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June 09, 2012


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Lucinda Lynx

That van is awesome!


Years ago, my other half's idea of a cheap getaway was a week in a caravan... in Scotland... in early March. Fair play, it was cheap - and cold and damp and miserable. Did I mention how cold it was? We were blue, the whole week. It was over 20 years ago and I still shiver, thinking about it. I was so traumatised by it that I've never been able to face a caravan again. But I love your photos and what you've done with your van :)

PS - my coastal pack arrived, and I love it. I've shown it to the 14 year old lump of surly I have festering under a duvet upstairs and there was a glimmer of something that almost resembled enthusiasm. Pretty impressive!


Lucy I know where you can get some fabric at a very very good price not too far from you. If you are interested email me and I will send you the address.

Jacqueline Farrow

Really enjoy reading your blogs, be it garden, canavan or walking around. I got my friend hooked on to it as well. Love everything you crochet, so much so I have ordered another lot of wool to make one of your blankets. In four weeks I will be travelling to the UK from Perth Western Australia.

Annie Epps

I just love caravans and campervans. You are making Connie so you.. It's really being "lucyfied.". I shall enjoy and look forward to seeing and hearing all about the lovely times you will enjoy making things and being on holiday. All beautiful memories for you and the children. You definitely need red pelmets, canvas or red gingham but whatever it is, it will be fabulous.
When I wrote before how your colours were colouring my life brighter and inspiring me to colour, something I really need in a boring, anxious, worrying life as a full time carer for my partner with dementia you sent me a lovely supportive and uplifting caring email, mentioning that other followers sent good wishes to me too. . Thank you all involved, it does help, people can be so kind. I continue to follow you and do love your blogs , THANKYOU.

Cathi Petrus


I came across your blog while looking at crochet on Pinterest. I have two questions for you.....
1. Do you have a pattern or link to a pattern for the larger wreath with the flowers on the bottom half?
2. What year, make and model is Connievan? (I think I have become obsessed with her!)


Thanks for the additional information~~


Wow! That was absolutely great! Love the furniture especially the cupboards. Looks so convenient. Thank you so much for this nice post. I really, really appreciate it.


Oh Lucy....it looks lovely, ours looks like your van, pinky/peach/beige and brown....is yours a Vanroyce?

I'm not a weird stalker but I am following your caravan board on Pinterest AND (hope you don't mind!) have linked your blog to mine in this post.....


Thanks for the inspiration.

xx (aka Nora)

Karen L.

I loved it all in this post!


Love what you've done with Connievan. Me and my other half also own a caravan, Bessie, and also love those CL sites, so peaceful and quiet. Can't wait to see the crocheted arm thingies.
We own a house just across the estuary from Fleetwood and although I'm not a fan of Blackpool myself there are some lovely places around the area.


I'm loving the caravan stories, too. Let us all live our dream through you. I'm constantly inspired by your creations. Thanks so much for taking the time to share them with us!

eLena y pedRo @viaje_DFUshuaia

I live in a camper since 2 years ago and i love it! I do macrame and now i bought a telar to do stuff ;)
Your camper is lovely <3


It's just lovely and has reminded me to check on the progress of the van at Fairysteps too. :)

cathy bruton

Hi Lucy,
Love seeing what you are doing with Connievan just gorgeous makes me want one myself.
Also all love reading your blog ...brighten's my day

Thank you
Cathy from Aus.

angela-southern USA

Never too much connievan talk :)It's looking lovely,as I knew it would,can't wait to see it decked out in all it's "Lucy-fied" glory!


CUSHION COVERS - I had to cover a 3 seater and a 2 seater sofa and did it for £25 with fleece throws from Dunelm Mills. There are quite a few nice colours in the shops and you could either sew a couple together to throw over the seats or make tubes to slot the cushions in and just tuck the ends under if you wanted minimal amount of sewing. They're really easy to wash and dry super quick in the tumble dryer xx


Hi Lucy, even though i dont knit or crochet, and i prefer pastels in my house with only a few brights, yours is still one of my favorite blogs and has been for years, ive read every single one of your posts! I was just wondering, on the theme of caravans, whether you could tell us how to choose a caravan, how they work (toilet / elec / gas etc) and roughly how much a simple small one like yours should cost, oh and how much it costs to store them. Id much rather read the ins and outs in your friendly style rather than search google! I would love for us to buy a caravan this year!
Aqeela xx


Love what you are doing to the caravan. But those kitchen cabinets... Found an idea for you, have a look at these http://www.whatisblik.com/shop/explore/fishwall-pattern-wall-tiles

Else T

I LOVE your caravan posts...keep them coming. It's like having a tiny house to decorate--so fun! For the children's beds, perhaps some thrifted quilts to just cover them as-is and tuck in the ends? And some new-made pillows? Can't wait to see what you do.


Your caravan looks fabulous! What great little additions! I especially like your postcard art. I also enjoyed your improvement on your french press cover. Awesome as always Lucy! Makes me want to improve my family's getaway!


Thanks for sharing with us your fantasy and your love for the colours. How I envy you!! I'll try to do my best with my caravan!! Ciao! Cristina from Firenze.


I fell in love with you blog the minute i first laid eye on it - not all that long ago - last fall I believe. And now this! The most romantic, charming and inviting caravan!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful view of living.

Claire Toplis

Cool I so wish I could knit! haven't done that since I was 7 ! Good Luck with the house!

Frankie Poxon

I love your pictures of Connievan!!!! I too am a trailer nut, although my trailer is still "factory" decorated, so quite drab. I love seeing your ideas for decorating. Don't apologize for the pictures, I'm looking forward to having the full tour!!


I think you can avoid the handstitching but still use the current curtains for warmth if you add a lining to each gingham curtain by machine (sewing right sides together down one side, across the bottom and up the other side, then turning through the right way round.) You'd want to make sure that on the top edge the lining was shorter so it didn't cover the curtain tape, then pop the velvet curtain inside and you'd only have to hand sew the top edge of the gingham to the top of the velvet curtain, and the top of the lining just beneath the curtain tape. Does that make sense?

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