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April 17, 2012


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idiosyncratic eye

Hive was always the beach that we went to as children but I've never climbed to the chapel at the top of the hill. Beautiful photos, it makes me want to get out and about! :)


Oh Lucy! You really do live in a beautiful place. I would love to move in with your Mum. It just takes my breath away, the beauty of it.


Just loving these holiday posts. We were down in our little corner of Dorset on Sunday. We go to Swanage and the surrounding area and I just adore it. It's a long way just for the day but so worth it. I'm going to have to look on the map to see how far away St Catherine's chapel is from Purbeck area as I'd love to go there when we're down in the summer camping, bump permitting. We have our own Dorset chapel pilgrimage which is to the chapel on the top of the cliff at St Aldhems Head. It's tiny, ancient and amazing. Have you ever been there? Looking forward to your next installment. F x

Kate Lantry

Beautiful, beautiful pictures. I've never traveled outside the United States but you make me feel like I'm there.
Have a wonderful day :-)

Rachel Thurlby

Wonderful pictures and big thank you's for sharing with us. 5 weeks til we go to Lyme and we have promised ourselves that we'll climb up to St Catherine's instead of just gaze from afar! Can't wait to see your shopping expedition! X


Lucy-what an amazing little holiday you had!! Love your pics as always. I especially loved the one you took inside the church with the light coming through the gothic window- AMAZING.
One can almost feel the calmness and serenity of the place- thank you for sharing your photos with us. Looking forward to the next ones!!


I so want to go and visit Dorset now! Looking forward to last instalment!


As soon as I make my tea in the morning...you are the FIRST blog I check...I LOVE going on vacation with you!! I've GOT to get to England!

Emma from Tring

Ahhh Lucy, Lucy xx your're blogs are always soooo inspiring and beautiful. I'm the same when I go down to Cornwall, my spiritual home(from Land heavy Hertfordshire) I miss the sea, the beaches and the light...maybe one day I'll be a bit closer :)
Keep posting the beautiful pics :) xxx


Thanks for taking us with you. Hope it's nice to be home again too.


Stunning pictures, sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait till tomorrow for the final instalment.


Oh my goodness - now I know that the place I visited about 20 years ago with my (now ex) husband and our dog. George, was St Catherine's chapel! We took George into the chapel on a lead and he walked around all of it quite happily until he suddenly stopped firm in his tracks and absolutely refused to go anywhere near the old altar place. I tried walking him round to it from the other side, but no. Every effort I made to get him to go closer was refused: he would not budge. He didn't growl or make any noise at all. But he wanted out of that place fast! Quite odd. Love your blog which I found about six months ago by chance. It's great to dip into your life and enjoy your tales.


My two year old boy is also very fascinated by the dog's poo, what is it with them?! I live in South Africa and visited the UK for a few months after I completed my studies. Your photos make me so nostalgic, wishing I could go back in time for a while! Must tell you, the way you appreciate sunshine and nature taught me not to take the wonderful climate and the beautiful scenery in my area for granted. Love your blog!


What a joy! Just loved your descriptive story telling and lovely photos. Thank you for sharing.England is such a beautiful country!


I'd love to be there! Beautiful picture!!

Fleur Cotton

I really want to be by the sea!

Thanks for those lovely photos Lucy, can't wait for the next instalment!! Have you got some beautiful buys to show us???????

Fleur xx


Your holiday posts are such a delight but right now all I can relate to is the children running riot and 'disturbing the peace'. Oh how I can relate to that right now. xx Susan


Lucy this looks like the perfect family holiday, I am yearning for family times and castles and beaches now!


It's amazing how beautiful this place!


I miss it, I miss it, I miss it - England that is. Your photos make me so nostalgic for my home! Ah well - we have a good life here too and it doesn't do to be discontent. But one day I shall return!
Love the wind break - here we head to the beach with sun shade tents. Also, the pic from inside the chapel is gorgeous. Many thanks for your beautiful, inspiring blog.
Alex x


Fab photos. Makes me want to get out there.


i'm hypnotized. absoulutly gorgeous. love every photo, every single one. i wish i could jump in your pocket and come along. love those little disturbers of the peace! and your dreamy girl.


I live in a pretty beautiful place in Australia, but looking at your photos just makes me want to cross the globe and live on your side!! Beautiful!!


Lovely, lovely photos! I'm glad that you spent great time with your family! And oh, I envy you this sea shore trip!

Angy Braine

Sigh..... and Sigh....... and another deep deep DEEEEEEP sigh..... ok tea in mums cottage .... DEEEEEEEEEP DEEEEP sigh.... views that make the heart sing.... sigh.... LOVE in so many forms. Thank you. You see I vicariously live my UK dream out through your delicious blog... and that was a particularly tasty morsel!!! XX

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