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April 07, 2012


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Hi Lucy,
I know you're not much into this blog-award-game, but I just wanted to let you know that I've passed the "Liebster Blog" award on to you - 'cause your blog is definitely one of my favourites on the block! :)

Enjoy your holidays,



Have a lovely time- remember, wool shop in South Street to check out.
I love colour, but greys and soft tones also very alluring indeed-I veer between the two.


The yarn look yummy. Have a safe and wonderful trip:)


Have fun by the sea and get plenty of good ozone Lucy.

Sandra Licher

Whoa Nellie! That word verification is TOUGH! Do you really have a problem with bad comments? I don't use it at all but then I don't have as many followers either.
I just wanted to tell you..I have absolutely gone nuts over your colors and your designs! Like you did over that artist...that's the way I feel about you! I never realized how much I loved color until I saw your blog! WOW! Do I ever love color!
I ordered Stylecraft yarn from "across the pond" for me and it is wonderful! The colors are luscious and vibrant and it's so soft...doesn't feel "acrylic" at all! Much nicer than the ones I can get here. I have started the ripple and LOVE it and I just started the Granny Stripe in a smaller table runner or chair cover size. I am having SO MUCH fun! They are addictive! I can't stop! LOL! You are the most inspirational blog I follow! I get happy every time I visit you and I keep wanting to start more and more projects! Like the flowers from yesterday...LOVE!!!! Thank you so much for blogging and sharing your talent and your "wee people" with us! I love everything you do and I am slowly going through your archives. I also love Bertie Meadows but she doesn't post much. I've featured you and Bertie on my blog and always linked back to you. I'm glad you're all feeling better so you could go visit your parents at the seaside. Have a wonderful time and meanwhile I will continue with your archives! Happy Easter!


Indulge me a moment of shock that you've bought brown yarn...okay, I LOVE it! I always think a dash of neutral makes all the bright colors look so much more themselves, kind of like salt in the soup, know what I mean? Your project is fabulous so far. Enjoy your gorgeous holiday! :)

Sandra Licher

This is a test...I have commented (lengthy) and lost it all as it would not accept it...so I'm testing first.

barb yerke

Have a wonderful holiday. Can't wait to read all about it.


I would never have picked those greys and browns in the wool shop but they look gorgeous all mixed in with the rest. I always just pick colours I like without any thought for what looks good together and then wonder why something just doesn't look right. Thanks for inspiring us again-have a fab hols! xx

idiosyncratic eye

Safe travels, the yarn reminds me of the Snuggly Bamboo colours, there's lots more gorgeous shades available now, I wonder if you can use that for crochet. :)


Those colours look amazing together so far! Have a wonderful holiday xo

Katie B

Luce, D'ya remember one of our 1st projects together in Year 1 wrapping coloured embroidery threads around card strips to evoke mood etc in thread?

Your yarn pics reminded me of those days, & your colour choices are, as always "Goigous".

Happy Hols, love from Katie B (Eastering in Sunny Wales) x x


ENJOY your week! Sounds like so much fun!!! Wish I had a place like that to visit!

Your yarn colors are lovely! ♥♥♥


Hi, Lucy - I live in the USA but love reading your blog. Your color sense inspires me. Do I recall correctly from previous posts that you'll be in Dorset? If so, are you familiar with the ghost village of Tyneham? I was just reading about it - taken over by the Ministry of Defense in Dec 1943, enforced evacuation of the inhabitants, and never returned to them. It sounds like a fascinating place to visit - only open at certain times of the year since it's still owned by the government.


lush colour choice's. I always try and get a good portable hooky project for a long trips and camping breaks.
Hope you have a wonderful break and I look forward to seeing your finished cushion.


Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside. Have a lovely break. :) x


I love reading about your little day to day happenings. (And all the lovely colored crochet!!!) As my mom is Irish, but grew up in England, I get to hear all that cutesy colloquial dialect that you use! It makes me feel like I'm hanging out with all of our family friends when I read your blog. Feel better and keep warm!

patricia stephenson

wow thanks for your latest pics and enjoy your holiday and take care see you soon xxx pat xxx


Oh Lucy,I hope you have a really lovely time together on holiday and of course it goes without saying I can't wait to hear about your travels.
Much love
Maggie x


Yay greys!!!!! My favorite :) they look beautiful next to the bright colors!


Have a gorgeous holiday and looking forward to seeing your lovely photos! Love the colors you choose for your "hooky holiday" project!!


Hope you have a wonderful week


Enjoy your hooky by the sea! Maggie xx


Nikki Relffe-Arnold

Have a fab holiday Lucy - will look forward to seeing your finished project when you get home. Safe journey xxxx


Have a wonderful holiday with your family, Lucy! I love, love, loooove reading your posts!

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