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April 02, 2012


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We've had a false spring start over here as well - the most marvelous warm and sunny past two weeks, and now it's cold and cloudy again, brrr. I've had a comment from a random stranger as well yesterday! I was on the train on my way to hospital for an mri-scan (which scares me a lot because I'm a bit claustrophobic) and I pulled out the shawl I'm making for my mother-in-law and started hooking. All of a sudden a Japanese girl was pointing at me and asked me if she could take a picture of the shawl because she thought it was so beautiful! :-)
Get well soon!! xxxx


I am loving your Spot Squares! And hoping, too, that you feel better soon.


lovely sunny happy colors and what a sweet stranger to tell you that!


Love the ribbons a lot! They are really lovely. And so happy for the sprouts you have got finally as I understand how it feels when you see the result of your own gardening :)Have a nice time with family and wish spring would come at your place soon. Here it's +35 in day time now :D


Get well soon to you. I hope you have a good holiday with the little ones. I have mine home this week also. Lots of playing outside and so I get to hooky while watching them. Take care and get lots of rest(lol...if possible) lots of fluids and tons of little people hugs. That usually works for me...
Misty and Pets.


feel better SOON!!! Dream colorful ribbony cushiony dreams and get better


I think the window man should understand that an under the weather mama with three little ones has earned a pajama day! If he doesn't, then shame on him. Hope you feel better soon!


Awwww.... A big get well to you and your little. My crew all had it last week. Doing a happy dance about your SPROUTS!!!

Jen Y

I hope you have a sweet, quiet, restful week.

I love the apron - I won a cupcake apron this past week as well! I hope it comes quickly.


Hello from Vermont,USA. Hope you are feeling better soon!


A few kind words can warm your heart for days...
((hugs)) Feel better.


I love lazy pajama-clad days. They are the best!!

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Just Gai

I love 'jammy' days too. Get well soon.




Oh bless, I have grown up children now, no hols, my whole life could be a pajama day! In fact I think we should declare a pajama nation.

Not sure about the crocs though, let me get back to you on that, as she sashayes away in her Birkenstocks. ( haha)

You have a beautiful way of seeing life, and I love how with this bloggy world I can join in your conversation over a cuppa, and we can all be in our pajamas.

pembrokeshire lass

Loved it...loved it....loved it!! So sorry you are not well but what rays of sunshine in between. I've just started this blogging business and...oh I wished I had found it long ago. So many people who like the same things I do and have the same sort of days I do!! Loved the ribbon. Wouldn't mind getting some myself. I'm definitely going to follow you! Thanks. Joan x


Here's to feeling better !! I was wondering Lucy if you know ow muc it costs to ship fabric to you guys over there from USA . I wanted to buy a few little tings the other day and the shipping was 50 lbs for 60 lbs worth of stuff , I almost fell off my chair, so I was curious if it is the same the other way around ?

Anne Marie

Love the apron. I want one! Hope you and little B get well soon. Bugs like that seem to spread with young children at school and playgroups.

patricia stephenson

hope your all better soon thankyou for the lovely crochet lessons there so clear love to you allxxxxx

Trudy McLauchlan

I'm thinking you planted calendula in your colander so that you could skip about saying "calendula-colander" at any given opportunity, yes??!!


Hope you're feeling better soon. Have a good week with the kiddies. Maggie xx


Hi Lucy, hang low and enjoy the week after you are feeling better. I always say, moms aren't suppose to get sick. So cozy up and get well, put in lots of movies for the kiddies!

Belmont Yarns

Oh I knew something must have been up, I have been stalking your blog for a few days now as I have been poorly myself and needed something cheerful to read to cheer me up - I've picked up my little ones tummy bug and was totally floored all day yesterday. Only managed a bit of ice-cream today and a few sips of lucozade. So I totally understand the need to stay in your pj's all day! I was sooo proud of myself this morning when I actually managed to shower and change into clean pj's, go me! These bugs are such a nuisance aren't they! But I have managed a few rows on my ripple blanket today so things are looking up!

Love your colourful posts as always. Can't wait to see the cushions you make with those beautiful ribbons.

Hope you all get well very soon

Helen xx

PS I won an apron from Thomasina too... aren't they just beeeautiful! Lucky ducks!

Sue Webber

Woohoo! I love pyjama days! I have them a lot, well I'm a lazy slob some days! :D


Hope you and LittleB get well soon, feeling sick is no fun at all.

And thank you for your lovely postings. I came across your colorfull blog some time ago while searching for crochet patterns and tips, and have been following your postings regularly with great pleasure from The Netherlands. You have inspired me to make a neat ripple blanket for our caravan!

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