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April 27, 2012


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با چند بار مصرف تریاک معتاد میشویم ؟

توسعه تجارت مواد اعتیاد آور که هرساله زندگی تعداد زیادی از مصرف کنندگان را به ورطه نابودی میکشاند، میتواند بزرگترین و ترسناک ترین تهدید برای تمام جوامع بشری باشد، تریاک قدیمی ترین و مشهورترین مخدری است که بسیار اعتیاد آور بوده و اکثریت از عوارض کشیدن تریاک با سیخ و یا تزریق آن بی اطلاع هستند

Silly Little Sheep

oh, wow, they DO look great!! Lovely fabric choices and the stitching looks very exact, I do not think I could ever make something so precise :)


Lovely collection of cushions ,seems very soft and comfortable and I too feel that its adding beauty to you home they really are an essential part of your home.

Rebekah @ Justfordaisy

Oh wow! I'm in love!

Ana Martins

take a look...
Your pillows are lovely!


WOW!! Great job!!! But the photo with the crochet(ed??) pillow on top made me think how even more wonderful the cushions would be if you added your little crochet(ed) flowers onto your fabric pillows, as an embellishment. Can you imagine? Pure Joy!!



Oooh, love the new cushions! They look so pretty along with your crocheted ones.

I'm a fabric geek, so I recognize many of the prints you used. There's some Kaffe Fassett, Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson and Heather Bailey fabrics in the mix. Love them all!


How about "mixed mediums"? You could crochet a bunch of prepared patches of fabric together. I've thought of it often but have not gotten around to it. I'd love to see the results of your handy work.


I bet these would look great on a white slipcovered sofa! Just spectacular.


Just lovely! Those colours are incredible:-)

Charlie Ward

Good afternoon!

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They’ve redone the lyrics so it’s now all about getting a ‘Hit of Happiness’ from their chocolate sandwich biscuits. Check out their Facebook page as well! www.facebook.com/HitofHappiness. Do you think this is something your readers could be interested in?

Many thanks,



hi lucy, what a nice colourful blog, i like your crochet pattern..keep post..
from indonesia..


Love the cushions! So bright & fun!!


The cushions are gorgeous, congratulations


Beautiful cushions! You've given me the nudge to make a patchwork one of my own. I had no material so I ordered it [oh the wonders of Ebay] and tonight I've tacked the squares together. Now the choice is Washing Up or Get Out The Sewing Machine - guess which will win. Thank you for the inspiration - just what I needed



I have recently discovered your blog...it's a wonderful place to be. You have inspired me to finally take up crochet after years of saying I would do it...Thanks you Elisa x


You do have a few Amy Butler fabrics. I was fortunate to meet her a few years ago. She is so nice and her fabrics reflect her personality! The blue background with (what I call, little eggs)with the dot is her's and I think the yellow with blue flower is also her's.

Karen Brimhall

Ooooh, I love this second pillow. The patchwork is lovely, with the ribbons, and I'm so glad you used the sticky tape zipper idea. It's the best, eh? I love your colors as well... it's a lot like my color sense... embrace ALL colors together. It just makes me happy. Thanks for all your inspiration! Hey, I would like the pattern for your round crochet pillow as well? Can you direct us to it? craft-xoxo

Danielle Altoft

love the cushions, I'm a bit envious sewing of your sewing skills! Well done on the zip thingy too :)
can't wait to see some pics of them in connievan xx

Janet O'Driscoll

Can I just say thank you for introducing me to Caroline Rose Art? I've just received my first set of prints, 'Sunset at the Waterhole' which is to be a nursery gift for my daughter's first baby, due in July. Daughter and son-in-law went on safari for their honeymoon so it's a nice reminder for them and a lovely unisex gift for the expected infant.


Funny thing. My husband has seen me enjoying your blog and now even he recognizes THE COLORS. We were out one day and he commented that a display looked very Attic 24. Loved your cushions and think you may like to try making pillowcases with crocheted edging???


Gorgeous cushions, love the beautiful colours together!

Heather L.

The cushions are gorgeous! I can't wait to make some for my couch. Must start collecting fabrics that I like! Right now most of my stash is stuff I've recycled for future projects, but not for cute cushions. :(


I like the fact that they are the same but different, and am sure Connievan will love them. I have just finished my first ripple blanket and its now safely installed in our beloved caravan...x

Andrea Saunders

Hi Lucy
I thought you might like to have a look at my ripple blanket that I made from your pattern. I have posted a photo on my blog dandilioncottage68 dot blogspot dot com if you wish to have a look. Thanks for making your pattern available for everyone! I really enjoyed it and can't wait to make more.

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