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May 29, 2012


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Hello Lucy,

Very much like that blouse you are wearing!


PS: I made your cupcakes, they were very tastful. Thanks for the recipe.


I love ripple blanket!!! Where did you get your hook??? I HAVE to get me one!


ooooh I love your spotty crochet hook!! where did you get that from?!? Em x

Bari Jo

Hi again! This is totally off the subject of your wonderful post - I have been saving yarn to hopefully do your ripple afghan in the future and I came across this random stripe generator and wondered if you'd seen it? It's a fun way to play with some color to see if I am going to like the blanket before I start - and to see what's missing that I need to fill in with my stash:


Gail Exline

Where did you get that awesome polka dot crochet hook. WANTZ! :D

judith duckett

It was a wonderful weekend weatherwise, although our poor old dog found it a bit much. Everything looked so happy in the sun and warmth.

Where can I find a crochet hook like yours? I think a thicker handle might make life a bit easier for me?

zelda nolte

your blog always puts a smile on my face. and you inspire me sooo much. i have crothed your colourful mittens yesterday and can't wait to show my friends this morning. we get together every Fridaymorning at a coffeeshop and knit, quilt or the big craze...crotheting. and I have told everybody about you, so we also catch up on Lucy-news. LOL.have a great weekend. it is very cold and wet here at the moment, our winter have just started. love from South Africa. :)


You have such a wonderfully colorful lifestyle! I love the new geranium and the asparagus looks scrumptious with the addition of goat cheese...a must try the next time I roast some. XOXO


Dear Lucy, my name is Marieta, I'm 48 years old, I live in Thessaloniki (a city in the north of Greece) and I follow you blog for a year. Crochet, gardening, reading,painting,crafts, and kniting was in the culture of myself and my family for many years ago. In your blog I have found a creative way to incorporate knitting and crochet in the modern home and lifestyle. I would like to thank you personally for me it has given me a new interest and excitement in my life that helped me to see life with a new perspective. (sorry for my english are in intermediate level-I hope so). My regards to your family and I wish you the best and much inspiration for lovely creations. Marieta.


Oh the lovely simple food, those flowers & of course the rippling. Plus happy time spent with family. What more could any weekend need. Jo

idiosyncratic eye

I love the heart gummies on the cakes and your 'wine glass'! Wasn't it glorious weather? :)


I love your blog !!!!!
You er amazing women :D
Warm greetings from Norway


Nice weekend... Happy you have stable Sunny days now :) Waiting to see your Ta-dah blanket soon. Have a happy week and take care!


I like that you have so much color in all of your pics !!!


For ConnieVan, you need one of these stickers:



More fun pictures!


Lucy, I bet you have some lovely vacations planned with that connievan :)

I just made a reservation to go my first camping trip with my husband! Won't be as scenic as I imagine the english countryside to be but I am so excited!

Lianne de Vries

What a great weekend!


Lovely post and pictures. Well I can vouch for the lovely weather. I just returned from Yorkshire yesterday, back to Northumberland after visiting my mam for the week and on the way home it rained! and there has been no sun today. I hope the heat comes back I want to get into the garden. I believe you still have it over there.


Fresh raspberry and white choc chip muffins.....gorgeous. I use my blueberry muffin recipe and swap around. Yummmmmmmy.
And very jealous about the stickers on your caravan, I'm not allowed!!! But my car looks good!!


How a little bit of sunshine lifts the mood and slows the pace, but somehow you still get everything done don't you! Love those decals Connievan will look fab.


Dear Lucy, I will visit London for 5 days in the end of June and I would like to ask if you can suggest a yarn shop (or more!) that I could visit...

Sonia Petitpoint

What a wonderful week-end ! I like your cheerful photos !


I too would love to know where you got your red/white polka dotted crochet hook...and the watch! Your blog is the highlight of my days. We must be twins in heart because you like everything I do and I like all of your "likes". My mom passed away two years ago...she was the only other person who shared my love for these types of things. Such a blessing to have you in my days.


lovely happy sunny photos! we were in london over the weekend(only heathrow for 7 hours) and couldn't believe how glorious the weather was! oh that little tent brings back memories!

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