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May 03, 2012


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Just too delicious for words, and I love the leaves, too! I've been looking around the web for some rose patterns to adorn the top of a tea cosy, and those are perfect!!!


Love it.......xx


They are so pretty! You are clever Lucy and so very generous to share your knowledge. I've recently updated my Ravelry page and I'm really enjoying it! :))
Jess x


Oooo Lucy!! I'm in L-O-V-E with these little roses AND the leaves!! So cute! I'm very much looking forward to seeing your tutorial and making some myself!! Thank you so much for your wonderful blog :).


Such pretty roses :o) I have just bought a dress for a friend's little girl for her birthday (bargain in the sale but very cute and girly - I have two boys so don't get to indulge in girlie-ness very often) and was thinking how I could make it a little more of a personal gift. Think I will be crocheting a couple of roses to match that she can wear in her hair. They'll be perfect :o)
Look forward to the pattern arriving when you find the time in among looking after your family. Oh and I must thank you for inspiring me to learn such a restful new craft - I'm very new to crochet after a long time trying to learn but now I've finally got started I'm loving it! :o)

Marianne Y

I love your crocheted roses & leaves! There are a bunch of ways they could be put together, and even more places you could use them, whether on a bag, an afghan, a sweater, you name it! :-)




Oh Lucy they are sooooo cute :-), i love looking at your site it is so happy and bright and a feel so disappointed when you haven't posted ;-(


Brilliant Lucy. You are a star. Megx


Perfect. Love the colors, the form, the leaves, everything. You are so much fun.


Funny, I just had crochet roses on my mind ... a nice little boquet decorating a cushion cover. I look forward to your pattern!

Thanks Lucy :) These are lovely.

Paula J

Lovely roses and you make the nicest leaves ~ I love the little curve and flow! And we know your tutorials are the bomb ;) will be on the lookout for the written word!

idiosyncratic eye

So cute! :)


Love these! I can hardly wait to try one! Great Job!


I agree about the complicated written patterns! Your tutorials have brought me back to crochet and I am loving it! Made the blooming petal cushion and am in the middle of the fun hobo bag. Can't wait to try these too!

Yvette Goodridge

Hi Lucy, I am new to crochet, a friend recommended your blog to me, love your roses, I think I might even be able to master them.... Looking forward to the instructions.

Tangled Sweetpea

Ooh gorgeous, can't wait for the pattern!
Victoria xx


Oh my goodness! The little window that pops up and asks you to retype a made up word, you know... the one that makes sure you're human before you post a comment... had me type "Fabroni" before posting. Fabroni! I'm adding that to my lingo forthwith, let's see... those roses are simply fabroni, I must make some for myself!


beautiful, just what i needed to get my making mojo dusted off. Ta


This is exactly what I need to decorate my soon-to-be-born daughter's room. Thank you!


Lovely- I always enjoy the 'neatness' of your designs, every stitch has a purpose.I'm never sure which I enjoy more, the designing or the making- wouldn't really want to do one without the other as that process of making the first version and then refining it is really rather exciting- working out how things can be done more simply for the same/greater effect.Off now to work on a new quilt design, trying to resist those roses, as there are only so many hours in the day!

Fleur Cotton

These roses would just look gorgeous across the top of a crochet or knitted bag. I love flowers on bags, I've just finished a knitted bag with pretty embroidered flowers.

Happy Days
Fleur xx


So true. There are a lot of patterns out there that are way more complicated then they need to be. I refer to you when i need to learn, freshen up or gather inspiration. This looks simple! Cant wait for the pattern for a mothers day gift! Rock on Lucy!


What lovely roses - I can't wait for the tutorial. I like the shape of the leaves too; the way they go really pointy. Like you were, I am scared of zips and honestly scared of my new sewing machine too! So I am about to embark on a new project to try and learn to do both. Have a lovely weekend. lily. xxx


Hi Lucy! Just love your blog and the tutorial you are so nice to share with us. Greetings from Iceland.

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