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March 25, 2012


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Helena, you need a margarita and you need it now. Girl, get a grip!


You always make me laugh. I, too, collect those seeds and look at the packets over and over. Today I got busy and actually planted some, too. If you were in the states, I'd send you some of my seeds. My cousin tried to send me some heirloom tomato seeds through the mail, she didn't label them and Homeland Security sent them back to her. HAHA Gotta run... I have to soak and clean these nails as I didn't wear gloves. Just love digging in the soil like the wee ones!


Dear Lucy, please know that we visit the attic to see your flowers, bulbs and second-hand colanders and to hear about your coffee outings and seed planting, as well as your beautiful crochet projects. You enrich all our lives by sharing your pleasure in little treats and remind us to find the small happinesses in our own lives too, along with the deeper joys of family and home. Keep colouring our days with your lovely blog.


Well done, Lucy! I look forward to seeing how your garden grows. I cut up some egg cartons today, to put on my bedroom windowsill, got potting mix yesterday and with my two little grand girls plan to plant some pansy seeds I did not plant last year (: ...better late than never...I hope! <3


Go for it! But you'll need a piggybank-type container on your windowsill to save up & pay for the real coffee 'fuel' for your gardening challenge. ;-)


Oh the caffeine. How about 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf. Just an idea. Don't ever stop blogging. You are great at it. I think a novel could be made from it. I'd buy it. About Morning Glories. I know you have a wonderful courtyard. I grow mine up and over an old childs bike frame. Looks cute and thought it may be an idea for you. Saves space too. Please keep us up-to-date with pics of your seedlings. Just cut enough miniature tulips to fit into a demi-tasse cup. (Your inspiration to use small containers for vases). Thanks from one happy reader in Canada.


I seldom post comments or even really read them but I was motivated to do so today. Thanks for the inspiration that you provide. Your joy in the smallest of things is contagious! I love how you can take the smallest of things like a dented colander purchased at a thrift shop and make it a thing of beauty! Wish I was half as clever ( or motivated). Well done Lucy, well done!



Now I how this doesn't sound too stalkerish, but I only live just down the road from you and I'm desperate to find a good coffee shop! Could you tell me the name of that coffee shop? I know of two amazing places in Leeds, but I really don't want to have to hop to the big city when I want a good cuppa!

As ever, adore your blog. You do make me want to break my blog hiatus!

Susanne Tyree

I think a lot of us are guilty of the same thing where we buy the seeds and have every intention of planting them but find them later hidden in that bowl in the drawer, cupboard or elsewhere.
Susanne :)


Excellent work! Would you believe that morning glory is a noxious weed here!

claudia w

Helena darling...I'm so sorry you feel that way. I can't spend a dime on anything, but when I read Lucy's accountings of her days, it cheers me up no end! And Lucy gives me fantastic ideas of things I can do with stuff already here in my home that make me smile.

claudia w

I cannot wait to watch your pretty little flower garden grow! keep us posted!!!


I plant cutting flowers and then can't take them from the garden and end up taking my chair to them.


It's the end of summer here in Woy Woy, Australia, and not much doing in the flower garden . . . I agree that even one flower in a little bottle/vase/jar is a lovely thing and that's what is happening in my house these days - I'm also a great fan of just greenery in a vase.


Lovely post and I can't wait to see the results of your hard work, but I had to smile when you wrote that you were planting seeds bought four years ago. Today I planted some hollyhock seeds bought, wait for it, in 1984!
I think I may have been wasting my time....


Did you know that the nasturtium flowers are edible and delicious and super colourful in a salad?


A colander, what a brilliantly simple idea. I must dash down to the local op shop and see if I can find some!
xXx Helen


And just think if you struggle to get to each of the follow on steps in seed nurturning you have the perfect excuse to pop to the coffe shop for that much needed buzz!


Sounds like you had a great day. Love the colander planting - will keep that in mind when rummaging in the charity shops. I haven't got round to planting any flower seeds yet, just the broad beans. Niblet planted (well, grandma planted) some Nasturtiums in his newly designated lttle plot last weekend. They will look great and taste fantastic, too. The leaves and flowers are both edible and are quite peppery, yummy in a salad.


You will do a great plant-mama job! How awesome for little B to watch too! You could put him on watering duty ;)

Can't wait to see posts in months to come with your beautiful garden inspiring me for my NewZealand spring!

I'm the same - buy seeds every year and neglect to plant them. I tried last spring but went away on holiday and they all fried. *sigh*

Rachael Iddon

Karen, that was so well said. That nasty comment has put a real damper on my pleasure in reading this so I can only imagine how it made poor Lucy feel. Isn't it strange how a hundred people can write something nice but one ratty comment is what sticks in your mind. Anyway, I suppose it should just be forgotten about. You certainly don't have to justify your lifestyle in cyberspace! Personally I was thinking "Well done Lucy" for getting out and doing some gardening. I've got three bags of seed potatoes to plant and I can tell they are going to be very late this year....

idiosyncratic eye

Yay, well done! Goodness knows how much gardening I could do with caffeine in _my_ system! ;)


Hi Lucy... I love your blog...You smile at the world with everything you do:)

Karen Hillier

Ah, Lucy it looks like you had a really lovely time! I have been pottering about in my little garden today planting some summer bulbs :) I have been living in my house for 5 years now and my garden is now FULL UP but I still keep cramming things in!! I just love planting new things and watching them grow - makes me smile after even the most horrible days :)
love from Karen xx

Note To Other Readers - my mum always said to me as a child "If you can't say something nice, then don't say anything at all" In this situation I translate that to mean - if you don't like Lucy's blog then don't read it. No need to be nasty.


Ha, seed packets! Loads of them here - stuffed at the back of the kitchen cupboard - they even moved house with us. Will I plant them? who knows! They're so out of date I don't know if anything would come of them anyway.
Have a good week

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