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April 16, 2012


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Susanne from Canada

Hoping this year is great too! Hard to imagine as we are barely seeing any spring yet, ground is still frozen and tulip barely peeking out, except for the warmest side of the house near the warmer bricks..I can't wait!!


looks like a fun couple of days.


Hi Lucy,

I love hearing and seeing of your Holiday Travels and of course, I love all the delicious colors you post. The pic of the playtime shovels is adorable.

You are an inspiration to me. I recently finished my Crochet Bunting project, inspired by your Holiday Bunting, for my craft booth display and wanted to share with you how it came out. I blogged about it and posted pictures but do not want to post my link to my blog here without your okay. Though I'm American, don't want to be a pushy American. ;)

Thanks again Lucy for the inspiring words and pictures. :)


What a restful time, aren't holidays great x


I'm a fairly new follower of yours...started with my interest in crochet, but now I REALLY want to visit the UK. Your photos are so inspiring. The photo above through the old door with the green landscape beyond is now my computers wallpaper. THank-you for the travel inspiration ( and the rainbow of colour!)


Great pictures. Nice to know that you are enjoying and having a blast!!!


Looking forward to the next days post. Love the pictures. It adds some joy to my otherwise dull work life. Thanks!

Fleur Cotton

Welcome back Lucy, I love looking at your holidays photos.

I'm so glad that it's not just me - I'm really rubbish with board games - usually ends up with the other half and the kids playing and me knitting in the background!!

Look forward to your next instalment.
Fleur xx

Kate Dengra

Lovely! I love the boat pics - I have never been to Dorset but it just looks like a perfect postcard seaside town....... Not sure about picking up the crabs though....they freak me out a little. Looking forward to seeing day 3-4! x


Lovely pictures! I was born and brought up in Dorset so it is all very familiar to me. Thank you for sharing your holiday with us and I look forward to the next installment! Rachel x

judith duckett

You really do evoke the sea - even for me and I live about three miles from it. Where were the seagulls? More pictures please


Indulge us some more!!! I can't wait!! LOVED your pictures. Thanks for the tutorial!!!


OH, Lucy, thank you so much for letting me come to Dorset with you!! I, too, love boats bobbing and the smell of salty air. (happy sighs)

:) Linda

Pom Pom

Love the boats, Lucy! I'm always quite amazed when I visit a marina. I am proud of people who pilot boats and take such good care of them. Messing about in boats is a good, good, good thing!
I can almost smell the sea! Thanks!


So love the pictures!!! Felt like I was there with the kids, the hooky and the sea!!


Thank you for the vicarious holiday!


I thank you for indulging us!!!! I have not been on a vacay in quite some time, so thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! I love the boat pics and even the rainy pics were pretty!! Glad you had a good time, can't wait to see day 3 and 4!


Apples to Apples Junior is a really fun game for the whole family. Our family game night has evolved to family movie night, but I miss the game days. We love Monopoly too. :)

Marg Freeman

It is wonderful to read of your adventures.My grandfather was born in Bridport (his father was manager of the North Mills Rope Work) & left there in 1880 to come to Australia - the only one of his family to do so.I have visited Bridport & West Bay twice and the last time managed to find my gg grandparents headstones in the Bridport cemetery. Very moving experience. The area my grandfather settled in was very similar to the Bridport area rolling green hills in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. I am sure he would have missed the cliffs and sea though. Love reading your blog and thank you for getting me restarted with crochet. Marg, Melbourne, Australia

Sulieen Ayala

I am brand new to your blog and to crochet! I am so happy to have found you! I started the flat circle to make a cushion and it is rather floppy...what am I doing wrong..please help me! I hope you had a great holiday!
Sulieen in florida


What a beautiful start to your holiday, look forward to more....
A great board game for little people -even little B- up to adults is Honey Bee have a look for it


Lovely photos - those cliffs are amazing. I love Dorset, it really is amazing.


Stunning pics Lucy.I live 5 mins from the beach in Cornwall.Been doing loads of crochet thanks for the inspiration.x


Monopoly is a firm favourite in our house! Loved the boat pictures, looking forward to seeing the rest.....


hi Lucy
I live just a few miles from the lovely west bay and I agree it is absolutely beautiful.I feel very lucky to live here in dorset.
I am so glad you love it too.Did you live here as a child?
Love your blogs-love your crochet and your stories.
from Sue

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