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March 10, 2012


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Very beautifull!!!! You are an inspiration!!!!


That looks great! Especially the hanging cups, very nice. Treat yourself to a cookie and a nice cup of coffee, you deserved it! Perhaps this is a sign that I should put my room(s) of doom under control also?

Thanks for the inspiration Lucy :)


All I can say is "Can you come over here and do mine?" They look fabulous!

Fleur Cotton

Well done Lucy!

Can you come round and do mine??????????

Fleur xx


Wow - what a wonderful transformation. You've put so much hard work in (not the easiest thing with a toddler underfoot) and it looks so homely and welcoming. We're part way through re-organising the office/garage/studio of doom but our progress is more tortoise like - we'll get there in the end though I hope!


I love the shelves of bliss, I have shelves of terror in my dining room - they're freestanding ones that look like they belong in an office... husband chose them and I have covered with a pretty wall hanging in my shame...your beautiful shelves are what I would truely love in place of them and you have so many lovely things to live on them too :)

Kris Reeder

Yes its fantastic and you should be justly proud of yourself. You also need to have some sort of ongoing maintenance routine to avoid it getting bad again




I know that feeling all to well - the clutter/shelves of doom. Then about 4 times a year, the DOOM place gets uncluttered, love it. But then force of habit kick in and it get all cluttered up again.
It's changing THAT, that is the way ahead.

Congrats on the bliss.

Mrs Feetup

Hi Lucy, I've not posted before, but i pop in quite often to enjoy your wonderful blog. You inspired me to learn to crochet - which is definitely a work in progress!

Just a quick tip regarding shelving the area you speak about in this post, if you want thick chunky rustic shelves then thing about using scaffolding planks. Not as barmy as i sound, once treated they look amazing, and if you have friendly builder, they could work out quite cheap too!

Looking forward to you next adventure!



Your Shelves of Bliss look FAB!! Imagine my shock today when I logged onto FlyLady (on Facebook) and her cover is MY LOUNGE!!!! Never thought it would be good enough for anything let alone that!!!

Pleeeaase take a look Luce.....and I love yours...keep Flying!

K x


Wow, you did a great job!


Are you kidding me? Do you know how many people have shelves, closets, pantries etc. that are so messy!? I'm one of them and it's so fun to see another person with the same problem, tackle it and make it 'right' again. You did a splendid job! It looks terrific. It's contagious. Your bloggy readers are cleaning off their shelves and cleaning out their closets.


Oh Lucy can you come over and do the same to my place?? Just a small 24hr flight to Australia? Pretty please? ♥

Julie Fox

Lucy, you have inspired me to get my rear in gear and clean up all my bliss piles around the house! I miss that feeling of accomplishment! Well done! :)

teresa ap de aquino soranso

Olá, Lucy! Adoro suas estantes, são lindas e cheias de objetos com história. Adoro também o colorido de tudo que você faz, há harmonia mesmo numa profusão de cores. Tudo lindo! Parabéns!


Loving the shelves! Can't beleive i have the exact same home books on my shelve in my sitting room including the new Homespun Style! Clearly you have excellent taste in books! x

idiosyncratic eye

[applause] [cheers] Your friend is a complete brick and you're an absolute star to have done that, I have an entire house of doom looming large on my conscience so you have provided much needed inspiration and hope, thank you. It looks absolutely beautiful and I love your teapot collection. :)


Do you do that thing where everytime you enter the room you stand back and admire your handiwork? I've just cleared out my airing cupboard which was in a similar state to your shelves and I'm afraid to admit that I do!! It all looks lovely, Lucy.


This post has brought tears to my eyes. You should be so proud of yourself as it's a brilliant achievement. I found the flylady through your blog and she's made such a difference to my untidy ways. It's so nice to see all your beautiful things displayed and free of clutter.

Jackie Fenwick

I feel like I can learn so much about your use of color by reading your beautiful blog. We are a military family and often rent homes with a, shall we say, "clean palette". You seem to have started with a mostly blank canvas but everywhere you photograph, color just pops and looks so glorius and inviting. I just love how cheerful and colorful your home is. I am taking notes!


The first after photo genuinely made me gasp! My house has lots of shelves of doom! Well done Lucy. Thank you for making me realise I'm normal and not the only one facing an ongoing battle with stuff x


You have done a brilliamt job Lucy. If you ever want to do more, you are welcome round my house anytime, ha ha. You deserve a cuppa and put your feet up for a few minutes.x


It looks great! My husband and I started our declutter three years ago. We started with the "Storage Room" and worked our way through to the attic. We have our backslides, but we are keeping at it. Good luck with yours!

Margaret Powling

I see there are hundreds of comments, and I would love to read them but if I did I'd never get anything done myself, har, har!
But on looking at all your 'stuff' on the shelves now, and although they look so much better than before, what would be nice is if you evened up the edges of the books at the front. I use to help out in a 2nd hand bookshop occaisonally, and we always brought the books in line to the front, it looks so much better than pushing them back to the wall. Anyway, just a thought! Other than that, a splendid effort. Now, what's in the cupboards below ...?
Margaret P


Wow! What a post. I find it riveting to hear about scooping up and clearing out! Why is that??? I recently did the same, took me several months and did my whole house! I feel light as a feather, but still have too much. So now I am super careful about what I bring into this house. You were sweet to share it all.

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