautiful coffee cosy! Simply gorgeous Connievan! Your colours really cheer me up!


wow lucy I am loving connivan. I am now in the process of convincing the girls at parent group I go to that us all pitching in for a caravan that can sit on my drive is a good idea, no kids allowed so a mummy haven and we can all make things to 'pimp' it up, and we can all take it away for cheap holidays. I thought it would be a flop but they all seem to be up for it!


I love the curtains - I'm in the process of preparing some red/white gingham ones for our 1976 camper Tabitha, for when she returns from the garage after her major overhaul - the 3rd set of curtains I've made for her, so hopefully these will be "the ones"! (And I confess I stole your cutlery idea - those spotty delights were too go to pass by...)

laoi gaul-williams

ohhh she is looking great~really cosy and comfortable :)
i have the exact same tins in Pretty Pagan but the blue version!


Oh it really is looking fab, those curtains are lush! I did a caravan up and re-covered the seat cushions, if you want the instructions on how to do it let me know and I will email it to you? Andrea


I love your caravan posts! We almost got a caravan last year and I had all kind of pretty plans in mind but in the end decided it wouldn't work for us. So hearing news of your Connievan and it's transformation is the next best thing! All your work is certainly paying off, especially the curtains which look so, so good! Well done on what you've achieved so far and please do keep on posting on your progress :)

S x


I think it's already the lovliest caravan in the world!
I recently covered some similar seating using spotty fleece fabric from Abakhan - very cheery, not too expensive and a bit more forgiving in the fitting snugly area!


I love your Connievan posts! My parents thought I was joking when I said I'd like a caravan for my 21st, they pointed out that I don't have a car, I reasoned that that wasn't the point, I just wanted to sit in it and fill it with pretty things!!
Isn't that book good? I've just started making the spring time throw (http://alittleblonde.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/spring-project.html ), but the cafetiere cosy is next on my list as I'm a real caffeine addict.
I look forward to hearing more from Connievan soon :)


It is looking wonderful! For cheap fabric with nice patterns I go to primark or somewhere like that and buy quilt covers - lots of lovely fabric and not much money (quite often I have managed to get a king size set for £4 and they do some wonderful patterns!) Good luck with the rest of connievan - I can't wait to see more!


O Lucy I love your tales of your Connievan, she's growing more beautiful with your loveliness of colour, crochet and stitching. I certainly wish I owned one. Thanks for showing us your special talent and beauty once again, glad you had a good few days away. xxx


Love all the comments on connievan. We have an onsite van with fixed annexe that we use for weekends away etc. I really didn't know how to improve its appearance apart from a few rugs etc. I am crocheting my little fingers to the bone and my dear old Mum 95 says "thats nice dear" I need that one for my knees" or "oh I get so cold around my shoulders in bed" I ask you how many rugs can one little old lady use. She has three so far wonder what she will do with the one I am making now.
Great ideas Lucy given me a whole new perspective on what to do with "Veronica Van".


Im loving your connievan stories, please keep sharing! And the curtains look fab. Cheerio...


Hi Lucy,
I'm so pleased you had a good time away in connievan. I LOVE your caravan posts so keep 'em coming for me :-). I do have a bit of caravan envy but it's sooo lovely to see how you are changing it, and without spending a fortune too. Great stuff.


we spent many a year in our caravan on holiday and loved it. It was no where near as cute as yours though. You will be the prettiest van on site!


Hallo Lucy, I LOVE caravan things, so please keep on posting about them!

Hugs by kiotta

kathleen mckirkle

The cafietere cover is smiley!!! I am wondering though why the handle is not in the space you made for it? Love the cards on the walls too. I have a very modern caravan and look for bright covers to keep the upholstery clean. Two shitzu's can produce some muck! I use bright fleeces as they wash and dry in jig time, don't stretch or shrink and come cheap.

Rachel Mackin

I love hearing The Tales From Connievan, and watching her being transformed. I've got a little bit of caravan envy, in a good way of course! :)

Susanne Tyree

A cute little home away from home, all dolled up in Lucy fashion of course.
Susanne :)


I love hearing about ConnievanI We have a pop-up tent style and I would love a Connievan type with all the fussing that goes into decorating it. Not much I can do with ours and NO bathroom either. XO


Connievan stories and photos are great. I love seeing the transformation. By the way, our new favorite breakfast is poached eggs on toast. Thanks for the lovely blog!


hi lucy. luv the curtains and pics of connievan. you are lucky having an oven.we have a 2 plate gas hob in our housebus and need a new fridge. also the bathroom isnt finished yet, but we make do for now.i have made a patchwork quilt, for the double bed in kaffe fassett fabrics and have hexie pieced sqabs for the table seats. we love playing gypsies. blessings trills in nz:-)


Yes your van is looking pretty "Cool"..l too love checks & ginham.. l am on the look out for a dinky little eeny weeny van to take ( just for me) to my shows when l camp with my little doglets. l am always facinated with the older vans..Some are furnished so trendy & pretty.. l have that book you talked about, bought it a few wks back..l too LOVE my crochet books, especially the crochet flowers books... Take care.
Best Wishes,

ellen kelley

Such a happy place. So colorful and warm.
You have done such a lovely job.


I am so jealous. I love your connivan--your mug cover and all your lovely crochet. Please continue to tell us about the connivan....I love it!

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