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June 09, 2012


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Vee Collins (@veecollins)

Hi Lucy,

I'm really enjoying this series - it's a holiday for my eyes. I saw this today and thought it might be up your alley, particularly in some of the caravan projects: http://www.vivalafrida.co.uk/index.htm

Might just attempt the coffee cosy!



I love seeing the way you're brightening up the Connievan! It looks great.

Susanne Ferreira

Hello from Canada,
Love, love your BLOG. I was thinking that you could buy some fabric at IKEA for a resonable price for the kids room in connievan, but the AS-IS usually has large sofa/chair cushion covers, sometimes they clear out the discontinued fabric ones, or slighly shop worn ones...I buy the seat cushion covers, fold up an old quilt and I have a ready made dog bed, piping and zippers already included and the easiest dog bed to wash ever!! just a folded quilt and seperate cover!! keep up the great work, luv, susanne


Hello Lucy - I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and really enjoy it, particularly the crochet help as I've only just started crochet this year. This week I've begun my very own blog! (http://read-sew-crochet.blogspot.co.uk/) I've put in a link to your one - is that ok? love from Judy.


Hi Lucy,
i havent managed to get on your blog for a while been busy with everyday ife and a few family events. This wekend i was on facebook and my friend has obviously discovered your page and she put a link on FB, i instantly recognised the picture and went oh my god you ahve discovered Lucy - amazing, just thought i woudl share that with you. I am hoping to get my blog sorted in the next few weeks so i can put pictures of all my work on there. Take care Devinder :)


I love Lucy! What can I say;) your posts ALWAYS bring a smile to my face! I love your sense of colour and how bright your home is, I enjoy reading about your domestic goddess duties, your baking for the little people and i adore your photos. Esp the ones while walking along the canal and the ones when you go up to the hills:) thankyou for sharing a lovely happy part of your world. If I could write like you i would be in heaven, you make me feel like i want to come and sit next to you and have some hooky time with some tea and delectable delight
Fresh from your oven.


What is a hob?


It does look so much nicer with your transformations. It's great how adding cheerful, colourful curtains, blankets and postcards can make such an improvement. Lovely! I have to ask though, does your husband not mind? I think I'm being conservative in my additions of crochet and folksy knickknacks to the house but my husband recently complained that the house now looks too much like mine and not like ours. I didn't think he was interested in interiors so long as it was comfortable, but heyho. We had a massive argument and I think we're sorted, for now...


Connievan is starting to look lovely, cozy and homely! Thanks for sharing!


I love caravans too. I could quite happily live in my static one (and its a very basic one, like a big tourer really) permanently if I didn't have so much 'stuff' to store like books crafts and toys! We are buying a tourer this year and I can't wait. The way you are prettifying yours is lovely. I like the paperchase pictures too. Lily. xxx


Love your posts about the caravan. It inspires me to make our caravan a little bit more cosy..

Greetings from Ingeborg, The Netherlands


I love the Connie Van posts! It is so exiting to see all of your creative endeavors splashed all over CV! So exiting! Post all you want! You are inspiring me for my Motorhome makeover. I live in the states. You don't know how many dark and gloomy days you have cheefully brightened for me. Thank you Lucy!


Your caravan is lovely! I liked those wooden (I guess) little homely pictures above your kitchen cupboard :) All the best with caravan decoration. I loved your cafetiere new dress too;)


Hello Lucy,

I seriously loved ur crochet cosy. Especially the button. Hope you had a wonderful trip and yes, the gingham curtains are so lovely.



Lucy, I LOVE your Connievan posts!! They make me wish I had a "Connievan" too! And I love the updates you're making to her! You should check out my updates too...www.iplaywithsticksandstring.blogspot.com
I'm updating a house I bought recently, and I can't wait to hang up the little flower decoration of yours that I made in the new house! I get so many great ideas from you :)

Kate Lantry

Connie's looking wonderful, Lucy! Very bright and pretty.

Julia Novak

I never tire of seeing photos of her. Would love to see pics of the outside too. You are so talented and creative. Love the bold colors!


Hi I like your blog, you have good ideas. please follow my blog is moonshinecrochet.blogspot.com


Lucy- everything that you are doing is beyond lovely! Keep it coming I say!! Nothing brghtens up a space like brightly crocheted stripes! Can't wait to see what is next!


Lucy, never apologise for Connievan news, I cant get enough of her, I have been saving for the last couple of years for our own little caravan, and are very nearly there. So this is all great inspiration to me. I joke with my mum and dad who have a very nice new caravan as to why all caravans have peach furniture? So even if I could afford a new caravan, (which I cant) I would have to change the peach. glad you had a nice break,please keep showing us the pimped up connievan!
Love Jo (your West Bay stalker!) xxx


I've followed your blog for a while & love it but this will be the first time writing to you. As a fellow caravaner myself (& love it) I go on a fantastic forum that would love your connie vans pictures, there's a few on their that have tityvated theirs up too.
It's www.ukcampsite.co.uk
There's also lots of advice you can ask or things you can find out.
There also a facebook page called my cool caravan that has some fantastic ones on, I know they would love for you to share your pics.
Take care & as I'm in yorkshire you never know we might camp in the same lively field one day.xx


I love how cute and colourful you are making Connievan! You have me wanting one now but I have no chance because my husband wouldn't have one! Oh well, I can live vicariously through yours!


I love your Connievan posts! They are so joyful!

Barbara in Alaska

Is there anyway to read your posts through Facebook?


Don't be daft! I LOVE hearing about the pretty things you have been doing to Connievan! In fact, I am feeling a little jealous, would quite like a Connievan of my own :) xx

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