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May 11, 2012


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ankle wellies

This is awesome, your wreath is beautiful!

Katrín G Einarsdóttir

Hi, just started reading a small portion of you blog and as I saw this lovely orange colored Rose, I hope you don´t mind me using the photo on my desktop ? Orange is one of my two favorite colors,(green the other one) It is so soothing to watch this color and it gets one going :o)


Beautiful and easy, I love them!!!



I just wanted to say thank you for having an awesome blog. I am new to the art of Crochet and your step by step instructions on the edge of your Summer Garden Granny Throw created the perfect edge for my first blanket project! Thanks again


HI Lucy I just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the recent pattern you posted for the May Roses. I am new to crochet and still struggle, but your pattern was easy to follow, so after a bit of fiddling I actually did it!


What a way to enjoy a wet day!! Looks like your wreath is coming along nicely. can't wait to see it!


Hi Lucy, thank you for all your wonderful, colourful posts! You have been such and inspiration that I have recently started my own blog. Hope you had a great weekend. xxx


Gorgeous roses, both real and crochet :) Waiting for the wreath to come, I am sure it's gonna be beautiful!

Jill in Oz

Hi Lucy,

Love your work! When I saw your stripes, I thought what a great scarf - I think you need to have one of these wrapped round you. Please don't glue it to your polystrene wreath so that when May is through you can extend it to lovely colourful stripy snuggliness.

Also, wanted to pop an idea in your head re: roses in abundance of colours. Could you ask the plant man to give you one stem of each colour? He's surely a happy charming guy who would love to see you happy with exhuberant blooms... :)

Best wishes from Oz


Those roses are beautiful.


Happy Mother's Day from Canada! May your day be filled with sunshine, laughter and colour! And a little hooky time :)


Lovely post, exquisite colours, and you can almost taste the coffee and pain au raisin! And the rain can't last forever ... Can it? Have a lovely Sunday, love Claire xxx

Belmont Yarns

I haven't commented in ages Lucy but I have read every post and always eagerly await your next one. Time seems not to be on my side. Anyway this is such a happy colourful post. Everything is just beautiful. I wish I had the same way with colour as you do, everything seems so bright and cheery and full technicolour. Even your chat about a leaking roof makes me smile!

Helen xx


You have a crochet hook with polka dots!!!! How cool is that?!? Where oh where did you get it? Happy Mother's Day!

Pom Pom

Oh, the orange roses made my stomach leap for joy! I am thinking that roses might be cheap at the market today because it is Mother's Day. I may have to tromp down there and buy some! I've been buying plants with my flower money, but a bargain . . .
Your wellies are so cute! I don't have any wellies and I must get some.
Come over and look at my Wendy House, if you'd like. There is a toadstool perch for washing up doll dishes!
Your recipe for a bright day IS fantastic, good Lucy!


Great roses & crochet! Thanks for your wonderful blog, Lucy. Every day I'm dropping by in the hope for another delightful feast of colors :-)


Gorgeous, Lucy! The roses are beautiful! I love orange roses (and adore yellow ones).

Fingers crossed you are getting some of this lovely sunshine we're getting down here in Sussex. It's wonderful!


I look forward to your posts each week as they are so cheery. Scrolling thru your archives I came across a post about York in Connievan. It was 14 aug 2010. I am off for a road trip soon in a camper and the site you visited sounds fab, do you remember the name of it? I would love a stay there as we plan to go to York, we've never been before. Thank you and thanks also for the May Rose pattern, I'll be hooking on the road, they are a perfect portable project. Sus x


Beautiful Web site and excellent colors on your photos. Looks like your having fun with this site and life. The best to you and thanks for sharing.


Sandra Licher

I'd ask the Rose guy if he could make one bunch with different colors and then you could a multi-colored bouquet for the same price. Pre-order it maybe.
I love the stripes as usual and I'm so excited to see your wreath when you're done and the blue flower is precious. I'm sorry you're having such weather. It was on our news here in the U.S. too and they even showed Prince Phillip doing the weather on t.v. there! i hope you have sunshine for Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to you....do you have that in England?


Loving the orange and loving your list too :) Kx


I love roses - real, not real, fabric, pictures
....anything. But the peonies too are stunners.

debbie @ happy little cottage

Hi Lucy!
Thanks!! You helped me to relearn how to crochet!! YAY!!!! I am now addicted to making cute little roses!!! Happy Weekend xoxo Debbie


Your crocheted flowers are beautiful, the wreath is going to be wonderful. I love the orange roses, what a colour!
Well, I know it's difficult for mothers but it must be fully clothed or...it's not worth ;). Sorry, I imagined Little B in the paddling pool and it made me laughed. I know, it's bad... ;)
Regards from Brittany


You would have been in heaven at a local cash and carry yesterday - bunches of roses for 25p! Admittedly not every bloom was perfect but you bought a lot more than 25p worth of pleasure! No orange but pink, white, red and apricot.
Your rosey stripey wreath sounds beautiful, look forward to seeing it in all its glory.
Yes, the way to cope with the rain is to enjoy it in any way you can. I'm sure Little B will have made lots of lovely memories laughing and splashing with his Mum in the puddles.
Carol xx

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