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May 14, 2012


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Dear Lucy,
It helps to beat all the wet ingredients together before adding them to the dry ones. Then you don't have to worry so much about getting everything mixed together and turning out little door stoppers. In any case, your little ones will probably eat your creations happily no matter how they turn out because you made them yourself!


Oh wow they look delicious, I am going to have to make those for my kiddiewinks. I just have to say I LOVE your blog and it has inspired me to finally learn to crochet, I have started my striped blanket today....Elisa xx


Your muffins look lovely. Might give the baking malarky another go in honour of these little beauties. Thanks!

Daisy Loves Knit and Stitch

Do you remember the advert for the choc bar that 'you can have before meals without losing your appetite', well your muffins definitely knocks spots of them and they are much more healthy and better for you too. Clever mummy! X


Oh lucy, you are pretty funny. Yes, I'm always worried one more stir and they will come out like a brick. I've had a time or two where they had a place in the garbage! Soooo your not the only one.
Have a great day


They look absolutely delicious! I love ALL cooked apple recipes which when and how so these little beaties would be gone in an instant in my house! ;)
Jess xx


Oh yum! My daughter is always hunger right after school too! I hadn't thought of making muffins to hold her over till dinner. I will have to try this recipe! So glad your little ones liked them! :-)

idiosyncratic eye

It's the overmixing that kills them! These look yummy. :)


My kids come home the exact same way - staaaarviiiing!!!! You should give banana bread a try - just put the batter in muffin tins if you want muffins. My absolute favorite banana bread recipe is from Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook - (you can see it here: http://slowlikehoney.net/2009/02/25/the-sweetest-goodbye/ ) but I always use half white-whole wheat flour (also called whole wheat pastry flour) and substitute about 1/2 cup applesauce for some of the oil. I also leave out the nuts and coconut because my kids don't like them. :( I always make a double batch of whatever muffin/quickbread I make and put the rest in the freezer. They're great for an easy breakfast (quick turn in the microwave) or put a frozen one in their schoolbag for school snack. By snacktime, it's thawed.


Hi Lucy

Just finished baking the muffins using the recipe you recommended. They are yummy! Got to pick son up later so will take one for his after school snack. Of course, i had to sample first - very yummy indeed! Thanks for the inspiration! Mandy x

angela-southern USA

Way to go!As my Grandmother would say.."try,try,and try again".They look scrumptious!Nerves!It surely can.Some I still haven't lived down!Happy baking :)

Sonja Mizen

Well done, looks lovely my husband's mouth was watering. He also enjoys all the lovely events taking place in the attick. (maybe not the crochet bit. But I love that bit again!


Hi they look great. I always have problems with muffins too. But you have given me some inspiration to try again :0) x


Oooo well done Lucy they look really yummy.I, too, am going to have a bash.
Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

mary. D.

Well done! They look yummy, I made muffins last week and they were a success made with raspberries, and chopped up white chocolate, you can put in most fruits, and they usually turn out fine.


Muffins are always easy and so yummy and did you know you that they also work well to freeze and just pop in the microwave or into the lunch box to defrost by the time the kids have their snack time at school? i make batches in advance and freeze them! I have a yummy blueberry recipe and also a strawberry one oh and carrot muffins...oooooh getting hungry now!! love the look of those ones! Thanks for sharing.


Oooh I love making muffins. I do a lot of juicing, so I use the pulp.. which can sometimes make the muffins a bit heavy(mainly cos too much pulp to flour lol)..still, my son and minded kids never complain and devour the lot. LOL.

I love Banana, walnut and chocolate chip muffins, now those are to die for!


Yum Yum! They certainly do look 'well good'


I used to have troubles with muffins too and I always felt the recipes in books don't work for me...

Then my mum told me this kind of alround-recipe which works great for all sorts of cakes as well as muffins or even sheet cakes with fruit on top:

it consists of the same amount of -sugar -butter -flour -with one egg for every 50g of flour -a good knife point full of baking powder

for example:
Mix 100g sugar + 100g butter + 2 eggs until it turns pale yellow/kind of white and creamy. IMPORTANT: butter and eggs need to be at room temperature!
Add 100g flour and some baking powder and mix well but do not overmix at the same time. Fill the dough into cupcake cases and bake at 180-200°C for 20-30 minutes until risen and golden brown on top.
(In case of doubt stab a muffin in the middle with a knitting needle - if the needle stays clean and no dough sticks to it the muffins are done - if they turn golden brown too soon - turn down the temperature of the oven)

That's the basic-recipe. Now you can go and add whatever you like: grated apples or other fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, ...
Or you can exchange a part of flour for something else: cocoa, ground nuts or poppy seed, oat flakes, ... (75g flour 25g cocoa works great)

I love to make all-chocolat-chocolate-chip-muffins or sheet cake with raspberries or apricots or prunes on top.

Maybe you'll give it a try =)
love from Austria

p.s.: the result turns out to be especially light and fluffy if you seperate the yolk from the egg white and gently stir in the beaten egg whites last. the yolk gets mixed with sugar and butter.

christine huijsmans

one of my children (I have 3 kids) doesn't like sultana's so I put only apple and some cinnamensugar in

or jam or chocolate


Truly Myrtle

I am a muffin flop usually too. I'd better try this recipe - yours look lovely! Actually the raw apple and sultanas look lovely too!
I know what you mean about the after school feeding frenzy - sometimes I'm caught off guard and feel like I'm in the middle of a whirlwind as they whip around the kitchen hunting for food....


Thanks Lucy you've made me want to have another go at muffins too, like you I've had disasters in the past but these sound great!


I want to taste it very much.It looks very attractive.


I love love love baking and am always on the lookout for yummy, quick and easy recipes. Your muffins look and sound pretty much perfect :) will definitely be trying out that recipe!


Hi Lucy,
The muffins look deelish. I really miss baking but as my hubby and me are trying to get back in shape(of some sort) I don't bake anymore.
The little toes in your last post are so kissable. Took me back to the days when my son was a cute little tot.
Sangeetha xxxx

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