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June 09, 2012


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Barbara in Alaska

I love your caravan posts. We live 36 miles from the nearest road and the urge to get in a camper and see Alaska is just knawing at me! Alaska has only a handful of roads...but they are long! Keep posting! I showed my hubby your site and how it inspired me to change the colors I use in our cabin....need the brights and the cheery....not the camo!


Denim would be good, tough and not show the stains - either fabric or beg lots of folk's old jeans!! Go with the curtains too. Red check cushions to complete.

idiosyncratic eye

It must be a whole heap brighter in there now! That furry brown look is enough to put me off caravans! :)


Connievan is looking really fab-have you considered removing the covers for the seats,unpicking them and making a new pattern from them so they would fit perfectly?Abakhan on Oldham Street in Manchester do a great range of upholstery fabrics,sold by weight,great selection at very reasonable prices.
I have to ask...where are those gorgeous French tea/coffee/sugar kitchen cannisters from Lucy? Me likey!


Connievan is looking wonderful a real "Lucy" home from home.
Carol xx


Love those lovely bright colours - really brighten up the caravan. Just looking about for some nice crochet yarns to stock in my new shop.


Lucy! I love your connievan tales! I want to see and read more. Hugs and kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina :)


Formidable votre reportage sur votre caravane, j'ai hâte de voir la suite et j'aimerais bien partir avec vous en vacances.
Bisous- NADINE


Always a joy to be making with a purpose: I like to make things I can use and the pleasure small makes-like a cafetiere cosy- give each day is not to be underestimated.Having said that I spent today making a tiny orange tree from felt.Very practical.
Connievan is looking good-cheap fabrics...check out your local charity shops for funky old curtains/stripy sheets.


Love hearing about Connievan and I have caravan envy Have decided to save up for one of my own!


I'm utterly jealous of the Connievan so please - keep posting about her. She is turning out beautifully!


I would love to come to your caravan for a vacation ;o) It´s so cute ans cosy. I just saw this :
http://www.modabakeshop.com/2012/03/sliced-audition-tutorial-lonely.html and immediately thought of you!


You need blackboard paint on the fridge door inset... Or magnetic paint for connievan holiday location mementos or magnetic poetry kits :-)


I am loving the caravan posts, keep them coming! You have made great improvements covering up all that beige, I have enjoyed watching the changes. My little ones bunks are fixed so their crochet bed blankets are always on show :) Glad you had a good trip away. We have just booked our first trip with a caravan to the continent, wish us luck.


I look forward to seeing more photos :)

We've just got back from our first weekend in Bertie - lots of stuff to test out and most of it worked!! Roll on our proper hols in August and another weekend away next month :)


My goodness, it's just magical in there. I don't know how you can ever leave it! I'd be tempted to move in permanently. :)


Hi Lucy,
I would love a Connievan :) What a lovely project to work on, a little bit at a time. For those arm rests, I wondered if you'd like to see what I did for my sofa. You could so something similar for Connievan. Here's a pic of my granny armrests http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-kGhOR1CMXXU/TtvmaOfTiuI/AAAAAAAAAL8/-YACKxTs9bU/s400/granny_armrest.JPG
Love from Aisha


Lovely x


I am so wanting a caravan for myself. Dreaming of having my very own colorful hideaway like yours. Looks like a piece of heaven.


Lucy,, i have to say, that your little caravan is just adorable, and everything that you have done to it is just wonderful.. it looks so utterly cosie and i would want to be in it all the time....even if it was just parked in the drive way, i would sit in it......beautiful. x


I adore your french storage canisters, they are lovely. I have that Nicki Tench book and the cafetiere cover caught my eye but I thought that it would permanently get covered in coffee drips and be in the washing machine more than it was on the cafetiere. I would be very interested to know how well the pretty striped cosy stands up to everyday use and the realities of kitchen life! Your caravan is looking very colourful, by the way.


It all looks wonderful Lucy. Warm, cosy and totally individual. You can look at the results of your labours and know you had hours of fun (perhaps not the sewing so much!) making everything handmade.


i love your connievan i want one :)...love reading about it all...hope you have many lovely times out and about with her xx

Amanda Quinn

Lucy I had the same problem with the cafetiere cover as you, my problem was I didn't take into account that mine is a large cafetiere and it like yours it didn't fit properly. I've kept mine however and is looking for a right sized cafetiere!! Love what you've done to Connievan the colours, gingham and trims really make it your own. Can't wait to see what it looks like once you've sorted out the pelmets too. I love reading your posts you make me realise that I'm not alone in my quest for getting crafty!!


Connievan is turning out so cosy, great job!!

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