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March 10, 2012


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Emma Barnett

I know that this post is from March 2012 so that's...crikey, 18months ago!! But I'm just catching up with all the archives as im fairly new to the attic! I just had to comment and say how really lovely and homely the shelves look!! Reading through the post I found myself so excited to see the after pics and could just imagine the joy and excitement you felt coming down in the morning and seeing them all sorted :)

We have a shelving unit here which has 3 shelves and a double door cupboard underneath and they too gather all sorts of junk (currently the star trek film box set, 2 library books, some magazines and my purse to name just a few things!!!)

I really do find you so inspiring and its so easy to relate to your feelings on life in general. I'm enjoying working my way through the archives and thank you dearly for being so generous with your patterns, you have such talent for simplifying yet making the end result so very pretty and satisfying. Keep being you :)

Much love, Emma xx


Where did you get that picture of a bush/tree on the righthand Shelves of Bliss? You used to have it on the mantel shelf.


I wish to see my shelving system neat like this. Whenever my kids is finding something it seems a dragon blow on it.


Oo wow, you definitely tidied those up well! They're still covered in stuff, but arranged in such a way that it looks stylish, not messy :) Unfortunately I do this a lot and then a few days later it's a mess again - so if you're anything like me you'll have to make a rule to never put new things on the shelves without taking a second to arrange them nicely! ;)


What a fantastic post, your shelves look amazing now!

We have a lot of these messy areas in our house and I'm finding it really hard to tackle them, this post is definitely making me feel more positive, bring on the decluttering!

Thanks for sharing (glad it's not just me)

Trina xx


Congrats on the organizing and decluttering! I've been reading a lot of decluttering books and blogs during my daughter's in-arms naps (and putting the ideas into practice when I have my arms to myself!) doesn't it feel great?!

I've been really inspired by "the unclutterer," "unf* your habitat" on tumblr, and the hairpin's "ask a clean person" series.

I love your colorful style, and I love how the tidy while shelves highlight all the awesome bits and bobs!


lots more room for more books now Lucy !!
amazon here we come?

Proje Çantası

This is soooo hard work at home.
You are a superwoman :))


Lucy Kennedy

Lucy, your shelves look so wonderful after all your hard work! I'd love a special place like this to display my favourite books and things. Well done for your big Spring clean. I'm off to go and tidy my shelves now too. I love following your blog, and after a super busy week at work I'm enjoying catching up on your posts I haven't had chance to read...a really lovely way to relax :-) Thank you x

Anne de Jong

Your shelves are so recognizable! I just discovered your blog and I love reading it. Especially everything about your crochet work. Thank you for your inspiration!

Anne, Holland.


This post made me laugh out loud - I too have shelves of doom / despair. I now feel quite motivated to tackle them, but perhaps not brave enough for my own before & after!


I love your blog and especially a post like this! It's very inspiring! Do you mind your posts being pinned on Pinterest? I have a couple of your patterns pinned there but if you'd prefer it, I will take them down. Thanks!


merci pour ton blog.


amazing and so beautiful. well done lucy. loving the new cat, i have spied a lovely owl in her shop for myself at some point.
love the beautiful attic 24 vase on display,
jo xxx


Hi Lucy - I'm new to your blog and loving every second. I'd like you to know I talked about your before and after pictures to an organising group I ran last week. Being from Australia, you could say that you are inspiring the world!Congrats!!!
(Just an idea for dealing with paperwork - Lissanne Oliver's trick is "use the 4 F's" - file, flick, forward and finish. Done!)
Love Stela x


I would so love to have the energy, patience or time it takes to get this organised... reading this i felt as though you were describing exactly what happens to all our things, shuffled from one pil to another with the final one transformed to a mountain in no time at all =] thanks for being so inspirational! off to find my paper mountain to tidy... well maybe after a bit more crochet and a cup of tea =]


Love the finished result :) I am just starting my spring cleaning and I seem to have made the whole house look like your shelves of doom! I will just have to look at your after pics to keep me going :)

angela-southern USA

WELL DONE LUCY!!Now to keep it that way,I can never get everyone on board with that concept!I have SO many "hot zones" in my house I should just call it "THE HOUSE OF DOOM".We're in the middle of renovating our bedroom.Then I found some HUGE oak cabinets(estate sale)for upstairs storage.Having to move more stuff to get them in place,needless to say it's a mess!Here's to the light at the end of the tunnel!


Well, it looks fantastic now. So much work... Don't be embarrased, I think we all have the same "clutter" problem at home. You should see mine and I don't have kids.


So proud of you! Been in your shoes & still trying so hard to organize & keep it that way! My next big project is my sewing room but first I have to finish up a bunch of small jobs so that my mind will be clear & I can stay focused on it.....take care!
Patti in Pa


p.s. I have a DESK OF DOOM! something that I have to try to do with regularly, paper breeds so quickly (like wire coathangers)


Well done Lucy... they look brilliant! Thank goodness for Flylady too... 7 things to throw away is such a good idea, for 7 mins you can achieve so much..do you use a timer? I have done in the past and I get more done in 7 mins than I can do all morning..now I am into "dressed to shoes" every morning.. The saying goes "you cant organise clutter" and it is so true. I try but have learnt it doesnt work. I recognise some of your books too. My latest favourite is the Crochet Inspirations by Sasha Kagan.


Whoo hooooo. What a transformation. And a big cheer for your friend who stopped by each day to buoy your spirits and offer a helping hand with lil b while you got busy on those shelves. As a mother to a 21mo old I understand how hard it can be to get work done with an ankle-biter underfoot!!!

Your shelves are lovely lovely, especially the one with your enamel ware collection!!!

One small tip I learned from my husband (he is an anti-pile-er while I am a pile-er-extraordinare): if one has something that needs to be put it its proper place, and it can be put it its proper place in fewer than 2 minutes, then go ahead and put it away. Sometimes I "cheat" and make a pile of stuff to put away, then I take 10 or 15 minutes to put the whole pile away--otherwise I'd constantly be running from room to room.. After which I reward myself with a bit of craft time!!!


WOW Lucy! I've been gone a few days and did not take my computer with me. I come home to this!!! Shelves of doom have been cleaned up! You have almost motivated me to get busy and clear out my room of doom! almost..but I keep using the excuse that I'm moving. You should be proud of yourself. And isn't it great having friends that care enough to stop by every day at 2;30? I can't wait to see what else you've been up to.

I went to Las Vegas over the weekend and took my crocheting. Proably the only person there with crocheting except my cousin-in-law! I started on another "Lucy Bag." I want a smaller one.

Cindy Bee


Well done!!! :)

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