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March 20, 2012


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coron hotels

owhhhh.:) I definitely miss beach outings with my kids. This reminds me of the smile in their faces with the different foods I prepare.:-)

Marriage Counseling Jacksonville FL

I have been wanting to go to the sea and my household like yours have been cautious to come with me. SO grateful that you got to go and have such a charming day with your partner and your magnificent boy.

Angela purse(nee Paulson)

lovely photo's of Heysham! Lived there a few years ago to the left of the bench! Happy memories! So glad you enjoyed your visit.Have you tried Happy Mount Park at the Bare end of Morecambe? Its well worth a visit, your Littlies would love it...swing boats, crazy golf, mini railway etc Happy memories and fun times xxx

idiosyncratic eye

I have sea cravings too and am glad that we live a little closer to the coast than that, although we don't have transport at the moment. The bench is very cool, I love snapping at architectural details too. :)


I grew up by the sea too and miss it SO much! Although my parents live further inland now, we always go down to the sea when we stay with them, so I can get my 'fix'!


I loooooove the seaside too. I'm quite jealous of your lovely day! :-) We'll have to teach J to drive a coach and then he can pick the rest of us up, on your way! LL. Jude.x

Debra at www.artisun.blogspot.com

Love your blog, I've been following you for the past 2 years and share you with my junior and senior high school crafts students here at Whitney High School in Cerritos, California. I wanted you to know that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Go to my blog at www.artisun.blogspot.com to yesterday's post and you will see what it entails and what it's all about. Look forward to hearing back from you.


You gave me a start!! I thought "Mother's Day- how on earth did I miss Mother's Day?? Seriously, I lost my birthday by having one of my daughters on it- How did I completely forget about and bypass "my" other day? Oh wait- I live in the States, she lives in England. Our Mother's Day is in May. This is March. Breathe. And stop being selfish and stupid, anyway!" Now I will just laugh at myself for being ridiculous and over-thinking and proceed to say what a lovely day you had, thank you for sharing it with us! It is a wonderful thing to have a thoughtful husband AND adorable children!!!(even when they're born on your birthday, heehee!)


A girl after my own heart, I love a sea fix too. Mine will come Monday when hubby is taking me for a whole 5 days away, just the two of us! Your pics have made me even more excited. Thanks x

Jennie Hughes

Little B is obviously going to be a geologist. Always bring a rock home from any outing!

Mama G @ bigcraftyblog.blogspot.com

Hey, next time you need someone to go to the sea with call me! Lol! I would never turn a sea trip down. Of course I live in the state of Ohio in the U.S. so that part could be a bit tough.

Sandra Licher

Cute little Wellies and the pail and shovel remind me of when mine were little and we would go to the beach but it was just a lake...not the sea! The villages there are so gorgeous and cozy and quaint. I may have to move there as there's not much of that over here in the U.S. where I live right now anyway. I love quaint, cozy and I read Beatrix Potter incessantly just imagining how wonderful it must be.
I'm so glad you got your "sea fix" and what a lovely husband you must have for sure. I want to let you know that I featured you and Esther from Happy in Red on my blog today and put links to your blogs with pictures as I just started doing your "ripply" pattern and LOVE IT! I was just doing a sample patch like you recommended but now I need to figure out how big I want it and do I want to use yarn I have or order the same type of yarn you used...the Rowan Handknit cotton which is so vibrant and beautiful! Is that where you got all those great colors? I think I need to order some yarn! LOL! I love all your patterns. Please visit my blog at www.farmgirlsam.blogspot.com where I pictured my humblr little practive swatch and then your gorgeous blanket!

Katie Belle

I luv your blog! Thanks for all of the pictures. Someday I will get to visit England...am so looking forward to it. Come visit me in Washington state...west coast of the U.S....my blog is [email protected]


Hi, Lucy - I have been following your blog from across the pond in NY for a couple of years now, and I love it! Thanks for the fab craft ideas, and the breathtaking glimpses of England's beauty.

I have a question - what yarn do you use? Is it 100% cotton? I do have cotton yarn, but I like the colors of your yarn better.



Dear Lucy
I've really enjoyed following your blog for the last couple of years, it's so inspiring and positive, and after a few failed attempts with books from the library and a bit more time now I would love to (finally!) learn to crochet. I'm sorry if you get asked this a lot, but would you ever consider doing a tutorial for complete beginners? I love the tutorials you've posted as they're so clear and detailed (much better than the books I've seen!) but I don't properly understand even the basics yet. I totally understand if a beginners tutorial is not possible, in which case are there any beginners books you'd recommend?
Many thanks for any information or advice
Sian x


ahh, the sea! I really miss beaches like the one you went to (being Dutch)... here in Istanbul we have lots of sea too, but it's different, no sandy grey beaches and no dunes... we do have long promenades though, which I am looking forward to enjoying again!! Sunny greetings from Istanbul!

Naomi Ng

I love love love your blog.... :) Living in a very- urban-very- tiny country in Asia, the beautiful pictures of the the english countryside in your blog make me so "yearny" inside to travel! But like you I've got three very young kids (think my youngest is the same age as your Little B!), so a 20 hour ride in an aircraft is a huge no- no. In the meantime, I'm just feasting my eyes on your blog! :)


Great way to spend time with the family! I always like the buildings in your pictures, they look cozy to me :)
Have more of such trips ahead and enjoy being with the family!

Becci Sundberg

Gorgeous! We live by the sea in a very picturesque place but rarely visit the beach in winter. Something you have just prompted me to do this year. Autumn has just started here.
My boys do love to visit the beach and go crabbing (collecting little toe crabs which are then returned before we leave).
I'm all excited to start doing more of this with them this year.
Thank you :)

Crafty Mermaid

What a lovely day! I'm so glad Little B enjoyed his version of beach combing!


What a lovely day, thanks for taking us along. I, like you, also need a sea-air fix every few months or so. I am a California native and can never live too far away from my Pacific Ocean, or get enough of it.


Understand the longing. My lovely husband is taking me for a week of beautiful, long beaches in Northumbria. Tomorrow!! Five minutes from carparks and you see nobody just lots of seashells, sea glass and even stones with holes in them. Hard to stop yourself from needing to examine every single one. Jaw achingly cold and breezy. Perfect! You deserved the Beach Treat after your conquering of the shelves of doom. Am of calm, minimalist persuasion myself but I do enjoy the colour, vibrancy and STUFF of your blogposts.


What a totally lovely stunning outing - i love your photographs and your trip!!! And you just made me so grateful that we live right at the seaside... really a two minute walk and we can hear the waves at night. I will go to sleep grateful for the sand that sticks to everything and the little feet that read stories in my bed and leave sandy deposits there too... just tonight I will be grateful for all the sand!!!


What a perfect day in a perfect location, magical memories.
Carol xx

joey ashely

Lucky Lucy! Looks like a splendid day out. The bay's looking all summery already - they're tarting up the Watchhouse Cafe no end! New decking and all sorts. Are you coming down soon?

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