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April 18, 2012


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Lucy- The very things that make your heart smile seem to do the same to mine!! What is it about the sea/ocean?? It so beckons. Thanks as always for sharing your journey-it has truly made my day!!


Helloooo again lovely, while surfing the internet i came across an online shop http://www.thebutterflyhouse.co.uk/page12.htm
and it was selling very similar drift wood type arty crafts- I just wondered if they were the same?
I thought you might like the site anyway ;0)

x Kazzy x


Hi Lucy, Have loved your blog for a long time even though I'm not into crocheting, its so colourful and upbeat. Just writing to say I saw this today:
http://www.planetjune.com/blog/march-update-2/ (scroll down a bit) that says you are the NUMBER 1 crochet blogger in the April edition of 'Inside Crochet.' You may know but thought I'd write just in case you didn't. Yay! Go you! x

Sandi Lee

I just don't know where to begin,so I will just say......What a beautiful holiday, delicious in all ways. I think you will love Bunny Mummy's newest post, very cute little boats.
I haven't had a holiday for 9 years and so want to get down to the sea again.
xx Sandi


*sigh* this beautiful post makes me feel like running away from home :)
Gorgeous photos - what a great little place. Kx


Thank you for allowing me to travel along with you and your family. I am having lovely day dreams about the places you've shown me. Maybe someday.....

Your Alabama Friend.

Jan Marchant

I love Lyme it was my paddling hole when I was young. Thank you for showing it off so well.
Sherborne Lane is a beautiful back street but- tis better attacking it from the top of Broad Street than from Mill Green!!!!!!

On the South West local news programme tonight they stated something we both know---
it is more uplifting walking by on a beach than walking in a park.

idiosyncratic eye

Lyme has got very artsy crafty in recent years and I will carefully bear in mind that Bridport has a wool shop! Now choosing between a day at the seaside or a day on the trains would have been a tough one! :)


Ooooooooooooo, I just got a shoeless joe row of houses from the welsh seaside. I love your find too. Aren't the just the best. I sit and look at mine so often and never tire of it. You did the right thing going back for it!


Lyme Regis definitely has a look of St Ives and Tenby, especially with the ice-cream colours of the painted cottages and the lovely choice of artefact shops. These coastal towns are the types of place that don't matter what the weather is like because they always have such vibrancy, even when the sky is dark and grey.

Looks like you all had a fab time!

B x


Love the painted housses in a row! Charming!

Caroline Rose

Oh Lucy - what beautiful pictures! The houses and boats are gorgeous and slightly inspiring! And I did laugh at how similar the blue caravan postcard was to my (your) caravan!! even the bunting and table and chairs! It is lovely to have you back xxx


love the look of lyme regis must give it a go maybe this summer. glad you had a really lovely holiday it's always great to have a break. Keep up with the tutorials i'm learning a lotxxpippa


didn't you go to rinky tinks? you must have passed it! how did you resist?!


what a good writer you are, patiently observing everything and stitching it into a good straight narrative.

let me ask you. i live here in the states. we don't do bunting, except maybe on the fourth of july (red white and blue, like y'all) or on used car parking lots. but every home blogger in britain has, makes, sells, buys crocheted, sewn, felted, taped, found-object bunting.

is it a cath kidston thing? i hope you will tap into your textiles history eddimication to enlighten us.


love all the photos but the best is the rock, shell and driftwood (me, being a fan of all).
Oh, I'd love to come for a visit to your area of the world.


Well Lucy it sure looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I know just how you feel about leaving your soul behind. I remember a particular vacation I went on and I had a lump in my throat all the way home. It wasn't 300 miles though, more like 800. So I don't get there very often. I love harbours and harbour towns, and what a fun shopping trip. When I saw that mushroom in the store window pic, I thought to myself...I bet she bought that! Love your boaty fun moving art!

Cindy Bee

PS - I bought some VINTAGE yarn from Mandy's new yarn store! It is not vintage because it's old, it's Vintage because that's the brand name, and the colours are vintage. You would love it. I don't know what I'm going to make yet, but it's gorgeous.

Kate Lantry

Beautiful pictures as always! I'm with you; can't help going into cute little shops like that and finding treasures. What beautiful souvenirs of your fabulous holiday!


Hi. Thank you for sharing your hol with us. I love the winding narrow streets and the painted houses, they always look so much better at the coast. Looking forward to my own seaside holiday in a few months time. Me and my mum are going to Brighton for a few days, hoping for lovely weather and lots to discover, and a few lattes (that's our treat).Glad you all had a lovely time. Bye for now, Val x


I´ts great to see all your post I just had a great time with all your pictures It´s like been on holiday in that beatifull Dorset, thanks for sharing your good time and holiday´s with all.

Jennifer Campbell

Lucy, I just wanted you to know what joy and peace I get from reading your blog. I have been home for the past 8 days taking care of my boyfriend who had major eye surgery, and being able to stop every now and then through the day to see your beautiful photographs and read your lovely descriptions has given me such relief. Thank you for sharing your life with us!


Your posts make me so happy Lucy! I've become quite addicted, though, with new posts 3 days in a row - so don't make us wait too long for more!


What a great holiday! I've been following you around nostalgically. I too love Lyme Regis particularly, it was only a couple of years ago that I was staying in a little cottage in Coombe Street, with the river flowing out the back, and that shop on the corner is brilliant!

Elke Smits

Allways inspiring to read your blog. It triggers me to begin new projects. Since last week i have my own blog. maybe you would like to take a look. http://lovelie-nl.blogspot.com/
I wish you a lot of inspiration, colors and sunshine to go on with your blog.
Kind regards from Holland..


lucy beautiful photographs, I always read your blog
kisses from Uruguay

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