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March 25, 2012


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Good to know I am not alone in buying seeds that never get planted. I have plans to remedy that this year as well. :-)


Great planting! I love the colander idea. I might give it a try. I have planted in a couple of tin baths so far this year, why not a colander too?

Laura Miller

Well done you!!! Such an exciting project and the little ones will love watching them grow too. Just keep the caffeine handy for those 'maintenance' days... xxx


Lucy, I just wondered if your bowls are the best idea for seed growing, as they have no drainage, the roots will get soggy and rot, but don't want to sound preachy and I -know-best! love your blog and always look forward to a dose of the Attic


I think the comments clearly show which side of the fence we all sit. The VAST majority love your beautiful blog Lucy. Just make sure you keep that at the front of your mind. The rest are not worth even a tiny thought.


@Helena....no one is FORCING you to log into the internet, indeed no one is forcing you to read this blog, no one is FORCING you to try to write constructive or positive comments (or if that proves impossible, nothing at all) but it would be nice if you could try. :-)


I like the labelled 'lolly sticks' do they come with the packet of seeds?

I accept I'm not going to hear back about ideas for Staithes and around from you, or Heather ;p-


Brenda England

Lucy, do introduce some Nasturtium blossoms to a salad. Not only do you get a colourful salad, the blossoms have a peppery taste. I also love Sweet Peas(the more you pick to release their fragrance in your house, the more they blossom), Morning Glories, and Cosmos (I like to see them sway in the breeze). Have you ever planted Four O'clocks with their varied colours on one plant? Nasturtims, sweet peas, cosmos and four o'clocks in Canada can be planted directly into the soil as soon as we are sure the ground won't freeze anymore.
I plant my garden when I am able to put my bare bum on the soil in the middle of night without feeling cold. Or at least that is what I tell everyone that asks me when they should start planting.
Brenda in Canada

angela-southern USA

In my opinion,you can NEVER have too many flowers:)That's what I'm up to today,working on a new flower bed,dreaming of what all I'll plant in it..happy,happy.Need to dig out all those old seeds too:0)You're not the only one.I can just see those morning glories climbing up your wall.Well better get back to my happy work before it gets too hot,have a good one.


You have reminded me that it is seed planting time. I hope mine turn out as well as I am sure yours will do.


hi Lucy
I too worked hard in my garden all morning, pulling out the last dying summer plants and getting the soil ready for planting my sweet pea seeds I have. It is Autumn here by me. I always enjoy your blog. It is nice to spoil yourself every now and then and to buy little things here and there for the home. It's your life and your blog and if someone doesn't like reading about it, nobody is forcing them! Love your caravan picture too! It is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your inspiring and homely life!


wow, so jealous need to plant seeds, need coffee but pregnant and can't stand the smell of it, roll on july for that first caffine hit.

Maria Kirchner

Dear Lucy
Your blog is a most generous gift. It has shone a light on many a dark day in my life and I thank you for that.
Never stop being who you are. The world more than ever needs light and beauty, and you give both graciously.
[email protected]


I am shocked that a reader would criticise you for buying the odd coffee, and buying an old colander from a charity shop, and buying seeds, which cost a fraction of the price of plants. You bring us such a huge amount of pleasure, with your lovely pics and excellent writing, and you inform and enthuse us. Some people may have a different budget, but the fact that they can leave a comment shows that they have free access to your wonderful blog. They should be grateful x

Jenny Dobbie

I totally agree with Karen Hillier. Lucy, I love your blog, and do so many, many other people, you have reminded so many of us to slow down, enjoy the little things in life, some of which do cost a small amount of money!!! Many a time that little coffee treat has cheered me up no end. I wait for each post as if were a present and read it r-e-a-lly slowly so it doesn't end too soon! Looking forward to the next one.

Carolain de España

Hi Lucy!

This is my first message, but not the last one, in your blog.

First, I wish my english will be good enough to make me understand... Sorry for it!!!!

I´ve been reading (aaaaaaaaaaaall) your blog for the last two weeks, and I really enjoyed it!! It is amazing!!! It is... colorful, inspirating and funny!

I'm a new crochetter (maybe I have just invented a new word...) and I love it!!!

Now, I must update my blog... but I lost my camera :(

It was nice to meet you and your blog!!!


I love cosmos! Had some for the first time last summer!!! And I also really like your 24 butterfly!!!


I feel compelled to write another comment in response to Helena's. Lucy, your blog gives so much pleasure to thousands of people. Your posts are honest, colourful and inspiring and always an absolute joy. I do sincerely hope you have not been upset by one self-righteous prig. Helena, in future may I suggest you keep your rude embittered opinions to yourself? Lucy is under no obligation to provide a moral compass and your suggestion that she should has made me, for one, extremely cross. I would do a little work on that enormous chip on your shoulder and be far more frugal with your opinions.

Edith van der Bol

This is a personal foto/memoryblog. Don't forget that. And if you are not happy with this blog than don't read it. I am a huge fan of Lucy and her colorful life. Her stories make me more happy.
Love you Lucy! Thanks for sharing!


Lucy. I am sad to read the comments of Helena, Please don't take them to heart. I am a stay at home mum. I have £30 a week to get me and the kids through..My partner's wages support OUR choice for me to stay home and care for the kids as it is cheaper than childcare. This means we are not well off at all; but like you, I try to make our kids have a wonderful happy, full life. Twice a month I buy fresh flowers, Carnations, they last weeks at the cost of about £1.50 a bunch. I bought five packets of seeds on Ebay - cost no more than £3.50 all in. I bought three old 20s jugs from the jumble sale to plant the seeds in, £0.50p. As you and I know, you don't HAVE to spend lots of money to have nice things. It doesn't matter what you choose to spend, it is YOUR life. Don't let people like Helena make you feel bad. You aren't shoving your spending down our throats, it is YOUR blog which WE come here and choose to read. WE all love your colour and words, they cheer us all up in these rubbish times where *some people* make us feel like we have to be saints!

You have inspired us all to craft, create and enjoy our lives and IMO this blog, your choices.. make the world a happier place. In a time where none of us have much money, some none at all, we should try and find pleasure in the little joful things, like seeds, jars of flowers, bulbs in the sunshine. In this case it is your blog and your love of the little things that makes us feel good. This *isn't* spendthrifting. Maybe if you had bought a few full-grown trees, some giant bouquets of roses a few times a week and bag upon bag of top-quality yarn, followed by freshly ground coffee five or six times a day then it would be. But even then it wouldn't matter. It is your life, your money and your choice to spend it how you wish.. and it fuels us all with ideas, joy and inspiration...Not many people can say they make so many people happy each day of their lives?! Think about that!

Thank you. From someone who is really is NOT well off financially, YOU make me feel well off in life.. and that feeling is free xxx


I think you might just be responsible for a lot of neglected seeds finally seeing the light of day!

Speaking as someone who can't afford a pot to pee in (can barely afford to pee!) I love how you use spending on small - attainable to more than not even if not me - fripparies to build happiness out of all proportion to the spend. You are a constant reminder that its not what you spend, or even whether you can spend at all that matters, but your attitude.
I have an old pot (holey, won't hold pee ;) and some ancient seeds that I have been inspired to dig out and apply one to the other. No spending involved, but rather a lot of happiness I suspect.

Thank you


Love your colander planting and those labels... Did you do that lovely lettering yourself?
I tend to be a bit over the top with seed planting - can't quite remember that less is more with seeds and tend to saturate the seed tray which is not good news when everything comes up far too close together! Happy watching for tiny leaves!
BTW you have won one of my Spring aprons in my giveaway!
Elizabeth xx


Woo hoo, will be waiting for first small small leaves:) The flowers you planted would be definitely looking gorgeous!
We also have marigold in one of our pots, a light yellow tint. These flowers are also good to be used as tea and other home remedies :)
P.S. Lucy, your blog is so homely! Thanks for writing it! Thank also for looking into my blog :)
Take care!


I like the flowers you sowed. Looking forward seeing them grow.
Maybe you should have waited for the full moon to sow them.

Glenda Childers

Hi Lucy, planting seeds will give you great pleasure. I have been gardening for years and love it, I'm in my sixties now and have to limit myself to only a few hours a day. Plant some larkspur and next year they pop up on their own, they love cool weather. Happy planting.

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