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May 05, 2012


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Sharon Munton

What a beautiful blog !! Thank you so much for sharing your crochet !!
Love where you live. I live in Argentina but all my ancestry is English and scottish, my grannie use to always speak about "home".
Big hug

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Dünyada sizin güzel köşesinde etrafında güzel yürüyüşler başka bizi yanınızda zaman ayırdığınız için teşekkür ederiz. Çok takdir.
Hafta sonu geri kalanı gibi harika umuyoruz.


It is crochet in the canal boat windows. Traditionally it is done in cotton so it can be boiled - working canal boats were very dirty, particularly if they moved coal. There are booklets giving the traditional patterns. It is fun to make, I did yards of it when I lived on the canals.


I always thought it would be so nice to live on a barge. Very cosy. I love the painted watering pitchers as well.


Just taken a trip back down memory lane.
I studied and lived in Yorkshire when I was in my twenties in and around Wakefield and Huddersfield and seeing your photos has made me feel very nostalgic about Yorkshire towns.I have been living in Spain for 20 years now ...which as you can imagine is very different.
After having discovered your blog about three weeks ago, I now often pop by to be uplifted by your photos and your work....I love the way you combine those vibrant colours..I wish I had such taste :)


What a lesson in mindfulness and taking pleasure in the here and now. In this world of stressing about what we have to do or what we have just done this is a reminder that there is joy to be had in what we have right now in this moment. Truly an inspiration. Thank you.


oh that was wonderful! It made me miss England soooo much! I visited in 2009 and I loved walking along the canals! The barges are amazing. A kind elderly couple even let me come aboard and walk through their barge and sit up in front as they traveled up stream. I found the whole lock system fascinating! Seeing the bunting and that last photo of the cobbled street and houses reminded me of Hayworth. I loved England so much and it has a special place in my heart, which is why I also love coming to your blog!


That blossom is just so pretty!


Breathtaking. Lucky you, indeed!


Oh, I loved the photos taken at 8.02 and 8.22. Just beautiful.
xXx Helen

Rachael Iddon

What a lovely way to capture the day. I think I might have to have a go at that. Isn't it nice to see the sun instead of dark rain clouds. Let's hope May is a bit more attractive than April was.


I ached right along with you at the incredible beauty of your neighborhood encapsulated in your marvelous photos! Do you yearn for a canal boat of your own?

Elizabeth Hansen

ALWAYS good to take a walk, be in the present moment, and truly enjoy, and be thankful! Glorious pics, Lucy! Bless you!


Ahh..what a wonderful stroll...thanks for taking us along. Simply lovely.

idiosyncratic eye

The early bird catches the worm! So they say. Your photos scream 'spring' despite the shockingly hard frost but then I remember it's May, crazy. Beautiful all the same and sunshine is definitely a welcome respite. :)


So beautiful! What a wonderful 41 minutes!


Oh my goodness, I am pining for my Yorkshire now, and especially Skipton. I would LOVE to go for a wander along the canal and have fish and chips on a bench with a big take away cup of tea. And to be around the friendly folk of Yorkshire again. Can't wait to introduce my children to this wonderful part of the world. xxx

angela-southern USA

It's all so lovely :)Love the canal,was that a crochet doily in the round boat window?Sweet.Have a good one!


Beautiful! Thank you for sharing you slice of the world with us! I especially love it when you feature the canal boats. They're one of my favorites! Have a wonderful day Lucy!


I'd like to visit your city !


What an incredible lovely town you live in! Thanks for the walk!

Sandra Licher

Beautiful photos and you have a beautiful soul. I wish more people could have a heart full of gratitude the way you do...it truly is the key to happiness. I'm so glad I found your blog and you! I can feel your joy and your happiness spreads all the way across the pond! Thank you!


Wow, do they every film movies or TV shows where you live? It looks like the perfect setting!


What a lovely post. I love the feeling of expectation early mornings have. We have got into a rather late routine here and I miss being up earlier. Lily. xxx


Very beautiful photos!

I would just like to thank you once again for the inspiration regarding the ripple blanket! I just finished mine and I totally adore it! I am so happy that I dared to start up the project, and I have you to thank for that!

Best regards,
Jennie in Sweden

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