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April 24, 2012


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Haha, I know that feeling. Yesterday I was trying to make some poppies for a bag, I managed to create a window by promising to make a blanket for my son's toy out of the left over fabric. Can't wait to see your finished article. Don't worry zips are fine. One hint I learnt very quickly is that lining covers a multitude of zip sins when you place the zip between the lining and the outside fabric!


How lovely. I once worked for a very successful man and that is exactly what he did. He used windows of time, writing on planes, 15 minutes here and there. I will try to learn from you as life if busy and hectic even without small children any more.


Your fabrics have lovely colours! Looking forward to knowing what it becomes. Aaah! I know the irrational fear of zips too.
Regards from Brittany, France


I would think that if your children were to go on the internet you would make sure they never gave away personal details because you never know who`s out there.Well I have had a quick look at your blog and I think you are giving away far too much personal info.I`m not some loony,but from a quick look,and because I know the area,I know where you live,the area of the street what you look like,where your kids go to school,your house number,etc,if I were you I would be more careful. This is meant as a friendly warning,not to scare you.


Sometimes you just have to go with that feeling! looking forward to seeing this.


Lovely colours Lucy and wow you really made the most of your open window!


Lovely bright colours (of course) Lucy! Looks good and can't wait to see what it's going to be. I shall cross my fingers that you get another 'window' soon :)

S x


It's going to be great to see the finished article! This was a nice little blog post :-)


Looks lovely, all those colorful fabrics! Zips seem fearful, but really they are not! As long as you have a zipper foot on your machine, it's all good!

Bari Jo

I love the colors! You have such a way with color! You are so smart to grab snippets of time here and there - once I realized that I would never have a lot of time on my hands and started doing what you are, I got a lot more done - little by little - those snippets of time added up! My kiddos are older now and I am finding more time on my hands... a little more sewing time and crocheting time than I used to have and I miss those younger days! I'd trade the extra time I have now for the days when we were all together. They grow up so fast! :O)


your fabric is so cheery, I just love it. Nothing like a fun stash of fabric. Waiting for the end result. Thanks for taking time in sharing what your up to.


I can't wait to see what you're making. I'm getting out of crochet mode (warm weather and wooly yarn aren't fun) and into sewing mode, and I'm in the process of cutting a bunch of 2.5" strips of fabric. I'm intimidated about zippers myself, but I'm sure you know there are tons of zip tutorials online. I conquered my fear a few years ago when I made small purses with zips (Runaround bag from Lazy Girls patterns) for my granddaughter and my DIL's nieces for Christmas. She had great directions for the zippers. Fun fun fun! I do so love your blog and have been reading daily since long before Little B came along. Blessings to you and yours.

Lyn Z... Isle of Long, NY

all a tingle and waiting with baited breath what is in store!
thanx for the window into your latest adventure!

Sandra Licher

Great fabrics and that's so funny because I have been wanting to sew lately and I've been crocheting. I just did my mantle with a pitcher of branches and made your sweet little flowers but in between I was searching online for fabric! LOL!
I love the Japanese Lucien Flower Sugar fabrics but I can't afford them right now so I'll keep crocheting until I can and then I will make pillow cases with crocheted edging. I've wanted to do that for years. If I was there, I would watch Little B so you could sew because I LOVE babies and I never get to hold them anymore.
I can't wait to see what you make. If you stop by my blog tomorrow you'll see my "copy" of your mantel for Spring...not as nice as yours but it's full of color and I love that! Thanks again for your wonderful blog!


Love the colors & excited to see what you are making. Brett Bara helped me with zippers: http://www.brettbara.com/how-to/book-video-sew-a-zippered-throw-pillow/ They shouldn't be scarey, but alas...


You continue to amaze me! I only wish I could easily get my hands on fabric, sewing machine, etc. I need to stop thinking about it and DO IT!


Loving the fabric Lucy. I can't wait to see it.


Love the colours, can't wait to see what it is!


Beautiful fabrics! can't wait too long....!!!!
xxxx Alessandra


Love your fabric strips. I am guessing the TaDah is a little zippered cosmetic bag. It will be beautiful, I am sure.


How do I create a blog? Which site do you use?


Yay! As a quilter, I can't wait to see your creation.


That is how I have to work, in tiny little increments. My youngest is now 11, and while the window of opportunity does get larger, still these people insist of having to eat every single day! If it weren't for that, I might get more done:)

Andrea Saunders

Hi Lucy.
Thanks for all of the lovely colours you show. I'm not normally a bright colour girl but things are a-changin! I have used your pattern to make a ripple blanket for a special someone's 21st and am currently crocheting hexagons to make one of my daughters a blanket also. Keep the inspiration coming!! I'll post a photo of my ripple blanket on my blog shortly (new to this blogging thing so I'm trying to work it all out).
Take care


I hear you - you basically described my little bits of crafty time. I'm excited to see what you are going to make with your strips.

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