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May 24, 2012


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idiosyncratic eye

Beautiful. :)


Oh so glad you have sun and warmth. You need that to dry out that wet soil so you can plant. Doesn't it feel so good. What a fun day with little B


What fun! An outing to find yarn and a glorious day outside!!!! Love your pictures.


So glad that the warm weather has arrived in your bit of the world! xx

Fruitful Fusion

Oh it sounds wonderful! I love daisy chains and having meals at the park. It's just getting too hot here in Saudi for us to do that! I have all sorts of couscous, from normal to wholegrain, teeny tiny grained to big pearly ones ... all from my in laws in Algeria! They use this big, huge type of couscous-looking thing that they call berkoukes. I don't know if that's the same as the M&S giant couscous though. I'd love to try this salad. I love lentils!


Oh Lucy, where you live is so beautiful!!!
Here, where I live, in Brazil, is not like this. In my city don't exist sidewalk, pavement, in the streets are so many cars that they is over us. It's dangerous whith my litle boy.
nevertheless I try to walk with my baby.
But my disposal in the moment is only crochet. Only crochet makes me happy. I'm fighting against the depression, but everyday I see my baby sick, it's too much to me, it's a lot of heft to my mind, to my head. Sorry Lucy for to be so boring, but I'm. Thanks for your post, I feel like if be there, as if I could be happy, as if I could to play with my baby more times. Thanks Lucy, your blog can make me go away, thanks!


All the photos are wonderful but it's the little chubby baby feet that got me!

Penny L

Lovely,lovely post. I too,love cow parsley. I compromise by putting it in a jug on my porch, or if we are eating outside on a jug in the middle of the table. Love Penny Lxx


If anyone can't find giant couscous in Waitrose/Sainsburys etc you can get it online from this deli in London (Melbury and Appleton) >>> http://www.melburyandappleton.co.uk/giant-couscous-jumbo-couscous-moghrabieh-fregola---1kg-86-p.asp


Amazon has the giant couscous, often called Israeli Couscous: http://www.amazon.com/Barry-Farm-Israeli-Couscous-lb/dp/B000F9ZDKI.

That salad looks wonderful and I've never heard of giant couscous so had to google it.

Two picnics in one day--how awesome is that??...little B's chubby feet are so sweet and spending the day with him has to be even sweeter. They grow up so fast...blink and he'll be in school...and you'll be on your own during the day!

Another lovely lovely day on the books. Once again, thanks for sharing it with us.


Oh Lucy, what a truly marvelous post! On this cold, wet, rainy day here at the start of our long winter...I envy you..just slightly! (although not mad enough at winter yet! Enjoying the time it brings for cuddles, hot chocolate and movies!

I LOVE that cow parsley- I remember seeing it everywhere I went in England when I was there in summer! It was gorgeous! They use it a lot in weddings for Bridal bouquet!

Oh we get couscous here, it is quite easily available. I haven't heard of "giant" couscous though, but I am sure regular couscous would work just as well!
That salad looks yum!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful day and photos with us...so enjoyed it! :)


What a beautiful Day!!


I told you that you would get a trip out this week, Lucy. What a lovely day you had too. Did you buy anything nice at the yarn shop,bet you did lol!
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


Don't you have mosquitoes? Is that just a North European thing (I live in Estonia)? Limits our shady-park-outings severely as they are very fierce this spring. Also, amazing to see so many nice parks everywhere you go in your neighbourhood. Seems like a really nice place to live :-)


You've got me in the mood for fresh air now! And - hear this here first - we're venturing out in our new campervan for the very first time TODAY! Wish us luck, Lucy! Not a new c/v obviously, but new for us. No kids, just the 2 of us with the 2 collies - will let you know how it goes!

Sandi Lee

What a lovely day, so nice to read whilst I sit here with heater on. Today was only 10 deg and we had 50 odd mil of rain, so you can imagine, it was very wet,very cold and very grey, such a contrast to your beautiful sunny day. Pity the Cow Parsly smells less then desirable, it would look lovely in a vase.
xx Sandi


A delightful day all around. Such lovely photos, as always and such a lovely report of your beautiful day. xxx


Wonderful pictures!!
You should use something like this ice cream drip catcher haha :)

kisses from Greece


Take yourself off to Sainsbury's, they have giant couscous for sale :-) There's nothing like eating al fresco when the weather is sunny, let's hope it will last a few days more!


A great day.
About the giant couscous , as far as I know , it is not a real
couscous, it is more like pasta at the shape of couscous..In my country they are call "ptitim" . They do taste yamy.

Linda J

What a lovely day! Thank you for sharing it with us, Lucy. I love the sound of that salad! My big kids (19 and 17) and I are going to be holidaying in Yorkshire in the summer - looks like Ilkley might be a place to visit! :-)

Lynne Gill

Beautiful post, Lucy, I was with you every step of the way. I do sometimes feel, reading your lovely family excursions, a little regretfu that we didn't do so much, all those years ago when my boys were small; I guess it just wasn't done as much. But they seem to be making up for it with their own chidren, and we have grandchildren we can spoil now.

Hurrah for a spot of really lovely weather - we are starved of it, aren't we?
Ooh yes, Giant Couscous, as folks have said, we get ours from Sainsburys and it's just a great salad 'filler' or a change from rice or pasta.


Your yarn shop looks lovely. Very posh selection of wools. I love having a nosey at other peoples sewing shops. It's on my list to visit! My new challenge is to buy some yarn when I visit new places. We should set up a group of people who do this and then do a write up on the shop. Like a yarn shop reviewer. what do you reakon?


A lovely post of outdoor family life!
By the way, do you have a follower's list? I have never seen it! Also, do you ever have time to visit other people's blogs? I never see you there either! I guess your life is full enough without spending too much time in blogland!
Have a beautiful weekend and may the sun continue to shine!


England really does look great when the sun shines! It's a lovely country we live in.

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