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May 24, 2012


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Sounds like you & Little B had a lovely day and a great family evening.

Please keep Yorkshire warm & sunny for us - we're visiting in Bertie (the caravan) in August - my first visit there and I'm so looking forward to it :)


Its really funny isn't it how we just feel so much better about ourselves and the world when the sun shines!!! I am off to waitrose to buy giant cous cous! x Sharon.


What a beautiful day Lucy. You are a real gift to all of us who look to your site for inspiration and a touch of happiness.


Ohh... seems like I have gone with you there too :) Awesome weather there!Thank you for sharing the beauty of the place you live in, Lucy! Have not less shiny and warm weekend ahead!:) Hugs from India.


Oh Lucy you are so blessed and I can tell you know it. I feel so good after reading your outings. I am glad you re stocked your yarn. I just bought 45 beautiful colors of yarn for the blanket that you had the pattern for. I made my two grand boys blankets and hubby wanted one big one for our bed sooo got the 45. Please keep coming up with cute ideas for extra yarn as I will have a bunch. I love it though just as much as I know you do. Blessings to you and your family.

Eliz. K

What a pretty day! And your supper plans sound lovely-- I'm making some notes to remember these combinations :-) Fun fun times! Love your stories!

Julie Silcock

What a lovely day - another name that giant couscous is often called is Israeli Couscous.

Jen Y

I love Little B's excitement. A bus ride plus two picnics in one day. :o) I remember many years ago when my grown up son was little & he had his first bus ride. We just got on & rode a big circle getting off where we started. He was so excited!

My family has a lot of allergies so there are some things I can't bring inside. So I make arrangements & set them out on my little table on the back porch where I can still see it from my kitchen windows. Maybe you could do that with cow parsley? Still enjoy the gorgeous beauty without taking in the smell?

Loved your bright day!

Kelli Woodall

Your salad looks delish, sounds like a great day! I would like to know where to get giant couscous myself, I love it.


Türkiyeden geliyorum,blogunuzu zevkle takip ediyorum.sizi forumumuza bekleriz.


What a beautiful day, Lucy, I have the perfect gift for little b and his icecream, can you give me a postal address and I will send it to you. xxBrenda


Everything has grown so fast this past few days- can almost see it happening.VERY warm here- I'm in shock...only three days ago I was in jumper and thermals and now it is 30 degrees.


Your description of packing the picnic dinner reminded me so much of reading the Famous Five when I was a child. It sounds fabulous. I've never heard of giant cous cous either but the salad sounds delicious.
xXx Helen


Heading into winter in Australia but for many months of the year every day we eat outside in the garden or on the verandah or at the park - it's a joy and I firmly believe that the food tastes better!
My grand-littlies love travelling with me by bus or train - it's a real treat for them as they're usually in the car - we are able to see boats a lot as we're on the coast and they really enjoy that - I do too!

angela-southern USA

Sounds like a great outing,L.B.must have been in heaven,love the little "piggy" shot,so sweet.It all looks so lovely.I've never heard of giant couscous,sounds good though.Have a good one!


What a happy day! It's great to make the most of these sunny days, even if they are a bit ~too~ hot! We've been sat out in the garden with a badger until 11:30 - amazing - watching it eat the food we had left, whilst the stars emerged and bats flitted around above us - even then, we didn't need a cardigan or anything, still 19 degrees!


Hi Lucy, that day sounded absolutely delicious from beginning to end, I was actually taken away and felt I was on the glorious journey with you both (until in the background of my kitchen I could hear Kookaburras laughing outside in the park next door) and then I remembered where I was. So pleased you are enjoying the sunshine, for me we had our first real taste yesterday that winter is nearly here, so it was a welcome sight to see all your beautiful sunny photo's - thank you, Enjoy; Simone x


What a day! Sounds utterly perfect.


You live among such beauty! Sounds like a near perfect day to me- I would be brimming over too!


Well now I know where to get giant couscous too. Hugh FW mentions in in his Everyday Veg book. We have had our tea in the garden for the past three days... Such a treat.


Both Sainsburys and Tesco sell Giant Couscous. The brand is usually merchant gourmet, in a blue bag.


What a wonderful day! I had the same thought about cow parsley today as well but also decided that it wasn't smell friendly for the house! It is lovely to look at on walks though. I've never heard of giant couscous, but that salad does look delicious!


Utterly blissful. Good grief the sunshine's welcome isn't it? For us the sunshiney highlights have been new sand in the sandpit and finding that tiny strawberry plants have self seeded in the patio!

Laura Ross

You can get giant couscous from Booths in Ilkley - just a little bit further on than Lishmans.

Karen L.

Hooray for your splendid weather - you highly deserve it for your triumph over that long winter. I love your Cath Kidston cold bag! I stopped in her shop while in Eaton near Windsor Castle - so cute! Beautiful pictures, too.

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