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April 27, 2012


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Congratulations! Your new cushion is as beautiful as the previous one.
Regards from Brittany

Sue Webber

I caved! I ordered the book! Along with 4 others! Oops! Tis all your fault and I shall tell the husband so when he sees the credit card bill!! :D ♥


lovely and cosy and happy!

Miss Holly

Love them Lucy....I think I am going to make some myself !! Thanks for the rave reviews of Selina lakes book ...went right out and bought it!! Love it too!!!! As always you are the best!


I totally agree. Places without them seem soul-less to me. Kx

Sandra Licher

Gorgeous fabrics, colors and pillows! Ta Da! I wish I had that magic talent of putting colors together so well. You are gifted! What is Connievan? Is that your Mom's place?


Love, love, love the cushions. And of course those Happy colours- you continue to make the heart smile. Keep on creating Lucy!!


This has definitely got me thinking that I must buy some fabric online. It's difficult to get such colours and patterns in ordinary material shops, even John Lewis.

Well done on the zip mastery!


Beautiful cushions Lucy <3 You are indeed multi-talented <3
Mo x

Elizabeth Hansen

Lucy, you amaze me! Can I come live in your house? ha ha!


You are such an inspiration even to us older girls.

Crochet with Raymond

Just gorgeous, I adores them X

Ali Dufty

Well done Lucy , they look fab ! Lucky Connievan !!I yearn for a stitchy session- just keeps sliding to the bottom of the list of to-do's !!!! sigh!!


Your sofa looks so inviting and comfy.


It's me again - I just found the posts on the round flowery crocheted pillow. Guess I should look before I ask, huh?! Though it looks too difficult for me right now, I'm posting a pic of it by my desk as something to strive towards :)



Your second cushion is soooooo beautifully happy! I feel so inspired to go make something after reading this post. Sadly I don't have near the talent you do . . . practice, practice, practice.

I also really love that flowery round crocheted cushion on top of the others in the last photo. Where did you find the pattern for that? or did you design it yourself?

I've been thinking a lot about all the color in Attic24 and thinking maybe I need to follow suit. I live in Montana (in the U.S.) and we have a good 6 months of cold/snow/rain each year. I think more colors just may help keep things a little peppier in those long months.

Happy weekend.





Hi Lucy,

I have two books I wonder if you have seen? One is "Sewing Clothes Kids Love" by Langdon and Pollehn (which is all about embellishments, ribbons, crochet flowers, ruffles and fun) so even if you don't want to make clothes this book might inspire you even more than you already are (if that's possible!!). And "Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs" by Edie Eckman which has oodles of shape and pattern ideas.
You have gotten me back into crochet with all your wonderful patterns and ideas and doings! I love doing my own thing, but you have given me a wonderful push all because one day I googled "crochet flowers".
On the cover of the first book is your wonderful pink many flowered pillow backing fabric. If you ever find it please tell and I will do the same. Thanks for always carving out time for yourself!!! Hey you are well on your way to a wonderfully zany embellished patchwork quilt, (or am I talking about myself.. hmmm).
Mahek was telling you about India, which reminds me of a book I've been meaning to check out, "India Color" by Crites and Nanji. Have you seen it? The colors of India are wonderful (no I've never been) very inspiring!



They look beautiful :) Maggie xx


Mary Ann E

Lucy, I look forward to going to your blog to see what you've been up to! I loved this one, you added bits of bric a brac between the fabric strips. The zipper - perfect. You are a creative genius, don't doubt yourself (though it is nice to know that someone else struggles with that too) :)


As I always say, Reading your posts puts life into me.. I feel inspired , I feel alive and love the way you make small things so precious...
Have you visited India , you will love being here you will love the colour, the fabrics the decorations everything here is so colorful and so you...
How I would love to send you some fabrics or some little colorful trinkets like earrings, or neck-pieces which will make you happy..
would love to know your email for getting your address if I could...
You should visit India.. you will love it...


Lucy- your cushions are simply glorious!!

Leanne x


So, so lovely! Great job on the zipper, too. Goodness, I just love your couch, all smothered in homey-homemade stuff. Bliss. :)


I am so inspired by you and your cushions! I made the blooming flower cushion and it is so fun that now I am inspired to sew a cottage style pillow as well. A great excuse to peruse the fabric store!!

Heather Chalkley

Lovely cushions Lucy! I could recommend Fabricrehab.co.uk who stock retro, scandanavian, spotty and many more fabrics. But I wouldn't dream of it in case you were tempted, as I so often am :-)

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