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April 24, 2012


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That was to be an "attack"....not an attach. Aaargh!


I had the same attach today....MUST.CREATE. with fabric. I stole my time in 20 minute increments, in between other things. Can't wait to see what you created!


I sooo feel for this! I've just completed my latest hooky blanket that shouldn't have taken any time really but has actually taken nearly 2 months due to a lack of 'open windows'! I love my time with my baby though so I'm not really complaining :)

You can find my blanket on my blog if you like as I've just posted it and I've credited your joining tutorial as it revolutionised my life! :-D

Can't wait to see your new creation! xxx


It happens to me all the time and I only have one son! Love the combinations of fabrics!


Wonderful cheery bright colours can't wait to see the finiished creation.I too have a fear of all things to do with putting in a zip lol.Been to quilting tonight we had a great time.hugs x


Lovely fabric!!! I would love to try handmade fabric thingies ... I know when you are inspired you are determined. Those "windows" are great but few around here. I sit here typing with my left hand and my three year old princess asleep in my right. It is now 6pm. Dinner not ready. Oh well, i enjoy the moment. I only wish i had my crochet project... in the other room sitting unattended. Till then i will stay tuned on your new creation....


Whatever you make, I know it will be beautiful!


Do tell where you got those beautiful pink and blue fabrics with the big roses on the right of the picture. They are gorgeous!


A pillow cover, maybe? Can't wait to see your ta-da moment. ;-)


Good for you making such good use of your 'windows'! Looking forward to your ta-dah on this one! :)


You have lovely fabrics! Looking forward to seeing what it becomes! I know all about taking those precious windows of opportunity!

Crochet with Raymond

beautiful! I am so excited to see the final result, those gorgeous colours are a balm for my soul!

lynne at Textile Treasury

OOoh, best of luck cracking zips in a small window of opportunity! I avoid them like the plague - and end up making twice as much trouble for myself in coming up with alternative 'closure' solutions.

Looking forward to seeing the finished article(s)!


Looks lovely Lucy - can't wait to see the finished article.

Truly Myrtle

Oh, I just know the feeling! I am forever catching 5 minutes here and there. It certainly does feel a bit frenzied at times :)
This little stripy number looks a little like the needlecase I've just made...a colourful extravaganza!


Looks good!

Karen Hillier

oooh! lurve the fabrics! looking forward to seeing what it will be?!?!
Karen x x x


Looks very interesting, can't wait for ta dah moment! Xx

emmie and emma

Just started following your lovely blog, I soo remember those creative windows of opportunity when my daughter was small...gorgeous colours, good luck with finishing Emmax

Deco Cat

Gorgeous fabrics, looking forward to seeing what you have created.


I work best under pressure too! Even though our 3 are all grown up I still only have 'windows' - an hour most days when I get home from work, usually. Can't wait to see what your patchwork will become. I finished 2 quilts last week which was so exciting - love quilts, hate zips - you're so brave!


Love your fabrics, can't wait to see what you are making, I'm sure you'll master the zip
Just wanted to say how much I love visiting your blog and reading about your daily activities, it always cheers my heart to see all the lovely colourful goodies you share


Oh what fun! I love sewing! I very seldom have windows for creativity in the day. I must stay up late while the kids are sleeping in order to do anything.


Lucky creative windows.... I know these very well too, and they're always so very welcome!!!!

angela-southern USA

Looks yummy!Can't wait to see the finished project.I remember those frantic days well,still have some.The key is organized kits of projects to finished,if you have a wee spot to leave it all set out would be even better.Hope you find some more "frantic time" soon ;).Good luck.

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