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May 24, 2012


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Outdoor Living

Sounds like a fabulous time. I miss the days when my boys were this age and spending so much time outdoors doing the most simple things and having a blast. This has inspired me to make it happen again!!

Patricia Klijn

Hello Lucy. Have enjoyed your blog for a while now, such beautiful bright coloured crochet work. You are so good to stick to one thing and work at it. Congratulations on getting in the "Simply Crochet" magazine. Well done.
My blog is noveltiesstitchesandbooks blogger but I have only just started and can't do pictures yet. Where is a child when you want one?
Bye for now. Pat.


Where do you find the time, it amazes me how many wonderful things you produce... I have taken inspiration for so many projects from your wonderful site... Thank you.. Karen

Annie Bookser

I so enjoyed reading your post of your interview with Simply Crochet mag. Thanks once again for sharing all the tid-bits of your lifestyle, love for crochet, and all things in between. Loved all of the photos on your extended
interview allowing for a review of all of your projects bundled into one. I would sooo love for you to get a book project out as you mentioned. I would stand in line to buy it!


In the US, the "giant" couscous is call "Israeli" or "Pearl" couscous, and can be found at all markets in Southern California.


Pearled couscous...also called Israeli couscous here in the US...just made a salad with it last night...16 oz. cc in 5 cups of boiling water...10 minutes. Done...add whatever you love plus dressing...


it's also called MAFTOUL, palestinian couscous


Hi Lucy, the health food shop (where we knit and natter) was selling giant couscous a while ago. You have really captured how great Skipton is looking at the moment in this gorgeous weather. Nina


Nothing. beats eating outdoors,your picnic was healthier than mine, hubby and I sat and ate fish and chips Friday evening at dusk in the park, very romantic it was.


Giant couscous is available in the part of the supermarket that sells ingredients from other countries, in Australia it is sold as a basis for Jewish meals and so is in this section, perhaps you have a deli that might sell it near you if you can't find it in the other country food section (I don't know what you really call that section). The pictures of your local park are making me envious as in summer here it is too hot to spend much time outdoors even in the early evening. Or maybe I'm just a woose, as I don't like the heat, it's my english and dutch forebears coming through, ha, ha.


Lucy, here in the States the couscous you are referring to is called Israeli (Pearl) couscous. It resembles tiny round pasta. Great for salads and substitute for rice.


Hi Lucy! Love your blog which I came upon recently. All your crochet is wonderful. Just thought you might be interested to know that cow parsley looks wonderful with buttercups! We have a field near where I live in Dublin and at this time of year I always pick some of both as they look so good together!

Nana9 and Mr Berry Pops

Hi Lucy,
As always your photos are so beautiful, as if you live in a fairy tale. You are always going in such beautiful and amaizing places. I put always one on my laptop as wallpaper and it gives me courage at work!!
Take care and continue to share these beautiful places.

Sandra Licher

What a great day you had! Who wouldn't have loved it? But where's the yarn? LOL! The picture of Little B with the ice cream cone is precious and his little feet in the grass. What I wouldn't give to relive those days when my children were little people.


What a wonderful day, lovely pictures too!


I love your picture of the dandelion clock.
Niblet is also a big fan of the picnic, even if it's just in the back garden. If our park was as lovely as yours, I'd love to do the evening meal picnic!!
I'm also a lover of cow parsley, but more of it's skeletal form later in the year (I have many pictues of those umbelliforous beauties)


Funny you should mention outdoor living...I have just blogged about our plans to live in the garden all summer while we have the builders in! http://willowcottagegarden.wordpress.com/

I just hope the sun continues to shine for both of us!

Alison aka cockney blonde

Being a recent newbie to your blog I am really enjoying your tales. You have such a way with words it makes your day come alive on the page. Thanks for sharing, x


Lucy I love your blog! I have two kids both girls who are growing up now (13 and 17) and believe me I miss those kind of days! Keep up the good work with your writing its a pleasure to read! :-)

Cara Louise

Lucy- have I told you lately how fabulous you are?! I just so look forward to reading your little snippets of everyday life. It is like visiting with a best friend. I love your blog so much that I just named you as one of my 'favorite five' on my own new baby blog-let. My ambition is for it to one day perhaps grow up to resemble yours- for you truly do inspire me with your honest and simple posts. much love and many prayers, Cara Louise


Great time you had, love to visit your page makes me feel us if I was there, have a great weakend and keep sharing your country with us This August will be in your country to visit some good friend´s I have in Leed´s and Crewe .

Leslie W

I love your blogs. You are an incredible writer and you take me right to the park, or along the walk with the littlies. Thank you. And thank you for reminding me, again, to enjoy the natural things. Think I'll pack a picnic snack for me and the dog this afternoon. Have a great weekend. Leslie in So California

Shahrul Niza

Every time you post pictures of the nature around your home, I am up for a treat. You are blessed to live in a beautiful country!. TFS.

Truly Myrtle

I just discovered giant cous cous - delicious!
The sun is blazing here too - my sun-dance skirt did trick! ;)


Hello Lucy, I also love cow parsley - have you ever heard its other name - Queen Anne's Lace??!! Think it's much more fitting...

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