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March 20, 2012


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A lovely day out,great pictures as ever


hi, we live only half an hour from heysham it's a lovely place to escape to for a quick seaside fix. I noticed the beach you go to but I was just wondering if you ever go to the less pretty part by the power station? There is a free little carpark opposite and a little beach cafe when it's open. But the best bit is the beach, loads more little rock pools than the main beach and loads and loads of seaglass and shells. we love it x


Sounds like a fabulous day!

p.s. www.allsorts.typepad.com is a blog I think you would enjoy.


Oh how I love the sea too! I grew up near to where you live now, and very rarely went to the seaside as a child. I now live (and have for the past ten years) very close to the sea, and love it so much, even in the middle of winter. It really does lift and invigorate the spirits.

(and I have a wee one who does exactly the same with stones and a bucket!)


I have these feelings too which seem to last for ages the sudden urge to get a sea fix..To sit on a bench looking out to sea eating the lovely freshly caught fish with chips mmmmmmmmm...but sadly as i live slap bang in the middle of England .its always a 2hr or more trip to the nearest beach..BUT this year im hoping to get my sea fix too..
many thanks for your lovely blog..i love to drop in and see what your upto next..you have inspired me a lot with your crochet..many thanks


We're about 3 hours from the nearest beach, and it's positively painful. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. :)

Emma Roberts

Wow - what a lovely post! So sea salty lovely! Makes me want to go run on the beach & shout " Woooo it's Spring" :-)
Lucky for us, we live 20mins drive from the sea. Can't wait for it to be a bit warmer, so we have a barbecue on the beach.
Had to laugh at Little B's beach combing - my nephew did that at his age & also expected Atem (me) to go & fetch buckets of sea water, for him to just throw over my feet & shout "more"! Ha ha
Precious moments.
Look forward to your posts & can't wait to see what you will crochet next.

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Good Morning!

The pictures are wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

Visiting the sea sounds wonderful! It sounds us wanting to visit the mountains & ocean.

~ Susan


I get the Urge as well, we went on Sunday. Always to the same seaside, always get coffee from the same cafe, chips from the same shop...the town never changes so neither does my seaside routine!!! Love it :-)


it is a lovely lantern, just up your alley. have you ever thought of adding stained glass to your arsenal of color work?



How wonderful of J to take the day off and whisk you and Little B off to the sea! It does wonders for the soul doesn't it, the sea air! I have been hankering for it lately. Hopefully we are taking a trip to Wales at Easter time to visit family, who very conveniently live right next to it. I really cannot wait. I need it.....I soooooooneed it! Buckets and spades and a little packed picnic are just the best!

Glad you had a wonderful day there. Always so lovely to build memories!

Take care and much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

Lynne Kovan

Mmmm smashing! My favourite beach is at West Wittering East Sussex. Yours does look inviting though! Thanks for taking us along.


This brought such a smile to my face! It sounds like the best day. J was so thoughtful!


Another lovely post Lucy ~ I always love how you manage to take such wonderful photos of the places you visit, how they always manage to capture your day out beautifully. I love the sea too and am lucky to live on the coast in a beautiful little seasidey town in the South East of Scotland. I literally have to walk for about 5 minutes and am on the beach which is absolutely fab! :O)xx


Lovely post - you have the ability to see the best of everything x


I still say you have the absolute best travel blog posts! What a very nice treat for you from your husband.

Isn't it funny, too what little ones will latch onto? That rock...why the rock of all the other things he picked up?? LOL! So often, a mom just has to "let go" and let the little ones explore on their own terms, don't you find?

Kathy from Michigan USA

I dream of the desert like you do the sea. The clean air, the smell of sage and in the Spring the blooming cactus. Unfortunately, the desert is 3 days' drive, not 90 minutes, from here, but maybe someday we will live there. Dreaming about it is half the fun. What a wonderful day you had! I feel like I need to tip the sand from my boots, too.


I live half way around the world from you, in the suburbs of Minnesota to be exact, and I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I too love the sea and love to crochet. I truly adore reading your blog because you make me appreciate the simple things. I find you to be so sweet and charming in the way you find happiness in the simplist of things, it always makes me stop and really review my own surroundings and realize how blessed I am, and makes me appreciate life in a whole new light. I love reading about life in the Uk and seeing your photos. You are simply a doll.


I live near the sea and don't think I could ever consider moving too far from the coast. Then again, I do get a yearning for the sound of a breeze through pine trees and we have to head off inland, but at least that isn't too far either. Really do need a trip to the Cornish coast though!
Thank you for sharing your day!
B x


I know exactly what you mean. I can't wait to see the sea in Yorkshire soon.
I bet the other two were envious when they heard about the trip?


What a wonderful post! I live hours and hours from the sea, so I am living vicariously through you.

Lisa Clarke

Oh, Lucy, it must have been the day for beachgoing! My husband and I did the exact same thing yesterday. It was lovely to get away, although we had so much fog we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us for much of the time!

But, oh, we could hear the ocean and we could smell it. It's so nice to be able to get a little beach fix relatively easily, isn't it?


Glad you had a lovely day. Scarborough and Bridlington are two of my favorites for days out, and Devon and Cornwall for holidays. The fresh air is brilliant and you can walk for miles. My children are grown up now and sometimes I miss it terribly, but manage to get there occasionally. I have often thought I would like to live at the coast for a while, just to have a different lifestyle. What do others think? Val x


Coming from Portugal, we say we have seawater in our veins... I do understand the NEED to be beside the sea, to see it, smell it, and of course, dip my toes in it:) Slightly jealous of your happy jaunt!

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