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March 25, 2012


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I've been similar this weekend- but without the caffeine. Not ready to plant seeds yet, but getting there- so much to do in the garden and such lovely weather for doing it.
I too have that bowl- the orangey one with the green circle...used to grow cactus in it.How funny seeing it in another kitchen!
I collected lots of seeds from the garden last year,need to sort them and then, let sowing commence!


Mucha suerte con tus lindas semillas, feliz floración.


Oh i sooooooooo understand. i've just planted last year's seeds of sweetpeas - and they popped their heads out in about a week! i always plant nasturtiums, love them, but this year i couldn't find them - not in the market and not in my seed stock.

BTW - as much fun as it is to buy and plant them and watch them grow, it is even a greater fun to collect the seeds when they're dry, and plant them again next year. it's a little like having grandchildren :) i've gone this way from 10 sweetpeas last year to about 60 at the moment, and counting...


Well! I do declare! is that all there is to it? Rightio! I am going to have to seek out a cappuccino, then retrieve my "few" years old seeds from their hiding place and get planting. I have always wanted a wild flower mix in the garden....this year? it's going to happen.

Thank you Lucy x

Maggie Moore

Thanks for reminding me it's already seed planting time! This year is flying past way too quickly for my liking! Maggie xx


LOL! From the comments it looks like a lot of us are seed buyers but not necessarily seed planters. I have been thinking along these same lines. I need to collect my many seed packets and just plant them. If they come up, great. If not, well they're doing me no good still in their little packets. May as well try. Look forward to seeing your colorful patio (that might not be the right word but you know what I mean).

Jen Y

So all I needed was a good jolt of caffeine to get my garden cleaned up & planted?! Who knew! :o)

I hope all your seeds grow & bloom profusely. I know just how excited you are.

Teresa Kasner

Good for you!! I look forward to watching them grow on your blog and seeing the results of your efforts. I've been crocheting Easter eggs.. I showed some on my blog yesterday and gave the pattern.. I bet your littlies would enjoy some of them! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi Lucy, Love your blog! It's very inspiring. I planted seeds for the first time last weekend and have been very excited watching them grow. I'm a bit nervous about keeping the seedlings alive and thriving though! Good luck with your seeds. I hope they bring you lots of excitement.

Lisa G.

Calendula in a colander - pretty clever. :)


Looking forward to seeing your caffeine infused creations in full bloom :)


Oh I can't wait to see them grown! So pretty they will be!


Hi Lucy! I love your blog. I've learnt how to knit with your tutorials and enjoy a lot your photos, your knitting, the flowers... everything!
I do my own planting too, Calendulas and tomatos were my last.
Thanks for your dayly posts!


ooooh ive been planting seeds this weekend too.
I was so excited about the pumpkin i grew last year i couldnt actually bring myself to eat it!


Lovely post, getting ready for a wonderful spring-summer full of color and flowers, thanks for the time you spent doing all the seeding and sharing it with all of us.


What fun you are having playing in dirt!!

Every year I say I am going to plant some flowers. Maybe this year I will actually do it.

Thanks for the colorful photos.


Hi Lucy , loved this post. I think we all have unopened packets of seeds....at least you could find yours :0)
I LOVE sweet peas, as you may remember and I'm also hoping to grow some other cutting varieties this year.
Great pictures with your lovely lollipop labels. Right , need to remember where my seed archive is !!
Jacquie x


Oooh I love the colander Lucy! Thanks for your lovely email, I've been off blogging these past few weeks through lack of time more than anything else (new job is full on and exhausting but very good, if all that's possible!) and the bloomin camera conked out too.

Anyway, back in the groove now and I too have been sowing and planting. Hasn't this weekend been marvellous. Can't believe how lucky we are to get this weather in March.

Your garden's going to look marvellous. I must get some nastursiums started off too and I love the look of those dark sunflowers. I feel a seed shopping trip coming on tomorrow!
take care


Love your blog. I was inspired by your flowering bulbs to buy a pot of tulips yesterday. I smile every time I look at them!


I love planting seeds, but am pretty rubbish at the "plant maintenance" side of things. For the last few years I've had a pretty unsuccessful veg patch along with a collection of slightly-more-successful pots. This year I'm garden-less and rather enjoying not having to plant anything! (I'm not sure that'll last - eventually there'll be a few pots on windowsills!)

That stained/painted glass section is a fabulous design - is it something you made yourself?!


You can get a "masonry bit" for an electric drill that will bore holes into even the hardest pottery (porcelain) so that you will provide much-needed oxygen to tiny plant roots. Without it they will perish eventually, and the soil may take on an unpleasant anaerobic smell. Drill several holes per pot and problem is solved! (rocks do nothing to provide oxygen)


oh my goodness! well, opinions are just that--"the eye of the beholder", and all that... I love the way Lucy shows how introducing color into a home, and by making things herself, she can create a happy comfy home. Sowing plants from seeds bought, saved, or traded is one example of her thrift. Using colorful yarns to create furnishings for her home is another. Everyone's budget is different. I hoe we all can take inspriation from her ideas and translate them into projects that fit out own budgets.


You bought coffee, you bought seeds, you bought a colander, bought, bought, bought.

Yesterdays post, you bought, bought, bought.

This used to be a great blog but now it's all about your spending and aquiring habits.

Great for you that you can afford to eat out in cafes (coffees a few times a week? £££'s) but we're getting sick of having it rammed down our throats. Not all of us can afford to stay at home and SPEND on trivial things. Fresh flowers bought every week? Numerous pots of bulbs? All chronicled on your blog.

Thrifty you're not! Spendthrift? YES.


Well done and don't worry too much about potting on - they will probably flower well even when all crammed in together.
If you do the same in 3 weeks time - after coffee of course - you will then have flowers for longer.

Enjoy Lucy.


I love your enthusiasm for planting. It's contagious!

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