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March 18, 2012


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Sounds like a wonderful day- wishing you many more:)


oooh what a lovely day! I LOVE having a window of time to myself too and having a bath in the day is wickedly divine! When no one is around to disturb! I am sure us moms all feel guilty for these tiny little luxuries we give ourselves, but really, we shouldn't! We work hard for our families and our homes and we deserve such a tiny little treat! Well done!! Your home is delightful and so comfy and cozy!!


Lucy, your posts are always so amazing, thank you for sharing snippets of happiness with us xxoo


Aah, such a blissful day you've had! I love your blue/red bathroom, but what I love most is that Ripple! Woooww!! I was looking forward to a progress pick, and it's vibrant! I know what you mean, I didn't want my ripple to end either, but now it's finished and although I'm so so happy about it, it's a bit sad to have it all done really ;-) I'm so happy I joined this big ripple-along, it's brightened up quite some dull winter evenings! :-) xxxx


What a lovely way to spend a quiet afternoon! Us Mum's don't get them very often, so you must make the most of them .. note to self: must have the book xx


Such lovely memories triggered by Peepo which my children loved too ! Your home looks such an inviting haven and thanks to you I am following fly lady . Thanks for sharing


oh i love 'Peepo' as well.....well worth checking out for those who havent fallen under its spell yet!. i must check i have a copy of it before i leave this side of the world!. your top photo....with the shelves of bliss behind if so lovely and homely!.
i also like a midday bath over a weekend...especially if the weather is rubbish!.

Bev Farrall

Lucy I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Your energy, your sense of colour, your mothering, etc etc. What contrasting lives we live - I can hang my washing almost (well not quite everyday in the winter) everyday of the year if I want to, here in the south of Western Australia. However I can feel your joy when you get a snatch of sunshine to be able to hang the pretty sheets.

Please keep me entertianed for a long time to come.
When doing your squares for rugs, do you crotched the squares together as you go or sew up when finished? Am inspired to do the ripple rug!

Cheers from Grandma Bev


oh the perfect Saturday. What bliss a bath in the middle of the day followed by climbing into jammies AND in bed. *sigh* Loving your blanket too. Have a wonderful week.

Sue Webber

OOh how lovely! I was right there with you! ♥


Such a glorious day and well deserved :) Peepo is a very favorite book for my 2 year old at the moment and he says "Peeky" when we turn the page....so sweet! Your Homespun book looks delightful and I can't wait to hear more about it! Have a wonderful week :)


I love your posts, afghans, and crafty cuteness!


Oh how I miss the sticker book days. My children are teenagers now and sadly have moved on to other things. Thank you so much for posting more pictures of your ripple blanket. I now know what colors I need to buy next to continue with my blanket. I love your posts and look forward to them very much. Thank you for sharing your life.


Sounds like a lovely day. Beautiful photos (as always!) and thanks for the reminder of Peepo - I remember that from when I was wee and must find a copy to share it with my son :-)

Neighborhood Watch

Hey! We have that book--I love all the little details in the pictures. Except it doesn't have the same title here in the U.S. I think it might be called something like "What do You See?"


Your words and pretty pictures exude so much warmth and happiness; I can feel it from down here in our home across the oceans and timezones! You live a good life and your blog inspires me to appreciate the good in my every day life, too. God bless you & your family.


What a perfect day! Your happiness continues to inspire me to reach for my own, here in Southern California. After my run today, I stopped by our Trader Joe's Market and picked up a bunch of daffodils for $1.39. What a deal! You're right, flowers in the home make all the difference.


My kids enjoyed Peepo so much when they were small. It's a dog-eared and much loved book in our house.
Thanks for showing us your happy Saturday, it was fun to read about it.

Jan Quigley

What a fab day!!! That little glimpse of Peepo sent me back many, many years to when my now 30yo ds Simon was just a toddler. He absolutely adored Peepo. I must have read it a thousand times, luckily I loved it to.


What a perfect day for a busy mom such as yourself :) I'm glad you were able to do that! It sounds like you took full advantage of your alone time and enjoyed a few guilty pleasures. Excellent!


What great ways to spend a Saturday. Hope your Sunday is as great!


We have that same book, only in the US it is called Peek-a-boo. Definitely a family favorite!

Sandra Licher

This is the first time to your blog and I love your colors, your decorating and your choice of books! You really made me realize how much I love color and lots of it and mixed with other colors!
Thank you for your blog, your color sense and your beautiful designs and tutorials. Do you use Rowan hand knitted cotton for everything? Is that what you used for the ripple and the granny stripe? I have to order yarn so I wanted to know. Also, your colors seem brighter than the colors I see for the Rowan hand knitted colors that are available. Do they change colors based on seasons, etc? Anyway, I want my projects to come out as beautiful as yours! Thank you again!


Jeepers, Lucy. Your Saturday looks pretty grand to me.

As always, all the colors in your photos really would cheer anyone.

The notion of being able to have midday pajamas seems really decadent. (I work on Saturday and also most Sundays, like today.) Decadent might translate to some version of envy. Anyhow, I know how wonderful it must have been.

I've got a pot of hyacinth bulbs in one of my apartment windows, that was supposed to produce pink blooms, but turned out to be white blooms. I love them! The blooms grow larger and the stems grow taller, and their scent tells my entire apartment that spring is on the way.

Tomorrow, Monday, will be my day off and my version of Saturday. Once I get the laundry done, I am going to find my own Monday weekend vibe.



What a great post Lucy. You write so well. I just became a Grandma and have ordered peepo to read to my little grand daughter I love English baby books and am still collecting old ladybird books I had in England as a child myself. Looks like "homespun style" is another one I'll have to order! Thanks for your blog - it's always such a pleasure to read!

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