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May 11, 2012


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Your Friday does sound good. I love those roses what a bargain the colour is gorgeous! Hope the sun is now shining on you and no more leaks. Have a good weekend.
Sarah x

Kate Dengra

WOW what lovely oranges roses - the sun is shining here now and my roses are out but nothing like as lovely as that orange although I am happy as one is a deep red and the other a bright red.

Just picked one to put in a vase to have on the table when we have our bbq tonight.

Have a lovely weekend x


Those roses are beautiful! So vivid! Your wreath is going to look wonderful! Can't wait to see it!


I love orange roses, they are my favorite! That vibrant color is gorgeous! Love all that color and crochet you are doing!


You do make me smile so much. Loving the orange roses.I have some pink tulips that are giving me an equal amount of joy. Loving your Friday feel good. Could have done with some of that myself. What with endless rain, a toddler that is in to everything and requires Mummy's constant attention, and pregnancy hormones, I have felt very much in need of some feel good this week. Sharing yours has made me feel better though. F x


Hi Lucy - the orange roses are beautiful. Do they smell? xxx


Just beautiful! Karmen


Your water catching bowl would have made a great boating lake for a toy boat!


Hi Lucy,
Your roses look lovely. Thank you for your Summer Roses Pattern. I am rose obsessed now too. Can`t wait to see your Rose & Flower wreath. I would like to have a go at making one for my Mum. She is now in a care home and i think one would brighten up her room. So i can`t wait to see yours when it is finished.
Hope you enjoy your coffee donation i sent you the other day. Thanks soooo much for all the work you do to bring us gorgeous patterns.

Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx


I used to work outdoors rain or shine (or snow) and now don't mind getting soaked as long as I know dry clothes await. What makes ALL the difference for me is a brim to keep the rain or snow out of my eyes!


Orange roses are so gorgeous. I love also this crochet in stripe. The combination of color are perfect.

Fleur Cotton

A different colour each week I think!

I just love roses, bright yellow ones are my favourite.

Look forward to seeing what colour you choose next week.

Lots of happy thoughts sent to you for a lovely weekend.
Fleur xx

Montse Martí

Wowwww seems incredible when I have to protect my eyes for the sun when I go outside. It is so hot now here, at the South-East of Spain. We are climbing to thirty degrees and no clouds in the sky (so, no watter).
In a few days, we must get down the windows blinds to keep the house fresh.
I would to send you a photo from my own attic, but is not possible to link it directly here.
I will leave a pic for you in my blog. A bit of our sunlight hoping that makes you better.

Greetings from Murcia (Spain)


Loving the colour combination - roses, greens and beautiful red spotty jug. x

lynn bamber

This was the first post I read in my list of blogs today.. What a deliciously lovely post to read:-) I love the colour and - rain and leaky roof apart! - the cheeriness it evokes. Thanks for a bright start to my browsing this morning :-) x


Well, on the subject of roses... I think you could do him a favour. I thought flowers should only appear in odd numbers... so instead of selling 10, he should be selling nine per bunch.

So, he could sell you bunch of the 10th rose from 9 bunches to make your multi bouquet!


I like the miniature roses that you buy as a plant in a pot. But orange is goooooood! Just think, you could keep the house stocked with roses for months if you buy a different colour every week. Take a photo each time, then create a montage of the photos and it will feel like you had them all at once!!


I hope you know just how much cheer you bring!
You deserve buckets full of roses.


I enjoyed all your colourful crochet today - those roses are a gorgeous colour and perfectly placed in your little polka dot jug.
Hope the rain has stopped.

Paula Mello

Lucy, I have to say I already spent hours here!! I'm a mom of three too and I don't have time enough to craft as I wish. But I always think: someday, someday...
Love you crochet, really colorful.
Hoping to know you better, I'm invite you for a brazilian coffee at my kitchen!


I love orange roses, and seeing yours made me smile. Your stripey wreath base is lovely, and I can hardly wait to see it finished. Thanks for all the inspiration.


Always gob smacked by your posts! The roses ~ real and crochet are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


It's raining again. Probabely time to get a new pair of happy rubber boots. :-)

Teresa Kasner

Those orange roses would cheer me right up too! I look forward to seeing your finished wreath project! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


What beautiful roses! (They have always have been my favorite flower...) Your photos are so wonderful, I can almost smell them :-)

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