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April 21, 2012


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Liza Flores

I love the way you talk about your family and home. Such wonderful memories for your little ones to have. I love the color of you wonderful beauties that you crochet. Your blog always brings a smile!!!!!
Best wishes to you and your loved ones!
A friend from Texas


The cupcakes look too good to be eaten! Those hearts are gorgeous!

I spy some crocheting cotton - can't wait to see what that is transformed into!


I fear the day when my little boy doesn't need a pram anymore and I can't commandeer it for bag carrying!

Elizabeth Hansen

Lucy-Sunshine! That's what you are...sunshine despite the gloomy gray gathering glum! How's that for alliteration or assonance or whatever the literary term is! Your blog posts help me keep on going with my own crochet, hand embroidery, sewing projects. How sweet you are! What lovely cupcakes! Curiosity is getting to me about the spools of crochet thread or embroidery thread in your bowl! Hmmmm...wondering what you will be showing us with that! I'm getting curioser and curioser! And it's raining buckets here in Pennsylvania today, too! Blagh! Hugs, Elizabeth Hansen


olá meu nome é georgia sou do brasil, tudo que voce faz e muito lindo, desculpe escrever em portugues, não sei ingles.


Getting back into a routine can be such a lovely feeling I think :) I've just written about our break from routine actually.
Loving your new ripple, the colours are sooo gorgeous!

Pom Pom

I love the toadstool lamp! Want!
Oh, I hope the sun shines very soon, Lucy!


Your home is so lovely and cheerful! Makes me want to get up out of my chair this minute and do a little dusting. :)


Glad it's not just me who's feeling grey and damp!! And coming back from a holiday is always hard,; never ending loads of washing, trying to find things to occupy little ones (Niblet is 2, as well!!)
I learnt something new whilst away, crochet!!Some basics achieved under the watchful eye of my mum-in-law, but less successful when trying on my own. I will persevere with my £1 ball of wool and donated hooks.

idiosyncratic eye

We have a proper granny trolley cum hobo cart for such purposes, it may not be classy but it does the job! Your photos and words were just the encouragement I needed this manky afternoon. :)


Hi Lucy! I just started following your blog a few weeks ago when a friend recommended it. I was looking for interesting things to read about crocheting and she suggested I check out your blog, and I was instantly hooked (haha). I've been reading back through your archives and I can't believe how similar we are. I love so many of the same things you do. I am a stay-at-home mom of two children, a boy (6) and a girl (3); we live in New Mexico (USA). I love to crochet and have decided to use your Neat Ripple tutorial to make my own Ripple afghan. I'm about 35 rows into it now. I think I'd like to try Granny Squares next. I notice so many things we have in common, though; I also have a rainbow maker, in my kitchen! I love fabrics and bright colors; I've got some of the same fabric you used in your wicker chair's cover, Kaffe Fassett, I think. It's so much fun to see what you do in your daily life; I find it really fascinating and interesting that we can be so similar and live so far apart. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that your blog is very inspiring to me, and helps motivate me to keep doing a good job with mothering, homemaking, crafting, cooking and all the rest. :)

Just Gai

I used to use my children's old Silver Cross pushchair to transport my Fairtrade stall goods from our house to the church and back. Not having a car I couldn't have done it otherwise.

I love your red heart sprinkles and am delighted to learn that Bake Yourself Happy has a shop in Bath. I'll have to pop in next time I visit.

Anne Marie

Hi! I am way over here in the States and today is a rainy and gray day. I am at home with my little one and feeling a bit bored and uninspired. I thought to myself, I wonder what Lucy is doing? as though you were a pal down the way. I love your blog and think of you as...well, a pal down the way. I love to peek in on you to see what new creativeness you might be up to, be it a new hooky project or an experimental something from the oven or a new configuration of loveliness on your mantel. Your photos inspire me so much and bring me (and I am sure many, many others) immeasurable happiness!! Thank you! xoxo

J Munro

It's always sad to come home after you've been away. I don't have that problem myself seeing as I live in Brighton on the south coast - so I guess I kind of live on holiday! I've been reading your blog since I taught myself to crochet 2 years ago with a book and YouTube but I rarely comment as you have so many comments as it is!

I thought it would be nice to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog though - I even check it on my phone when I'm on the bus & always hope you've posted something new. You're a creative inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you Lucy. x

Leslie W

I love to hear you talking about your home and blessings -- makes me realize again that it's the simple things, like thread in a pretty bowl, that makes life delicious. Thank you for sharing your home with us.


I've had a lovely catch up read of your week at the seaside, what a wonderful time you had.
Lots of lovely memories to chase away the gllomy dull days of the April showers. I hope you are having a lovely weekend with your family. xx


I think your dual-purpose carrier is a fine idea! I appreciate wheels. Just yesterday my poor old wheelbarrow suddenly went wonky and fell over as I was pushing a load of (slightly used) hay to the compost pile. Investigation revealed that the axle had slid out of it's holder-thing on one side. Yikes. I had never before paid much attention to the axle - or even noticed the holders - so this sudden crisis was quite a surprise! I looked at the five 50-pound bags of grain in the back of my car (hen and goat feed), and then...I figured out how to get the axle back in place and adjust the axle-holder things. Very satisfying! Wheels: SO important!


I am amazed at your endless creativity. It shines from every corner of your house! Oh how your colors inspire me :) I discovered your blog this winter during the cold, grey months and it is always a sunshiny addition to any day.


I need to get motivated and clean my house from top to bottom :) I can't wait to see what you do with the embroidery threads!

Candice Borrett

Ummm . . . Grey, cold and windy in Georgetown Ontario, too. I must vacuum and dust, too, but a certain sweater needs finishing before we come to the UK in May. I hear the weather forecast is less than wonderful, but that doesn't really matter because I'll be in England!


Despite the bad weather, there's nothing gloomy about your photos ! Looking at them is always refreshing !
Sonia (from the North of France where the weather is also extremely wet)


Sorry you have had some miserable weather! Hopefully it clears up soon! Look at it this way: if it was lovely sunny weather, you would probably want to spend it outside and your lovely home blessings would be sadly put aside! At least this way you got it all done :) Have a good week Lucy!


Yes the pushchair sounds great for saving ones arms & back..l use my sons wheelchair to fold up clothes , place on chair & then push into each room to put clothes, linen away..It too is a great back saver... Best Wishes.. Hahnsmum..


You have created a little oasis of domestic bliss! The weather is really getting me down, but even your laundry lookes cheerful with all those lovely colours! I remember missing my pushchair when the children grew out of it- invaluable for piling in the shopping! you can get quite funky trolleys now, but I guess that can wait till your little one has no more need of his wheels!


I know that struggle to get back into routine SO well. I've similarly battled this week after the start of the summer term but I've submerged myself into my patchwork, in quiet moments and surprised myself by finishing 2 quilts! The house is a bit of a tip though - I'm jealous of your tidying but share your love of fresh flowers - red tulips this week!

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