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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 04, 2012


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Mrs Marina Wilkinson

Hello Lucy. I have only just found your Site and have been transfixed for a couple of hours, reading. Please don't change the way you write, it's perfect and it's YOU! You're inspiring, funny, colourful, creative and SO full of life. What a lovely Blog to have found. I will pop in often to see what you're making. p.s. Like you, I have lots of UFOs but it does not matter. I enjoyed the time making them and one day I might finish them. The journey to completion of anything can take as long as we choose. Thanks again for a fabulous Blog. Marina in Peterborough, Cambs xxx


I'll be honest - I normal despise rambly blogs - but not yours, not at all! You are so sweet and cheerful and charming and your pictures and hooky-happiness so bright, I truly enjoy them! I think what really gets me is that even when you are down or sharing something that wasn't so nice - you are never complainy - you don't dwell, which is the downfall of most rambly writing. You keep it real though and your posts read like a conversation over a cuppa with my mum. Keep it up, please!


How do you manage to look so young?! With every passing year, you just get younger and younger! What's your secret? A colourful life of crochet???!!


Love the new hair style! gorgeous!

Kathy Welsh

I LOVE the way you write your posts and do not think you go on too much. I enjoy reading your posts as much as looking at the lovely photos. Don't change a thing!

Jandre Sherwood

I found your blog about a month ago. I must tell you I love it! I'm super jealous of all the fun crochetted things you have in your beautiful home! You're my crochet hero! It's also wonderful to see the English countryside! I visited (from the US) London last year and it was amazing. It seems so laid back over there! I love it! And no, you don't ramble on. I enjoy it, and all the pictures!


Lucy, I'm reading your posts from Melbourne Australia. No way do you go on too much, or should you make your posts shorter. They're the highlight of my week. You have been such an inspiration to me- I used to think crochet was a bit boring, but you make it so much fun. I have so many projects on the go that I've discovered in your posts. Also love reading about your decorating ideas, the little people, and your excursions both near and far. Looking forward to reading more soon.


Belated comment but do love coming here when time allows and rambling on is what I love and do myself. Keep it all happening.


I know you do not know me personally but I do love your newsy posts. Please keep them coming!


No, no, no. no, not too long or rambling. I love your posts, the chatty nature, the observations, the joy you get from your family and what you do. I relish seeing you post and save till I have a break and a cup of coffee to sit and saviour jo xx


Don't stop what you do xxMary


shorter/less wordy? don't even think of it - i adore your lovely long rambly posts! please carry on just as you are.
miss fleur is a darling and i love your pretty easter tree too ❤

warm easter hugs xxx


Love,love,love your posts! Please don't change a thing!

Pomme van Drie

Thank you again for sharing your lovely colourful world with us! I was about to write a long rambling homage to your delightful blog, but I don't think I could improve on Maggie's lovely words. Your blog inspires me has kept me going through a dark & difficult winter and I can't thank you enough! Happy Spring to you & your all the peeps you love
Blue Skies


Oh I love your blog, when I see there's a new post I settle down for a good read & to feast my eyes on the beautiful photos, just love it!

OMG at 1995 being 17 years ago.....feel sooooo old right now!!!!!!

Crafty Mermaid

Hi Lucy
I realise its already been said but please write for yourself. Its your blog. Though you write amazingly. I always check your blog manually (usually on my phone in the mornings) and try to sit with a cup of tea to have almost a meditative break. Your posts are such joys and I love hearing about your life and seeing the colour in your world. I'd love to emulate it but unfortunately my posts are never quite live up. You are creating a wonderful resource, not only for us in the blogging world, but also your children in the future. They'll have a real insight into your days and their importance! The vague recollections of early childhood will be supplemented by such caring and uplifting words and beautiful images. I hope this doesn't sound over the top :)


Dear Lucy,
I am from Germany and reading your Blog ist my daily english lesson. So please go on writing much words and don`t start thinking about what or how to write something. In the way you write your heart speaks to us and that`s what makes your posts so individual. Have nice easter days with your lovely family.

christine huijsmans

lovely pictures
I like your hair !!
and I like your blog just the way it is
don't change is you are good with words

Fleur Cotton

I'm sure you've got the message by now ... don't stop...never stop....just go on writing as usual...we all love it!!

Fleur xx
Hope you haven't been snowed in this week.


your posts are always perfect. beautifull photos and as wordy as they should be.
so glad that i have found you!!!
i used a link to your blog for the granny stripe blanket - i hope its ok with you.
have a beautiful month xxxx
(i love your hair, dont ever change the colour)


I have always thought that feng shui was just tidying up under another name. Getting oneself and one's home organised is great for clearing the mind and feeling liberated. Who needs a feng shui consultant? Your Shelves of Beauty and the effect they had on you speaks for itself. Great post as ever, don't worry about going on too much!

Dominique from France

Hello Lucy ! No, no, continue as you do for your blog. It's always a pleasure to read you. Nice haircut ...


Beautiful pics - enjoy Easter! :-)


NO!! never make your posts shorter. The length is perfect. Love your new hair cut, it is so cute. I think it would be nice to have more Lucy photos now and again, it's lovely to see the face behind the words! xx


I love your posts Lucy. Please don't ever change them.
You have summed March up so very well. Hopefully like me, you have blue skies today and some of that warmth will spread into April now.

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