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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 14, 2012


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I love your blog so much!! I have learned so much about crochet from reading your posts & following your tutorials. Come visit me:


I love to read your colorful blog!
I also live in a small town and going around with needles and yarn :-) I love knitting.
Have a good time!


I've been enjoying all the lovely photos from your trip Lucy! It looks like a really beautiful place to visit.

I am so excited about my lucky win over at Patchwork Chickens! Thanks so much for letting us know about Tracy's beautiful blog and creations, and for picking my name from the hat! How lucky am I? I am giddy with excitement over here!!



I love your pictures on this post.


its always so lovely to see your photos of the sea..i am land locked and since spending some holidays in dorset myself i always have a longing to go back as there is still more i want to see and do.your blog always brings it back to me

Susan M

I LOVE seeing all of your pictures!! (and it's a great excuse to make a cup of tea and take a break!)

penny freshour

Lucy By The Sea

lucy by the sea
it's where her heart longs to be

happy days and comfy nights
oh this holiday sounds so nice

we so look forward to your posts
and all the pictures of the coast

we're so happy of you returning
cos we missed all of that hooky learning

please don't ever think that you're a bore
cos you are lucy the blogger whom we adore!

welcome home :)

Lynda M Otvos

Love love love the pebbles picture with the bright green glass accent piece. Fantastic composition, Lucy, as always. Wonderful that you all had a week of fun and memory making. I look forward to seeing more pics and reading your narration of the adventures. Thanks for sharing.

Silvia - MAdameRenard

Lovely photos!

emmie and emma

such beautiful photos made me feel homesick for the northeast coast where I grew up ...live in the west now, lovely too but inland. just started following your blog and love it! Emma x


Please Lucy. We love YOUR holiday pics!


I used to come and check your blog while you were away and I was wondering, why you didn't make any new post? Glad to know that the reason was so good! Will be waiting for the full weekend post! Stay happy!


Your photos are just beautiful. Three days would be wonderful. Your blog is never boring!! I look forward to every installment.

Patti in pa

Can't wait to see your pics! Happy for you that you had a great time away!


Love the new stone collection. Glad you had a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos.
Carol xx


Yes please! :-)

Cindy Kureth

Lucy, you are definitely a ray of sunshine and a breath of fresh air! I enjoy your website....especially your photos and blogs. You should write a book because you have so much talent. I love reading about your little ones. I had a wee one years ago, but now he is 17 years old and looking forward to college next year. I want to move to Europe (Germany) next year if I can get a U.S. Government job. I have been to England twice and loved it very much. The people are so charming. I have been crocheting and doing other crafts and cannot tell you how much I appreciate your patterns. I am currently unemployed and would love to send you some yarn if you desire. What else would you like? I can send it to you next month. I want to show my appreciation for your beautiful website. I love learning anything to do with crafting. I am widowed and have encouraged my son to be crafty. He loves to draw like his dad did. Do you get on the Facebook website called, The Crochet Crowd? It is free and the people I have talked to and learned from are fantastic! A man named Michael Sellick and his partner, Dan are tremendously talented and fantastic. I have learned so much from Michael and Dan. They are such fun people! Check out the website when you get a chance. I know all of the followers, including me, enjoy the patterns and the friendships. My email is: [email protected]. Feel free to send me an email anytime. You are an inspiration. Thank you. Cindy Kureth

lynne at Textile Treasury

What brilliant blue sky photos! Looking forward to seeing the rest of them when you've had time to catch your breath.

Post-holiday tristesse - I always get it, but it wears off, and I'm sure yours will too. Life's always full of compromises, isn't it?

Children back to school tomorrow, and life returns to it's normal rhythms; Dorset is your get-away-from-it-all place, Yorkshire is real life, and we love to read about it, es, even the every-day stuff.


Where have you been? I have been in St Ives for the first time. I am from Sweden and this was my first trip to Cornwall.
Bye bye


It's so nice to see a fellow UK crocheter out there in blogland, and you are from the north too which is even better.

I'm from Manchester and am relatively new to crocheting but I am already deeply in love with it lol! Your site is a fantastic resource and I will definitely be back to read some more as you post. Your zig zag mini Granny blanket is gorgeous - not sure I would have that much patience doing all that joining up :)


Can't wait to go to the beach with you!!!!!!!!!!!


Such a wonderful blog!- I have been catching up on posts and love your colourful world! it sure makes you see the beauty in the everyday! so lovely!!!!
love the beach piccys!...love the photography!

x Kazzy x


I'm another one who yearns to be back in Bridport/Lyme etc etc! I need my dose of Dorset at least once a year or I don't feel complete :)


Coming home from a lovely break away can be a proper anti-climax can't it. Go on Lucy, treat us to a three day holiday-a-thon that will lift your spririts and ours.

I've just booked us a stay at a fab looking campy/caravan site just outside Bridport for half term www.crabbsbluntshayfarm.co.uk
Your photos will get me just in the mood for a bit of Dorseting.

Looking forward to them already!
Take care

Sandra Licher

I love your vacation/holiday pictures! Maybe a picture of the crochet you were working on during your holiday too...tee hee....I'm REALLY addicted right now and it's all because of you! Thank you! I love it!

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