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March 11, 2012


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Deb Dressler

I look forward to all your posts,and all the words too. Don"t stop.


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Lovely photos! I live in the far north of Scotland now, but was born and brought up only a few miles from Ilkley - even before I read your post I recognised the park from the very first photo! Brings back lovely memories, particularly up the Cow and Calf. What beautiful weather you had that day.


You started me singing "on Ilkley moor bar tat"!! Lovely pictures. I only spent a couple of days in Yorkshire on one of my visits home, but it was beautiful countryside.

angela-southern USA

GORGEOUS!All of it,really love the tree shadow shot:)Have a good one!

Helen Spencer

Hi! I only just found your Blog. Seems we are near-neighbours in beautiful North Yorkshire (I am in Harrogate and this is me......!!! http://saveeverystep.wordpress.com)

beats by dr dre

such happiness!We are having autumn season now but the temp. will still be about 24C today; the nights are getting cooler though, lovely to pull up a quilt - summer has been so very long here in Woy Woy, Australia!


lovely tree shadow!!

Julie Clay

That tree shadow is fantastic. Looks like you had awonderful day, good! :)


What a memorable day for you! Those English parks, how I miss them! We have nothing like that here in South Africa and the other day my 7 year old said to me 'Mum, what's a play ground?'....!!! Brought tears to my eyes... lol xxx

Barbara Pankhurst

Isn't it good daydreaming about things like Connievan ? I have been thinking about our Harvey (he is a classic camper van) hubby is just giving his engine an overhaul ready for the summer ahead ! can't wait !


My husband and I are planning a trip to Oxford and Cambridge for May. I wish I had seen these pictures before!!! Such a beautiful, beautiful landscape. Our next trip that we are planning for Scotland WILL surely include this part of the world. I live in Croatia and I simply adore my little beautiful country but this!! Feels like home looking at the pictures. Thank you Lucy for sharing your pictures. You made my day! And you always know how to make a good photo!


What a soothing post, spring is springing! You asked us to remind you about the Connievan curtains WIP!! We had a lovely day in Northumberland, sat sewing in my bedraggled back yard while OH varnished my new clothes props. Decisions, the doomy bits of the dining room, or hooky in the sunshine. Guess which one won!?


Thank you for sharing your beautiful outdoorsy day! We had snow - SNOW! -again today in my corner of the world. So thankful I can soak up some happy sunshiney moments in blogland!


Were you on Ilkley Moor Bar T'at?!


Lovely countrysiedes! I love them, I love your style of writing, your photos, your stories... I love sunny Spring days!

Videa Hubbard

What a lovely day. Thanks for sharing.

Videa Hubbard

A perfect day. Lucky guys Thanks for letting us share.


Enjoy those hills, I would love to have views like that on my doorstep.
I agree, time to get the caravan out. Decorating and making it home is half the fun. Have you finished those curtains yet?


I'm now singing "on Ilkley Moor baht 'at, on Ilkley Moor baht 'at..." (or however it's spelled!). Looks lovely.

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