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May 22, 2012


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Eileen Collingwood

I just recently discovered your blog and I am hooked. You have a wonderful way with words and the way that you speak of your children is beautiful. We went away in our motorhome for the weekend to a local campsite and all I could think of was your wonderful colorful little caravan and how much work I need to do in mine to get it half as homey as yours. Keep up the beautiful work. Take care.


I'm glad to hear that the weather has improved, enjoy it!


I got the giggles reading this!! I'm in Australia and we're just on the way to winter. So today I was shivering, freeeezing cold. It was the first "rug up, put wool jumpers, scarves the whole shebang on...."

Wanna know the temperature? Mid 20s!

Isn't it wonderful that living in different areas, we get so used to our weather that we can experience it so differently? Never ceases to amaze me!


Ah, we had a bit of sunshine a few days ago, but now back to Spring rain and cool weather. It is the Pacific Northwest and to be expected, but sure would be nice to have a little sun too.
Lovely photos, as always, Lucy. Love your writing.


I've just been away for a few days and took a suitcase of warm woolly clothing...so pleased to be home and in a cool linen dress and sandals...crazy and sudden ( but welcome) change in the weather!


I love your world Lucy--your town, your friends house, your house, your new lunch box ---to mention a few...and smart mamma using an under-bed box for an impromptu pool for little B...it always makes me smile the way babies and toddlers love to play in water.


So happy your sun is back! Unfortunately for me, I think what you are enjoying at the moment is what I was enjoying last week! Let's hope next week the sun decides to get big enough for us all! ;)

Sonja Mizen

Yes I do remember when I lived in England, how glorious sunny days in England were. It made me decide te be extra thankfull for all the lovely sunny days we have here in Cape Town. Enjoy it nothing beats England on a sunny day


Glad you are felling more "perky", the really does lift your spirits doesn't it. Lovely post, I love your lunch bag and those stocks are divine, bought some myself at the weekend, pretty pink and cream and they smell divine. Have a great week. Elisa xx

idiosyncratic eye

It has been a beautiful few days, need to make the most of it! Your yarny group sounds lovely, cake and alcohol, now that's a suggestion I need to make to mine! ;)


Everything looks so lovely there with the sun. Isn't it amazing how much better we feel when the sun shines. I'm living in Victoria, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and the day is overcast, windy and raining, so not much gardening for me. My lettuce that I planted last week however, is doing very nicely. I think it likes the cool temps.


I have a request! I am having my 4th child in Novenber. I am excited because this time, I have the opportunity to crochet some fabulous, unique items for baby. I didn't have the opportunity to before, because I had triplets & by the time I would finish a project for all three, the season would change & my little ones wouldn't have the occasion to wear them. For this baby, I would love to crochet a colorful cocoon. Have you created or sketched out any designs for these interesting little things? I am in LOVE with these little cocoons, but I have yet to see a pattern I want to duplicate. You have such a beautiful, colorful, artistic vision for crochet, & I would love your perspective on creating one for the baby-on-the-way!

Helen Philipps

Glad you are feeling perky now.....I think all that rain made everyone and everything rather droopy! What a difference some sunshine makes....your post is so bright and happy. I love stocks too, just beautiful!
Helen x


Can`t wait for the Ring o` Roses tomorrow. Yay!!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxx


Can not remember how i found your blog,but i love it x


Sounds nice!
It's chucking it down like anything here in Sardinia for the third day in a row, poor tourists I say! The weather has been pretty much the same since march, strangely cold for us! So no picnics for us. That lunch bag is soo pretty! I used to have a group of yarny friends back home (we called it academic sewing club, since we all had PhD's, mostly engineering or scinece, or were studying for it.), oh the happy days! Although knitting and crochet are getting more popular, for some reason the trend hasn't yet landed on our island.


You said the weather was in the 20's and I thought, OH MY how cold! LOL. That's what I get for living in Cleveland Ohio, USA haha! Glad that you are having some beautiful weather to enjoy! Can't wait to see the roses.

Sandra Licher

I'm so glad your Spring arrived! I was feeling a bit guilty with the gorgeous weather we've been having but then you'll enjoy your summer and I'll be in the house with the ac full blast as it gets really HOT here in the summer and humid.
I wish I could get that picnic bag as it is too cute. I love it! All the things you pick out are always so pretty.
That's so cute about little B...it brings back such fond memories of my little B who's now a Big B with a little B of his own. I finished my ripple blanket which was just supposed to be a throw but it almost fits my double bed! I got a little carried away but I so enjoyed doing it.
Now I get to pick out a new project!!!! So exciting! This time something small with almost instant gratification.
I visited Patchwork Chickens and now following her too. I sure wish I could join your group. It sounds like so much fun. Enjoy your Spring and all it entails!


Oh dear lucy, you're so happy, ablaze, restless. I'm so tired... and I have only one litlle boy! I realized then that I'm in depression. And you're help me ever.Your blog is a inspiration to me. I'm so lonely, feeling as the last human in the Earth. Nothing is important to me more. But I have the crochet (it fell me better) and I have my baby. I need feel this power, I need to be strength to counter so much unhappines. I only want to thank you. I would like to be like you...


Sounds like a lovely time!


We are very perky here too, hurrah for the sunshine FINALLY reaching Yorkshire. The school run is so much more enjoyable when it's warm and sunny.


Oh you are so lucky! I went to take Noodle for a picnic yesterday only just as we went to walk out it just started pouring rain. It has been gloomy and icky here for days. But at least I got alot done in the garden without getting my usual sunburn :)

Fleur Cotton

So glad the sun is shining on you.

What a lovely evening at Tracy's you had - great company, great food and great yarn - what more could you want! Did Tracy show you the bag she won in my giveaway?

Looking forward to seeing what colour roses you buy this week .....what about yellow (my favourite!)?
Keep Smiling
Fleur xx


Ohhhh!!! I love your post!! THANKS Lucy!!


it is amazing how the weather can affect one's disposition. I am also glad that the weather has changed here in Germany. I was just writing over on my blog how I too feel recharged by the weather. Funny how it seems to be a common tendency.

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