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May 22, 2012


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Smiley happy sunshiney days, nothing better to lift the mood and bring some happiness and glee, long may they last.

Linda J

I do so know what you mean about the weather, Lucy! I've been much perkier the last couple of days, too. I love your little picnic bag. Funnily enough, I was looking at storage bags on that gift shop website the other day, and my favourite pattern was the one you have on your bag! :-)


Your pic-nic lunch bag is very nice!


Hi Lucy!! *waving* I have to confess I have rarely left a comment here, but enjoy your blog so thoroughly! You have inspired me countless times to make our home brighter and more colourful, and I LOOVE it :o) I'm not a crocheter (although not toooo long ago I followed some youtube tutorials and made a whole square!) but I would love to be able to do more one day (soon). I do love your recipes. I'm quite excited that I have all the ingredients for the booster bars you made during your rainy week (it's a rainy week here in Switzerland...maybe you can package some of your sunshine (leaving plenty enough for you of course!) and send it over?? In the meantime we'll make booster bars and play in our huts and reading tent :o) Have a lovely, sunny, perky May, rose-wreath day over there across the channel :o) remaliah xx


Oh its been amazing weather hasn't it!!

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip horray!

Today my friend is bringing a picnic to my house. Cue the blanket and pimms!



So glad the sun is out for you!! We had a gorgeous day here Monday and Tuesday too. Got to take some lovely pics of our local nature reserve and mushrooms! http://bouncingbonbon.blogspot.com/2012/05/delightful-afternoon.html I hope the weather stays good for you guys there! Please hop on over Lucy, and enter my little giveway! http://bouncingbonbon.blogspot.com/2012/05/blogoversary-today-6-years-giveaway.html

Have a lovely perky day!

Sonia Petitpoint

I love your Victorian mantelpieces ! Your house is really lovely !


Three cheers for warm sunshine! Glad you are feeling more perky. Enjoy what is left of May - Summer is on it's way! :)

Gracie Saylor

Thanks for sharing your sunshine, Lucy! I am sitting here under a flannel blanket and getting ready to get up and turn on the heat here in Portland, OR, where it has been raining again for the last few days. I just started knitting a blanket (:


It's O.K. to feel Droopy. Droopy comes with the weather. I was born and raised in UK, live in Canada now, so can fully understand grey skies and drizzle. I actually miss them now and when we get days like that here, it makes me feel happy in a way coz it reminds my of my lovely homeland. I love your blog, droopy or perky. Look forward to it. Reading all your rambles and such gorgeous pics that tell a story so well. You are so talented in so many ways, but most of all you are such a good Mum! xxx


Our sunshine turned back to rain and I find I'm less productive...until I came to your blog and smile at the beauty. Thanks for some sunshine, somewhere. XOXO

linda keaveney

Just found you...what a glorious feeling I got reading your post...
Glad the weather is co-operating for you...
Our weather here in Canada, has also been up and down...the birds and plants are scratching their heads!!!

Linda :o)


It's always a big pleasure to read your posts, moreover when they are so happy like this one!!!
xxxx Alessandra

debbie @ happy little cottage

Sunshine makes everything better!! Enjoy!


That's wonderful, what a lovely perky post! Hooray for sunshine!


I am so glad to hear that your weather is improving. Here in Australia we seem to have skipped straight from summer to winter. My house is always so cold and ti is dark when I leave to go to work and dark when I get home. I will have to live vicariously through you and your blog over the next few months to ensure that my perkiness does not turn droopy!



An excellent level of perkiness, you get 9.5/10. ;)

Val Johnson

Hello Lucy,
My name is Val....I live in Australia...I am so glad that I have found your beautiful Attic 24 by following a link which lead me to your page. I was wanting to know how to crochet and Ta da....you were the chosen one for me to learn this craft....I love your photo's and the colour that you capture....and a snapshot in to your life....soooo inspiring.....x


Sunshine makes everything better! I am sooo affected by the weather and I've finally got my perkiness back too! :) Looking forward to your ring-o-roses :) xxx


It's been absolutely beautiful here too, what a difference some sun and blue sky makes! I know exactly what you mean about solar power!
I'm v v envious of your group, I tried a knitting group at the beginning of the year but it was all children, school and au pairs! Not happy banter!!!!


I couldn't agree more, today was our first day of sunshine and it was just wonderful, really does lift the spirits.
What a lovely picnic bag.
Time spent with friends is special time.
Carol xx

Lynne Gill

Oh yeah, with you on the sunshine front. My friend Kate used to say 'Listen, you can hear, all over Britain heads are popping out of gas ovens' meaning of course, that life was looking up for people who had been feeling really down with the gloomy weather.

We certainly had sunshine today here in Norfolk, but it was still a tad chilly, couldn't believe the news when they said it was the warmest day this year; I thought we had that in March!

You do find some great floral bargains, Lucy, they are lovely.

Maggie Cawthorn

Your perkiness is contagious ... so hope the sun keeps it up till at least after the weekend. I miss being able to be in the garden with a little one and the simple pleasure of some water play! Nice to relive it with you.

angela-southern USA

What a little sunshine will do for the soul! So glad it's looking up,can't wait fo the Ta-dah.Here's to another sunny day!


part of my budget/health march this year was actually to plan healthy lunch meat, instead of not having anything but dinner leftovers for lunch. healthy lunch meat has permutations, you understand, from homemade spam (ham loaf) to salmon loaf (doable with frozen, not canned, $almon), to HUMMUS made from own soaked peas, pressure cooked in 10 minutes, with a BUCKET O GARLIC, yeah baby.

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