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May 25, 2012


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MMMnnnn ricoooo y hermosass fotosss Me encanta todoo todo lo que haces!!!! besos


Such lovelies!!! I love living in England through you.



Cold early morning here in New Zealand, but I was instantly transported to those lovely first spring days with your lovely pics of strawberries and asparagus. Love your blog. I'm off to buy some white wool for the outside of my new project a large granny blanket to match the one in black my husbands grandmother made.


Very curious - what did you buy at the yarn shop?


I love to read your blog. You are a very positive person. Thanks for your lovely posts.


Enjoy the weekend! Lovely pics. :-))


I recently created a tapestry using an image on a Janet Bell card I was given. Your post reminded me to send her some pictures. Thanks for your lovely, sunny, inspirational blog.


Looks all so lovely! I love the cow parsley in the jug, what a lovely idea!!


Hi Lucy

I just wanted to say Hi - and thank you for all the inspiration you have given me. I am half way through a one piece granny afghan, a summer garden afghan, have done a few rows of bunting using corcheted triangles and also a few using washi tape and am also producing crocheted jar covers for all and sundry who dare come near me. Today I have also ventured into making garlands using felt - will let you know how that turns out. However - -do you have any suggestions what I can do with some 4 ply sock wool i bought on impulse today? It was on sale, absolutley beautiful colours - : http://www.laughinghens.com/knitting-wool-yarn.asp?yarnid=2279 . however i have been using chunky or worsted weight wools and smallest size hook ive used is a 4.25 and now teh fineness of this Regia yarn scares me - so I need to break myself in gently : ) any suggestions? hope youre having a great weekend x


I did exactly the same as some other commenters and read this sentence,
"I had a little play with hook and yarn this afternoon, trying out a few ideas from my new book." as FOR my new book! I won't lie my heart skipped a beat at the thought of an attic 24 book :) xxx

Sandra Licher

So glad you enjoyed your day! It's very hot here and we have heat warnings and fire warnings but I have Ac to turn on when I can't take it anymore so that's good! I too bought some strawberries as the ones I'm growing don't make enough for strawberry shortcake which is on the menu! YUM!
I love the tie and the artwork! And your crochet is so pretty! I finished my ripple! I love it! thanks for your pattern! I love looking at it but already the mind is whirling as to what's next!?!? I love picking out a new project. Oxfam is a wonderful organization!
I too thought you were writing your own book which you should you know...you ARE that good and your tutorials are the best!

Lisa G.

It's comical to this American the way you say "English asparagus" and "English strawberries" - you're a patriot!

I love your little whatever-it-is with the houses on it - a pincushion, a change purse?


My daughter coats the asparagus with a little oil, salt and pepper, lays them on a baking tray and roasts them for a few minutes. No mess. They taste so sweet that way.
Love your idea of the blue cloth and cow parsley outside. You certainly are a creative person.
Can't wait to see the new terrace cushion cover.
Sitting here admiring cut flowers from my garden. Love the spring stuff.


Hi Lucy, You're an AWESOME lady. Thanks to Janet Bell who introduced you to the Blog world. I think you should start your own book, I'm sure you will have a lot of customers as you have a lot of followers. Your works are beautiful and luscious colors. We all need colors in our lives and thanks for sharing your gifted talents.


Excellent blog. Love the header and the lovely colours in your photos.

Out of interest, what camera do you use for these photos?




i love this kind of post, a day in the life, with color notes. thsnk you.

Joyce Stewart

What? Not Connie-vanning this glorious weekend? Can't believe you are not heading off!! Ours is outside the front door but I am not heading off either....relax and enjoy the heat...great post!


So glad to see I'm not the only one who finds Jan Eaton's patterns hard to read, although I think the US version would suit me as although I'm English, US terms make more sense to me since that's what I started with. Strawberries and asparagus, not to mention something chilled - yum.


Sigh...warm weather, yummy fresh food, pretty pictures...what more could a girl ask for... Keri

Federica Maria

I love the way you talk about crochet and lifestyle at the same time plus I love asparagus!


Hi Lucy,

Lovely blog. I really enjoyed reading it.

I also have the Jan Eaton Book, I love looking at it, but always have something else on the go to try it.

When you said "your new book" I thought you were bringing out a book. I got very excitied. And now realise what you meant.

But you should bring out a book!


Deco Cat

Life is so much better in the sunshine!


HI Lucy lovely pictures. Can't wait to see what you come up with when you have finished your colourful blocks. I have run a patchwork, crochet and other crafts group now for nearly five years, and a dear friend and I always talk about attic 24. We love following you and your work. Thank you for all the fun you bring.
take care vina x

Adri Louw

Dearest Lucy - you have a very devoted following in a little town called Paarl - 50km from Cape Town, South Africa. We started a ya-ya group - as my daughter calls it! - and you and your tutorials are like old friends! Thank you for sharing your life and designs with us. And enjoy your summer! Our winter - and the rain - has started, but I love it - with summers of constant 35 degrees and up, rainy winters are blissfull-and the wool doesn't stick to sweaty hands!

Laura Miller

So loved Little B's photographic debut!!! My two have produced many similar ones, mostly of people's feet!! Have a super weekend.... x

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